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Found 29 results

  1. Does anyone know if you can still purchase small fry powder foods such as golden pearls or larval fry foods in Australia. I know golden pearls were popular a few years back but seem hard to find now. I have been buying my fry starter powder online from a marine shop but postage gets expensive for 20g food as they stock only marine and coral foods. I am looking for the very small size food ie 50-100 micron and 100-200 micron size to feed till they are big enough to take nls fry powder which is about 300 or so micron from memory.
  2. Sera is one of the most trusted brands and we have all of their products on special. Don't miss out and you may need to be quick at these prices. 10% Off plus 10% member discount = time to buy and load up !! Here is the link shopping starts now..... http://www.thetechden.com.au/10_OFF_SERA_SPECIALS_s/2117.htm
  3. What are the best foods for newly hatched L144's to keep them alive, before moving onto normal type foods.
  4. We have our range of Xtreme foods listed up on the website now and have done some Xtremely special pricing to give everyone a chance to try it at super low pricing. I would not expect these prices to last for ever so get in while the goings good... Don't forget that your QLDAF discount comes off the prices to make it even better for.... Community PeeWee 1.5mm pellet Cichlid PeeWee 1.5mm pellet Community Crave Flake Big Fella 3mm Sticks Monster 9mm Cat Scrapers 9mm Scavenger PeeWee Here is the link for our Xtreme Aquatics food ----->Xtreme Aquatic Foods
  5. Hiya everyone! Just curious about peoples preferences when it comes to live/frozen foods... Do you use live food? What kind? ie bloodworms, brine shrimp, tubefix etc Do you use frozen food? Which brand? Where do you source it from? What prices are you paying?
  6. .I bought a peacock which was displaying a blue head & yellow body,looked nice & thought it would be a nice male.for my tank,after a few months it's Brown & has a mouthful of eggs,do shops feed them something which brings out colours even in females?makes it difficult for the average person to be fooled into buying fish they never intended to purchase.
  7. .Where would i go to buy live foods for baby axolotls, an online shop that posts in australia would be best or anything in queensland cheers guys.
  8. You dont want average when it comes to the shrimp side of the hobby. You want something created by an insane shrimp scientist* fixated on creating the perfect shrimp food. After exhaustive testing of batches on a large range of shrimps to ensure correct levels of the little things needed for each breed to look their best. We now have the result, a food that unites the essentials with the desired optionals. Nutrients loaded with minerals! If shrimp are getting their minerals from their food, then maintaining an exact GH in a shrimp aquarium becomes less essential. This is probably the trickiest part of the more challenging shrimp types, and frequently requires maths to get optimal. So very handy to have a food that gets the job done. This stuff is also FRESH and made with the best organic ingredients. It drags the tanks shrimp to it, so place it in the perfect location, and snap some good pictures of them all feeding. Once they get a taste for it...... no other food can compare. And that is how it got its street name. Age of Aquariums - Shrimp Crack 30gm I cant help but think this would be a potent treat for larger crayfish or even crab species. *may not actually be an insane shrimp scientist......... but if you described an insane shrimp scientist....... he would tick most the boxes. In a good way XD
  9. Hi,would like some.advice on the best food to give your fish to enhance their colouring please,flake or pellets, thanks.
  10. What is your favourite grow out food, and feeding patterns to grow from fry to saleable fish.....
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Fluval have a new range of foods and not only do they have top ingredients the inclusion rates make it a ideal food. This is just a couple of the foods available in their range that we are now stocking. Take a closer look at our site at the range we have. Fluval Fish Foods Colour Enhanced Pellets:- Krill 25%, Herring Meal 22%, Shrimp Meal 15%, Potato meal, wheat, dried garlic, fish oil, soy flour, dried yeast, crushed insects. Fluval Colour Enhanced Small Sinking Pellets 750ml/340g are a 3mm sinking pellets, ultra palatable fish food specifically formulated to help keep cichlids active and vibrant. The Cichlid Pellets:- Herring Meal 21%, Krill 18%, Shrimp Meal 15%, Potato meal, wheat, earthwormmeal, dried garlic, mussel meal 3%, fish oil, soy flour, dried yeast. Fluval Cichlid Medium Sinking Pellets 750ml/340g are a 3mm sinking pellets, ultra palatable fish food specifically formulated to help keep cichlids active and vibrant. The Vegetable Flakes:- Dried Spirulina Algae 24%, Herring Meal 15%, Potato meal, Krill 9%, wheat flour, wheat bran, dehydrated alfalfa meal, dried broccoli, dried cabbage, dried carrot, dried garlic, dried kelp 3%, shrimp meal 3% dired spinach, fish oil, flax seed oil, wheat germ meal. Fluval Vegetable Flake 750ml/125g, they are a highly nutritious fish food containing spirulina, four types of vegetables, and kelp that is specifically formulated to support the overall well-being of fish.
  13. Hikari Frozen Food pricing - For Pick up at Store only. Hikari Frozen Food $6 Per Pack and buy 5 and get the 6th free. Choose from: Blood Worms 100g Brine Shrimp 100g Spirulina Brine Shrimp 100g Baby Brine Shrimp 50g Mysis Shrimp 100g Jumbo Mysis Shrimp 113g Rotifers 50g Daphnia 100g Discus 100g Mega Tropical 100g Large Blocks $19.95 Mysis Shrimp 454g $19.95 Brine Shrimp 454g
  14. Hi All. We now stock a range of Genchem Shrimp products. Link - Age of Aquariums - Genchem Shrimp Foods And yes before you ask we have - No planaria arriving in the next few weeks Ben
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hey just wanting to know if people use any local or native dried leaves in their tanks. Know the usual people mentioned like Almond and Mulberry, but if is just the "slime" off the leaves they are eating wouldn't anything do? Adam
  17. Evening all, Since my lovely 7 bars are getting quiet big these days I am wondering about different foods for them as pellets would get boring and frozen brine shrimp are getting abit small. I was reading up that they can eat krill, smaller fish (but mine wont touch fish), and worms. Just wondering what sort of worms blood worms, meal worms etc? I just want to start giving them different foods. If any of you can help that would be great. In the mean time ill keep looking around on the internet for more info. Cheers Shane
  18. Went to pet city today and bought some of the new Ocean Nutrition Frozen Food line to try out I already feed my fish Ocean nutrition spirulina flake and hatch baby brine shrimp everyday For a while now I've stopped feeding Hikari mysis shrimp once I ran out ... Now I bought 5 packets of OS mysis, a packet of krill superba and a packet of spinich First I fed the OS mysis, the mysis shrimp were much smaller than the ones I was used to but they were perfect feeding for my fish regardless, much better that they are smaller actually. So it fit into all the little fishes mouths! The cubes weren't very watery either which was a good thing But about 30mins ago I fed my fish again, this time it was a mixture of 3 cubes of krill and 3 cubes of spinich. HOLY MOLY! I was blown away by the quality, consistency and just the plain look/smell of the food! this is the kind of quality food people should be buying and feeding their fish. I was very amazed by the exceptional sheer quality of the frozen foods and I'll definitely be stocking up on it
  19. we all know fish naturally grow faster off live foods providing they have the right diet what live foods could i feed a 5-8cm severum? and what are suitable tank mates for severums ( atm hes in with my 10-15cm toga leichardti and severums the boss of the tank leichardti is a P*ssy hes getting sold today anyway) best food for small sevs thats a reasonable price? and tankmates?
  20. Gday all, Ok I have researched reasearch and researched and yet I can not find any parasites or diseases that derive form feeding your fish Processed foods like ALgae waffers and Flake foods. The reason for my search is that another member has just lost his complete tank of cichlids and B/N's and he beleives that this is due to the introduction of new type of algae waffer into his feeding routine. The person in question origianly belived it to be gill fluke, My research has drawn me to understand that "fluke" is a parasite that has a 24hr life cycle and can only be carried either through water changes or anything that contains infected water ie river rocks, fish, weed ect. I have found some rough info that there are claims that such parasites can be transfered via frozen foods, This information was on other forums and not by any research faciclity. The symptoms of the fish as far as I am aware are " gill flaring", "lathargic fish" and "gasping". I am very keen to hear everyones thoughts on this. Cheers Johno
  21. Got this email and this is on there site? It is with great sadness that we have to make the following announcement. Due to unforseen circumstances and the general economic climate, we are sad to announce that Prestige Aquatics Foods & Aquatic Goods will be closing business very soon. This will also include the Prestige Aquatics Discussion Boards. We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANKS to all those who have supported Prestige Aquatics by way of purchases or active membership here on site. This site will be closed down on or before 31/08/10 and will also be placed in parking for possible future use. This will mean that only the Site Team will have access to this site for general upkeep. In light of this we have now got the AFF [Australian Fish Friends] site up to the point where it is ready to be promoted in order to get things happening. So why not copy and paste the following www into your computer's favs: The AUSTRALIAN FISH FRIENDS - Preserving the Piscatorial Passion
  22. Just thought I would make a list of all the foods people feed to thier bristle nose. Cucumber zucchiniegg plantcarrot tomato cabbage lettuce sprouts pumpkin sweet potatoe peas brocoli squash mango rock melom. If you know of any others please add them to the list.
  23. Hey, Has been on my mind for a while, as people say this and that. The food that im mainly reffering to is White Crane, Do you have a problem with it? Reasons:- Cons - May turn fish steril (Only Heard Rumours) - Does not promote Breeding, therefore not fed to breeding fish - Fish may have a shorter life span (Rumours) - Fish may suffer intestinal damage (Rumours) - Promotes Aggression Pros - Promotes vivid colour - Makes for great display fish Obviously there are alot of rumours goin around. ------------------------------------- So Would/Do you:- Recommend it to people? Use it yourself? Do you like Store's using it? Or would you put a cross besides the above questions? Imo it is great for display fish and nothing else. Looking forward to your comments. Seph
  24. I was going to make some home made frozen malawi food today, but could't for the life of me find the ad knoings recipe I was given! :hothead: Does anyone have any recipes to share? Also what are some of the craziest ingrediants you have heard of? I know the ad konings one had Praprika in it!!!! (mild praprika) Steve
  25. Another new store has just come on board for those people in and around Bundaberg. Sugarland Pets at Sugarland Shopping Centre is the latest to stock the range. Also flake is continueing to be tested with excellent results. It has been tested on Marines as well as freshwater with the bulk of the ingredients being Kelp and krill. Our other usuals are there as well. Also this month sees the addition of algae strips to Qld. Once again all Australian made.
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