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  1. Can anyone explain to me why this food is so popular? Is it just the bang for buck? Is it just the advertising? Im not looking for a "my fish love it" answer, I'm just wondering if I'm missing something. On paper it doesn't even compare to NLS and seems to use similar ingredients as any old 'home brand' pellet. I see people recommending it left, right and centre... Why??
  2. I had no frozen food the other day and fed every one just some flake food that I have on hand for these times, check out the head of the peps, the red in their heads is the flake food, lol These are a couple of old adult/hermaphrodites i have had for years, nice red lol
  3. I have been using sera discus granulate and they love it but I'm looking at Sera Vipagran Staple Diet from the techden would it be good for them the fish I have for now r Nicaraguens /Geo. Brachybranchus /neets /Neon Blue Acara / jd or what would u use for them thanks
  4. I was recently reading an article and I came across these Gammarus shrimp. I've been looking for an easy to culture live food for a while now bbs are fiddly and I'm still nowhere near being successful with daphnia, I'm pretty successful with blackworms but I would like to have a second culture of some sort. It said that these can survive fresh and brackish water and not only help cleaning up but are also an excellent food source for fish. My questions: 1. Can you get these in Australia 2. Would they be too large for Bumblebee gobies, desert gobies? 3. Would they harm smaller fish like endlers? 4. How compatible are they with other shrimp species It would be awesome if someone has some experience with these. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. As anyone knows quality fish food is ridiculously expensive 50 plus per kg. Very easy and cheap method it making your own is to buy a cheap grinder, mine came from Kmart for $35. Last night I done a 4kg batch of food they go nuts for for less than 12 per kg. I have been doing this for the last year without any issues, recipe always varies but always similar Get Zucchini Carrot Fish filets Garlic Prawn Marinara mix Salt And use some of your usual pellets to improve consistancy Food Grinder [ATTACH=CONFIG] From here it about half an hours work, the smaller you cut the meat up the quicker the grinder will work Befor you know it you have this Then product ready to freeze
  6. We had the Eheim range of foods arrive on Friday and have a good selection of green foods for herbivores and also something for the omnivores. Eheim Professional Fish Food - for Freshwater, Marine Fish and Shrimp Eheim Professional Fish Food - has been made mainly of natural and fresh ingredients. It is more digestible, less pollutants, less waste and contains proteins, fatty acids and vitamins to make your fish look their best. Eheim food come in both pellets and flake with their range catering for all types of fish including Tropical, Native, Cichlids, Catfish and Shrimp as well as Marine fish as well. Here is a link to click on and check out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Fish_Food_s/2321.htm
  7. Clean, cheap and easy way to make food for your fish fry
  8. Hi all, I have a small breeding setup for Africans, a F1 Burundi Colony and a large mixed African display tank. What is the best food mix to use? Should I have different food for each tank or can I buy something that works for all? At the moment I am thinking a 2kg Bucket of New life Spectrum (medium 2mm or Thera A 2mm) mixed with 2-3kg of Tech Den Colour enhancing or Aquamunch? Please suggest anything else to add or recommendations of which you prefer our of Tech Den/Aquamunch as a cheap food mix? Thanks, Dave
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468268424/l-i-v-i-n-hive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just after people's opinions on a good pellet food for sub adult angles. Currently they eat a mix of frozen blood worms, freeze dries black worms, tetra bits and ocean nutrition flake. I am looking for something else to add to the mix to put in the auto feeder. Ideally I am looking for something similar in pellet size to the tetra bits seems anything smaller and they ignore it and their mouth can not take anything bigger just yet. I have tried some of the discus specific pellets and they refuse to eat it think it is a texture thing pellets that stay hard and sink tend to get left so pellets need to be floating/slow sinking kind. Flake on the other hand they gobble down just not auto feeder friendly. Has anyone had success with angels and a floating or semi floating pellet type food should love to hear some recommendations.
  11. I planted a row of bok choy seedlings in the hope that algae eating and vegetarian fish will eat that rather than munch on plants that I paid big bucks for. Tomorrow I will probably plant iceberg lettuce which is now around the same height and maybe spinach along with a few brassicas that never seem to do that well outdoors in the Queensland summer. You have to excuse me if this seems crazy but I've not got much experience keeping fish seriously. Does anyone else feed vegetarian fish like this and if so do the fish get enough nutrients. For me it's more important that they are happy and get something to nibble on rather than purchased plants. To kill two bird with one stone, I never seem to have great joy with some purchased plants and feel that many shops sell bog plants that look attractive but really shouldn't be grown submerged for any amount of time. am I doing it wrong or is this not just my theory but a fact. Thanks
  12. Need some frozen food for your fishy friends? We have 100g blister packs of Krill Pacifica, Cyclops, Daphnia or Brine Shrimp for ONLY $1.45!!! There are 24 tabs in each packet. Come into our shop and stock up!! Frozen items are in-store pick up only. QLDAF discount still applies.
  13. There seems to be a few new foods on the market at the moment, and it does make me wonder if I am getting left behind with my NLS love. Have you/Will you try any of the new feeds available, and if so which and why? If not - Why? Also helpful to mention the fish you are feeding as I do not believe one food suits all.
  14. API Fish Food Now in Stock!!! - Up to 30% Less Ammonia We have all the lines that are currently available in Australia. For all pricing and availability here is the link. API Fish Food Here are a couple of youtubes that we did on the foods... Tropical Flake.. Bottom Feeder.. Algae Eater.. And a quick run down on the food in general... Release up to 30% Less Ammonia For Clean, Clear Water Optimal Protein for healthy growth & healthy environment Made in the USA API has developed a fish food diet that delivers a healthier aquatic environment for fish and clean, clear water. API Fish Food contains a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients, for maximum absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients and release less waste and less ammonia, for clean, clear water. Laboratory testing has proven that API Fish Food delivers up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor. API Fish Food, The Clear Choice in Fish Nutrition. Laboratory testing has proven that API Fish Food delivers up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor. Overfeeding, low palatability, and low quality lead to unconsumed or poorly digested food, which raises the ammonia level in the aquarium, causing cloudy water and even fish death. API Fish Food diets contain a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients, for maximum absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients and release less ammonia, for clean, clear water.
  15. Hi all, I am interested in getting some food from eBay xo humpy head ect.. But they are all in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore has anyone bought food from there and have not been hassled by customs, just a bad experience buying dog supplements ie, bully max, gorilla max from overseas, not being able to get them because I am not a veterinarian or licensed to have it, so it was destroyed. Cheers Matt
  16. So garlic is added to some fish foods why? According to what I have read it enhances the appetite of fish. Why do fish need to be encouraged to eat more? Is it to help them grow quicker? Garlic: What has been Studied Versus What has been Claimed by Steven Pro - Reefkeeping.com
  17. I'm looking for two different types of wafers/pellets for my plecos. Need one that is very high in wood and vegetable matter and another that is fish meal based. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers
  18. What's your thoughts on Xtreme aquatic foods, I have been talking to a few LFS in Bundaberg and they are raving on about Xtreme aquatic foods one of them gave me a sample so I'm gonna give it a try. But I was looking at the pamphlet they gave me and it is quite interesting. So I have taken some pics and uploaded them to show you all and see what you all think. The last two pictures are ingredients of Xtreme aquatic foods vs new life spectrum Thera A
  19. Hi , Does anyone know where I can find shrimp snowflake food in Brisbane ? And if people have used or using it .... any good ? Thanks in advance !
  20. This might be a silly question, but is the Coles fish food any good? I need some granules and flakes for my rainbows, gudgeons and blue eyes, and might not be able to get to my local aquarium for at least a week, so was wondering if the Coles stuff was worth getting to keep them going?
  21. I ran across a thread on another site that suggested the use of kangaroo fillet instead of beefheart when making diy fish food (most commonly discus food). Beefheart is used because of its low fat content (when meticulously trimmed) and high protein content. Kangaroo fillet also has very low fat content and high protein. Beefheart can be hard to find and costly compared to the readily available and cheap kangaroo fillet. here is some nutritional info on kangaroo fillet Nutrition Facts per 100g Kilojoules 410 kj Calories 98 kcal Protein 22.9 g Fat 0.2 g Carbohydrate 1.5 g Anyone got any thoughts on this one? I'm about to make up a new batch of fish food and i'm thinking of giving it a go. Thanks Matt
  22. Thought I would use this space to gather everyones thoughts on this food. I have only just seen it in Aus but its pretty competitive overseas with brands like Hikari and NLS. Looking at the ingredients IMO it doesn't quite hold up to the other companies however time will tell. Used it for the first time today... fish took to it straight away. I am using the monster pellets which absolutely dwarfed my massivore. When putting it in the tank it doesn't sink straight away which is a shame because i try to sink pellets as soon as possible to stop my peacock bass throwing water everywhere. The pellets didn't make the water too dirty when feeding I actually expected it to be a messier pellet... especially since they are so large the fish need to chew it a few times before swallowing. Here are the main ingredients: Shrimp MealMenhaden Fish mealHerring MealWheat flourground wheatrice branwheat mindssoybean mealsquid mealspirulinadried brewers yeast paprikalecithinred pixafilsodium chlorideplenty more but these were the main ingredients.. the rest are mainly vitamin supplements and beta carotene also makes an appearance. as you can see theres quite a few "fillers" when comparing it to other brands.The guaranteed analysis:Protein 38%Fat 5%Fiber 6%who else has used this and what is your first thoughts?
  23. Hey Guys, Not sure if this topic has been discussed before ? If so please point me at the correct direction... If it hasn't been done let's discuss ... I have Tropheus. I am feeding them Sera Flora Vege Pellets, ocean nutrition flakes at the moment.. However in the process of changing over to Sera Flora flakes in the next 2 weeks... why ? I have heard a lot of good reviews about Sera Flora Flakes, hence I want my boys and girls to have the best .... Thanks folks...
  24. I've seen fish feeders that drop small pellets that work well with small bit of food every x hours. I'm after something that can drop something larger (small pellets & wafers etc). It would be really cool is it could just empty one compartment every day rather than roll and only let a bit fall out. Does something like this exist? Thanks.
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