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Found 55 results

  1. Hi everyone ! Please have a look at him . What do you think about him (Quality, Breed or any others comments will be much appreciated . Thank You
  2. Not sure how good the photo is, but this is my flowerhorn. Just got it the other day, and I'm curious what type it is and also what sex it is.
  3. Just sharing my new boy... he's a beast. about 20cm and still growing Your comments are welcomed 20150730-IMG_8234 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr 20150730-IMG_8237 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr Cheers Matt
  4. Hi, I bought a flowerhorn from a member of this forum 2.5 weeks ago. I've run into trouble quickly and need some advice from someone knowledgable about flowerhorns otherwise I'm going to lose this fish. He is an adult male over 30 cm long. He is on his own in a 6x2x2 - I have the water at 29-30 degrees, ammonia 0 and nitrate 10-20 ppm. I bought cycled filter media with him, so there was no ammonia spike or anything when transferred from the old owner to my tank. I have done two 25-30% water changes (water temp matched) since getting him. I was feeding him a food from rarefishfood that the seller supplied me but am in the process of switching to hikari cichlid gold. I have kept other fish for many years but not flowerhorns before. Since getting him he has never been very active and I wasn't sure if this was normal for flowerhorns. But he would swim over when something attracts his attention and would always be waiting for food in the morning. Eating fine, normal looking poo. Feeding him 4 3mm pellets/day as per old owner. On Sunday I started to become a bit concerned as I thought his breathing looked a little more laboured. On Tuesday I noticed a small hole had opened up below his Kok, with a tiny pin sized hole beside it. Prior to the hole forming I had noticed like small pimple. Looks like HITH to me. At that point he was still eating and behaving normally. By Wednesday he was looking worse - hanging at the back of the tank, less reactive to stimulii, but still eating. On Wednesday I started treatment with the best information I could find from a sticky from Den on Flowerhorn Fun - which was metronidazole 400 mg per 40 litres - suggested regime water change and repeat every 48 hours. Today he was still eating this morning but colours fading fast and more lethargic. He ate tonight but only by hand feeding. Still pooing but they look smaller in diameter. I have started to change his food because of the possible dietary component but haven't switched over in one go. I have human metronidazole and can get enough to treat my tank (I've reduced the volume to 400 litres but don't want to stress him more by putting him in a smaller tank) every second day for about 8 days. Treating orally would be better but I can't find any suggested dosing regimes and the window on that is rapidly closing because I think he'll stop eating soon. Any help in the way of suggested treatment regimes would be much appreciated. I would be really sad to lose such a large and beautiful fish so soon.
  5. This guy is about 4-5cm, I just got him apparently he's something a little more expensive but would like a second opinion ty all!
  6. Hi all, i am new to forum & have a cpl of questions re my flower horn "Bill" , firstly he is about 18 months old i have had him for over a year but his colour has slowly gotten a lot darker with less red (unless angry)& ..is this normal ? i was told they change but he's now almost solid blue/grey. And secondly does anyone know what type (if thats the correct term) he is? I have added a pic sorry about clarity . Thnx
  7. What type of flowerhorn is my girl thanks
  8. Hey guys, So this is my first attempt at scapeing what do you guys think, are there any tips or tricks to scapeing and i also have larger rocks but am afraid of shucking them in and breaking the glass is there a certain weight of rock i shouldn't be chucking in thanks. to see pics go to dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sc/y8jon54gnzr7r2m/AAAd5rUP197ScgDH-td-7m5va
  9. Hey guys im trying to revive a 9 year old flowerhorn with swim bladder for a old friend of mine. The fish has been swimming sideways, floating on top of the tank with a bloated stomach. I am currently doing 15 mins salt bath 3x daily at 3 tablespoons per 5 Litres I also have some metro coming. Does anyone know the correct procedure for metro? please help
  10. I know they're probably just sulking, but my two snooks and my flowerhorn don't seem to have eaten in days. I know they must be eating at least a little, but I'm still worried. I've had them since Sunday, and they just don't seem to be interested in anything I have presented to them. I've offered them their pellets, of which I have witnessed one taking one into its mouth before spitting out what appeared to be at least some of the pellet in pieces. I tried offering them some live food - again, not interested. Any tips?
  11. 3a57%3a21%20GMT&st=richo_00&hm__ha=01_fd7001b7b057bcfb44c37b58cdd0ecb406e612f5f007c6ea7c7fbf6b0cf193a1&oneredir=1' alt='GetInline.aspx?messageid=deafb251-9d08-11e4-9bf8-00215ad853f4&attindex=0&cp=-1&attdepth=0&imgsrc=cid%3aFC0AFA42-8655-47BC-A40F-8F6A1CF46457&cid=8342f637100ba453&shared=1&hm__login=richo_00&hm__domain=hotmail.com&ip='> Can anyone confirm that this is a fader flowerhorn? Or know what it is?
  12. Can anyone help please? not the best pic.tia
  13. Hi all.over the holidays we set up our 8 x 2 x 2 and stocked it with 2 Oscar,1 JD and 2 Flowerhorn. my mate came over and said the flowerhorns won't work because of their aggression.concur??
  14. Hi peeps, I'm looking to buy a female Flowerhorn at least 15cm in size and must be on the north side. Let me know what you have with price pls. Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm fairly new to flower horns - have used them, mainly faders, to breed fertility and other genes into parrot and texas lines so I'm not familiar with script changes. I have grown 4 of Kasman's from medium fry to various stages to breeding with minor changes to script and head flower as they got more pearly but now have a couple from another breeder for selection and was interested in this little bloke until he started to lose prominent parts of his script. Not that script is of breeding interest to me but I'm interested in the characteristic as it may influence my other lines if he or his siblings are used as parents. Any comments?
  16. This fish was for sale in Perth City Barn. Any clues on what she could be classed as?
  17. Hi everyone I need help my fh fry are getting to the 3rd day of hatching and then dying they look as tho they are hatching but they never make it past the 3rd day WHY?? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? I have a youtube video of the fry if anyone can help Watch "Flowerhorn fry 3rd day of hatching" on YouTube
  18. Hi All, I have some concerns around my female Flowerhorn whom has a pretty good bloodline. She has had a rough trot! I have just put here in a 4ft by herself. She has lost her lip when I tried breeding her with my male a few months back. I put her in my 8ft community as I knew I couldn't sell her as a display fish anymore (Her two sisters sold for 80-100 when much smaller than her). She was bullied and got ripped fins from stress so now she has her own tank. I hoped to one day try breeding her again with my male (a different good bloodline - I think!). Ever since being in with the male she seems to have her egg tube out each day with hardly any eggs in it just dragging it around. At least I think it is. Either that or she has some crazy white tubular faeces! She has stopped eating pellets and will only eat raw prawns atm (not even beef heart/shrimp frozen food). Since going in the new tank she has developed white stuff on her dorsal fin. I think from earlier pics she has had this a few months back, but it went away. Now it is much worse.
  19. Hi, has anyone had or heard of experience with male fertility in a fader Flowerhorn cross red devil ? Eg are they fertile? Some fertile? None fertile?
  20. Hi all, Can anyone help me with this problem? I just bought a female FH from a LFS. I have noticed that she is not eating and discharged whitish poo, she seems fine swimming around and digging up gravel, her clour also hasn't faded at all, if anything she has gotten more red and brightened up. Is she just getting use to the new tank or is she sick? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi Peeps, Just want to know what the minimum size tank you would need to keep a flowerhorn?
  22. Hi Guys, I am looking at setting up a Flowerhorn tank. After many years in marines using Reverse Osmosis/DI water I would like to know if you guys use RO/DI water for your freshwater tanks? Does it strip out too many nutrients for Flowerhorns? As I already have the RO set up there is no cost involved just want to use the best water for the fish. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Chris
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