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Found 6 results

  1. Approx 15cm...$50 for quick sale!!.... I am at Samford... pm or text 0409 890 910 cheers Gary
  2. .Just wondering what everyone else feeds to flagtails? they don't seem like a very fussy eater (seem to eat/graze on everything and anything) but also don't seem to consume nearly as much as other fish of the same size.
  3. What do you guys feed your flagtails? Was thinking Hikari Cichlid Excel but thought I would see what you guys use first.
  4. Hi all, I've just had a 7 x 2 x 2 tank built and I'd like to set up a planted tank. At the moment I'm thinking 6 x discus 4 x neon blue rams 4 x gold rams 1 x flagtail 20 x rummynose 20 x cardinals 6 x whiptail catfish 8 x corydoras What do you think? I'm not 100% sure about keeping discus either so welcome to different stocking ideas!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Flagtails and other species of fish hating them? My flagtail would have to be about 20cm and I have had it since it was little but recently for some reason almost all the fish in the tank now hate it and aggressively chase and bite it with particular viciousness from a 45cm pink GG and all 14 peacock bass(20-30cm). I took it out for a couple of weeks to mend and thought that I'd try again to see if things had changed. The moment I did the pink GG came flying 12 feet at ramming speed to try nail it. Fortunately it missed and then the bass all started taking bites at it. before I knew it the pink GG had turned around and grabbed the tail of the flagtail in its mouth and thrashed it around before it slipped out. Obviously grabbed a net quick smart and removed the poor thing. Its a little shaken up but not seriously injured thank goodness. Now the weird thing is that I have all sorts of other small fish (Eg. 12 clown loaches, 12-15cm misc cichlids) in the tank that all get along without any problems at all. I had also just fed them so its not like they were starving. The pink GG is placid and isn't even one of those that tries to eat your finger so it seems so out of character. It just seemed like pure hatred and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this happen?
  6. I have a pair of red flag tails just wondering anyone got any tips on breeding them?
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