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Found 7 results

  1. Hi just wondering if any one can tell me the sex of these to flamebacks plz. I was thinking the first was a girl and the second was a boy any thoughts plz cos they r fighting like 2 males
  2. hey guys just curious as to what type of flameback this guy is and do we have them around here at all? thanks
  3. Hi Guys & Gals, Just like your opinions. I bought these fish as Flamebacks, but I am sure they are Pundamilia nyererei. It doesn't really matter, but I just like to know what I have in the tanks. Let me know what you think! Thanks, JohnPundas.jpg[/attachment:1p5jjjjz]
  4. i have just stripped my female flameback as she had been holding for about 2 - 3 weeks ( seems a long time) and about 25 fry came out with no egg sacks so now what do i feed them
  5. Hi i have a male flameback that has been bloated for 2 days. i have put soaked him in epsom salts on and off and still nothing. have tried pool salt have tried melafix nothing seems to be working he wont eat or poo. hes breathing rather fast and has hardly any colour left anyone have any ideas? lana
  6. Hey guys appreicate any insight here. I have 4 male flamebacks all juvies size currently, except one that is sub adult. The sub adult male is really showing his dominance and the other 3 males are consistently getting chased harrassed etc... I have other tanks in the house wondering if I split these fish up amongst my other tanks how they would go. Tank 1 = Electric Yellow Colony (9)All fish 7-9cm +1 flameback male? Tank 2 = Blue dolphin Colony All Fish (7)7-9cm +1 flameback male? Tank 3 = Maingano Colony All Fish (17) 5-8cm +1 Flameback Male? All Tanks are 4ft x 12" x 15" I was hoping to seperate these guys as soon as possible but waiting to hear your responses. I see no problems here except for maybe the maingano tank but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers AussieCanadian
  7. I was just feeding the fish in my grow out tank (Demasoni,Flameback, Hongi's and Barlowi) and one of the Flamebacks has a mouthfull!!! Yet she is only 3.5cm long!! Has anyone else out there had any experiences with fish breeding at a really young age? The dominate male (4cm) only started to colour up a few weeks ago.
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