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  1. I broke off more bits of my bleeding heart austral coral and the colours and flesh vary. Weak lighting of quarter watt leds The flesh reaches for food and light with this one and the flesh algae colours changed slightly. good lighting of 3 watt leds It acts nearly the same as the original coral I broke sections from.
  2. As the title says anyone know where to get the Nano Flow Accelarators from in Australia
  3. Hi all, I have read a lot on how Axolotl's do not like fast moving or 'noisy' flow in regards to filter water. My axolotl Fred will purposely swim in between my hang on filters' flow. Just wondering if anyone else has observed this with their axolotl? And if so why does everyone recommend attaching a spray bar to disperse the flow if the axolotl doesn't mind? Most people say this stresses them out but Fred seems to enjoy swimming amongst the bubbles/ output. ??? Thoughts and comments appreciated- I am intrigued considering everyone says to avoid this situation but my Axolotl seems content.
  4. Setting up a rack and wondering if each tank being turned over 14.3 times an hour is too excessive?
  5. Hello Fishionados - I have done some testing on flow rates on 2 of my canister filters and I am interested to see what results others get - I tested my new Sunsun (ProAqua, AquaPro, Gretch and some other names have been used) HW304b (rated at 2000 lph) and my used Aquaone Aquis 1250 Series II (rated at 1400 lph) - both units were tested empty (no baskets or media) and then with baskets and media loaded - the flow rates full or empty were pretty much the same - I also tried both options with different head heights (1.5 m and 0m which made minimal difference also) - the results I got were pretty much half of the rated LPH - to test I primed the filters and then timed how long it took to pump 5 litres into a bucket then divided 60 by the time it took to fill then multiplied that number by 5 then multiplied that by 60 to get the LPH - so on the Sunsun unit it took 17 seconds to fill to 5 litres: 60/17= 3.53 X 5 =17.6 (this is litres per minute) X 60 = 1058 LPH - I ran the test a few times on each filter to verify the results which kept coming back the same - the aquaone came in around 650 LPH - if anyone out there has some time and can test their canister filters and post back the results I am interested to see what comes up - I don't know how the manufacturers come up with these figures but I am wondering if they are calculated by adding water in and water out rates - if this is the case that rated LPH is about right - does anyone know if this is how it is measured? I have searched the internet for any info on how it is measured and could not find anything but I assumed that a filter running with nothing in it and zero head height should be pumping what it says on the box but I could be wrong Thanks in advance ; )
  6. Hi, May sound like a strange question but do any of you design the water flow in your tanks. I have a 4ft (200lte) tank with a canister filter that picks up on the back left side and returns right back, also a corner filter that sits in the back right flowing the water in the same direction as the canister return, but with the flow my tank seems to be a slow moving whirl pool and i end up with fish congregating in the front right corner where i don't think there is much water flow. I don't know if they are resting or there may be to much water flow. The canister returns with w spreader bar about 40cms long and is angled in the right back corner, 1200 ltrs per hour The internal filter is 2400 ltrs per hour (from memory) I am wondering if this can/is causing any stress to the fish , or if people design the water flow when setting out a tank Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, New here, I was hoping for some advice on what people have had success with keeping substrate clean. I have an extremely fine gravel so cannot vacuum easily and find a fair bit of fish excrement is settling on the bottom. i have looked into creating an under gravel jet system to eliminate dead spots and significantly increase flow, advice from local pet store was to just add an internal filter. the tank is 250L 4foot with a cannister filter, I'm hoping to upgrade to a 660L in the coming months. If I go an internal filter what would be the highest lph flow rate I could push in the 250 without it being too much flow, yet strong enough for a 660L? Thanks in advance
  8. .We saw the new Gyre Generator with the cross flow technology at the Pet Expo and we were very impressed with what it had to offer. It helped to resolve the issue of dead spots in tanks just check out the youtube below and it shows the Gyre at the 2.50 minute mark. Controllable and the cross flow technology. We just found out they are due into Australia very shortly are expecting these in the next week or two and looking forward to them and worth keeping an eye out for them. Click on the link below for the pricing. Not as dear as what you would think for an item like this, its top value for money. Maxspect Gyre Generator (50w) Here is a YouTube and you will see at the 2.50 mark just how well they flow in a tank.
  9. Does anyone know how to work out what size sump and how many Litres will flow into a sump if the power goes out is it L x W x H / 1000 eg 121 x 37 x 2.5 cms / 1000 x 3 for 3 tanks as I don't want to flood the house
  10. Hi, I need a bit of advise please. I have a 150 litre tank with one 7000L/H wave maker & the outlet pipe for water flow. I find that junk settles on the rock & coral & what I have is not enough to shift it. Should I put a 4000-5000 L/H wave maker on either side of the tank & even add a small nano one down low faced at the live rock. Would this be over kill & make it difficult for the fish to swim comfortably. The tank is 750mm long & the 150 litres includes the sump built into the back of the tank. Cheers
  11. What would be a good flow rate for a 40cm cube (64L) shrimp tank? I will be using lily pipes. Does the size effect flow rate or do i just match them up to the filter hose size?
  12. 15 years of experiments with not just algae and I am done, back to the old trendy ways along with what I have created. This little 200 litre $22 cheapy that goes either on the side or in the water is the first skimmer for me in nearly 30 years and this time I will not make another one like in the past. I like it. Not just because it cheap but because it has identical functions to the last one i made. The venturi set up is near the same as what I made out of a pen and conduit and the tubulating of bubbles, I like it! The skim had strong colour in les then 30 minutes ,that’s not bad! It goes at the end of my system to get the most benefits to be just on for a couple of days per week like I use to do, along with the reactor that I did bother to make. It has bio cubes that I got for $52 then the next lot was half that price, that should be enough for a couple of years. It goes at the base of the reactor for the highly oxygenated waters from the cascaded area, then phos killer, then carbon, that should hold all my waters once i connect up the tubs as well.
  13. so I have had my tank running off a sump for about 3 weeks now, and I have gotten the flow pretty accurate, over the last week or so I haven't needed to touch it, however I came home today and the sump was a bit lower than usual and the tank had a bit more water in it than usual. to be honest im sick of having to play around with the flow control to get it right cos it seems there is absolutely NO happy medium involved. I am beginning to regret having the tank drilled and plumbed and think I should have just kept my fx5 or even just got an over flow box. however I now have these holes and pipes connected to the tank and am really starting to get frustrated with it. can anyone help me at all? if anyone wants to know I have 2x 32mm drains and a single 25mm return. pump I have on is a 3000lph pump with no flow control. the 2 drains have flow control valves on them. HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!
  14. has anyone put a tap valve on a External Canister Filter to slow the flow rate ?? was it fine or did something go wrong ??
  15. So i'm in need of a sump pump for a new rack consisting of four 3x15x18's and one 6x15x18. Maximum head of 2.2m, however i'm hoping to have quite a lot of flow in the tanks. Three pumps currently being considered to sit in the sump: Aquael pfn 10000 Plus - Large pumps Tunze Silence Pro 1073.110 - TUNZE GmbH High-Tech Aquarium Technology: Catalog Laguna Maxflo 9000 - Laguna Powerjet | Laguna Maxflo Pond Filter pumps The Laguna is the cheaper option, however the Aquael has flow control and i have not had a single problem with any piece of Tunze hardware i have ever owned. Decision, decisions......
  16. Need some help!!!!! The system: 4x 8x2x2, 1x 6x2x2 with a 6x2x2 sump Currently using 2x 10,000lt per hour Jebao (170w for both pumps) Apart from the 2 pumps pushing into each other at the "T" pvc piping piece, if 1 pump was to fail the other pump basically just flows back into the sump and doesn't continue up the return piping. I currently have tried a 17,000lt per hour which goes straight into the return great but the flow isn't there like the 2x 10,000lt pumps To add a new sump pump of 23,000 - 28,000 I'm looking at 500w which is a lot higher then expected. My question: Is there a way I can use the 2x 10,000lt pumps and use a better pvc piping method so it doesn't restrict the flow if one pump fails or is there a low watt larger pump I could buy for a reasonable price or Is there a better way I could plumb the system to help the 17,000 do a better job. I'm just confused on what to do. Cheers
  17. Need to decide what holes i need in the new tank. I will be running a 10,000 LPH to 12,000 LPH pump. Was thinking 3 @ 32 mm bulkheads for drain and 2 @ 25 mm bulkheads for fill. Whats ya thoughts. JP
  18. Now this may seem like normal question to some but im getting a little lost in our world of fish. I need to know how many LPH your pump does that runs your fluidized bed filter. One company says up to 2000lph and another one says up to 600lph, with the second one being what i consider to be the better of the two. Im currently running a 1500 lph pump on this and it can hold 1.5L of media. Does the medai effect what flow rate i should have? Anyone that can shed somelight on this would be a BIG help right now. Thanks Al
  19. Hey all was just wondering If you think a eheim 2215 is going to be to much flow for a ar510 fish tank. Think it's around 75L. Was going to get 2213 but thought would be better off getting a bigger one if possible. Tank has my L002 plecs in there so flow would be good for them? Thanks all
  20. Can someone help me out here. I bought an over-flow box some time ago. It has twin 25mm return pipes. Does anyone one what the flow rate would be? So i can match pump rate. Thank You
  21. Hey Guys, I recently added check valves to the air pumps on my 5 footer as the thought of draining my tank via the air stone while I'm not at home doesn't really appeal to me. Problem is, they slow the flow of the air pumps down to less than half of what they were putting out when they were directly connected to the air stone. Was just wondering what experiences you have had and if this is just the nature of aquarium non-return valves and I should live with it, or if I should experiment with different brands? Thanks, Ben
  22. Hello all just wanting to know how to work out the return rate of flow for the return drain holes in your tank to the sump. Just wanting to know what size pump to put in the sump. Cheers
  23. Hey guys, Found this today. Although I don't own 2215, I figured the people out there could find it interesting if they were wanting to increase flow on their filter, or had to replace their impeller. http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/equipment/63687-eheim-2215-2217-facts-diy-performance.html Im summary: Eheim list the output as 620 l/h This guys tests reveal stock output to be 535.6 l/h With a 2217 impeller to be 649.2 l/h Therefore, you could potentially increase flow by 113.5 LPH which is a 21.2% increase in flow.
  24. I was wondering if there was an actual device available to the general public that could accurately measure liquid flow rate? Steve
  25. Gday Folks As I have previously posted on here, I recently inherited my first sump on my dream 6x2x2 display tank (when set up correctly I will post pics in appropriate thread) The issue I have is with overflow noise or gurgle. The setup is one central overflow of 100mm that goes to a double hole in the bottom of the tank and through the sump. I now know that this is not good, but as I said - I inherited this already setup. I have a constant gurgle that is going to drive me insane. Does anyone have any suggestions - someone said I should spiral some airline around the inside of the overflow to break up the flow, but I am almost desperate at this stage, to the point where I am looking longinly at my spare consiters - even though the filtration is going well at this stage. PLEASE ANYONE - ALL HELP WILL BE GREATLY RECIEVED cheers Kadango
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