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Found 19 results

  1. Hey ppl, I am setting up a few 6' x 18" x 18" breeding setups and am thinking of air driven side drop filters or Poret foam corner filters, am leaning towards the corner filter as I can utilise both corners of the tank for flow and can place marine pure balls behind the foam for a clean look. Air driven for cost and ease of maintenance, what do you think? Sam.
  2. Hi guys I feel like I am way overthinking things with setting up my new 6x2x2 but the 20mm foam that is too go under the tank is around 8mm short of the full width of the tank. Is this going to be an issue? I am thinking that it should be the same width of the tank even a bit more to be safe. Has anyone had this as a problem? thanks in advance guys chris
  3. Hey guys, I have a submerged piece of 120mm x 240mm 5cm 10 PPI poret foam followed by a similar piece of 20 PPI. Water flows into a corner chamber and then sideways and down through the mechanical section then up and over onto the drip tray. In your opinion is the foam adequate for mechanical or should a piece of 30ppi be used as well, if so 2cm or 5cm? Lastly I use a single piece of floss as a preflter which is changed every second day as it blocks. thoughts? and thanks, plecosam
  4. .Is there an equivilant foam type??
  5. Just picked up a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft, can anyone please tell me what thickness foam I will need to put under it? Thanks
  6. Where can I buy fine grade filter foam?? Cheers Marty
  7. Hey ive got a 5 and a half foot tank and I got a board to go between the tank and stand but do I still need sheets of foam to go under the tank??
  8. hey guys .. back when i got my tank i made a foam background .. then covered with coloured concrete and then sealed with pond sealer with a step out where my filler comes pumps back into tank.. well .. where the step out is the back of it .. is now open foam and its coming appart and small bits are all over the top of tank .. looking for a quick fix .. would rather not have to concrete and pond seal.. is there something aquarium save i can cover it with and then seal it or something that covers and seals all at once .. its not seen from front of the tank. cheers chris
  9. need 3 of them so can anyone help or know a place I can go to pick some up. prefer northside but open to options. Cheers Clarks rubber only have 1200 x 600 sheets is would like a whole sheet instead ANd I will add. Where do you get the fish approved shipping boxes on the northside ????? Small ones please
  10. looking for some rigid sponge filter foam similar to the following- can get it on ebay but looking to buy it locally in brisbane.. anyone know if there are alternatives for this that is aquarium safe? wouldn't really want to test it myself but if anyone can share actual experience with using alternatives would be good. clark rubber have a whole heap of foam but only one that is aquarium safe.. unfortunately it's not suitable for the above application as it's not rigid enough.
  11. Hi all, Today I picked up my skimmer for the tank I am converting to marine. Unfortunately with the 6mm foam under the sump we can not get the cup out because of the height of the cabinet. We have worked out if we don't have the foam under it we are about to get the cup out with a mm or 2 to spare. I was just wondering if anyone has successfully used a material that is only 1mm or so think and where you got it from. Thanks, Regards, Ryan
  12. hi guys i lost my piece of foam on the drive home snapped in half where the strap was and went flying ops. i was wondering if its necessary to have a piece of foam under the tank and if so is there anywhere someone could suggest i could find a piece maybe a good guys or something that comes out of there boxes??
  13. there are enough youtube vids to teach a monkey how to do these..... the only thing I need to ask is the cement I have for coating the foam is Australia Cement Co "POSTCRETE" - its for fencepost etc (who would have guessed). Anyway its the stuff you just dump in the hole and then hose it...... Do you guys reckon it will be ok to use as an initial coating to create that furry looking surface?
  14. i want to know what a good filter foam is?
  15. I want to try my hand at making myself a 3D Background for one of my 3FT Tanks, after scouring forums to get ideas I'm at a loss as to what paint is safe to use thats available in Australia. The Yanks use a product called Krylon Fusion and when Googling for a stockist over here all I can turn up is those 'Artsy Fartsy' colours, not a tan, a burgundy, a brown and a black. Being the colours Im after. Anyone got any alternatives on a non-toxic waterproof product? Or has anyone done it by tinting their cement?? Of the different methods to make the background the way that looks to be most effective is sandwhiching layers of Foam around 6inches wide and minimum 2inches thick with one flat side (to go against the wall of the tank) and then cut the front in all different shapes and angles - then paint on a thin watery layer of cement, then a thickened layer finishing with another watery layer for smoothness. I know this has probably been covered before but get everyones help is better than searching the 500-600 odd Topics in here.
  16. ok so i have two eheim 2213's, and as i cleaned one out yesterday i noticed that the foam will need replacing very shortly? so my question is, do i need to use the smae filter foam that come with the filter? it does need to be replaced doesnt it and not just bleached or something to clean it? could i just use the foam stuffing thats in your pillows and toys, that i could get from a craft store alot cheaper than a pet store? i think thats all i wanted to know, let me know what yous think? cheers willy
  17. i am setting up a home made fry saver and am looking for foam, what type of foam and where do i get it from? i want like a block so i can cut it to size. just thought i would ask before getting the wrong stuff lol.
  18. Hey guys Is there any place in Brisbane where I can buy small and large foam boxes for transporting fish and invertebrates? or maybe some place online? thanks guys
  19. hey all in my 6 footer i have fry floating in a fry saver, and the foam ive stuck to the side of it, my fish appear to be eating/pecking at it. anybody have the same problem and how did you get around it? hopefully the pic works; [/img][/code] [/url]
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