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  1. Hi all and welcome to the journey of my new 60cm shrimp tank. Setup Details are as follows; Tank: 70 Litre Aquarium. Dimensions: 61 x 30.5 x 38 LWH Filtration: 1 HOB Filter - Marina S20 with Bioballs and Filter Floss along with 1 Sponge Filter. Lighting: Cheap eBay LED. Substrate: CAL AQUA LABS - Fine Plants: Needle Leaf Java Fern, Blyxa Japonica, Java Moss and Riccia if it can survive with no c02 and cheap lighting.. Hardscape: Gold Vine Driftwood, Cholla Wood. Additional: ​IAL, Mineral Balls, Alder Cones.
  2. Gday just looking for recommendations fresh tank 2.5footer (i know its small but until we move thats all we can fit) want to keep one colony atm we are thinking lombardoi any recomendations? we have kids and want the fish to eventually breed so the kids can see Thanks in advance ben
  3. Imagine your only tank is a one foot cube. How would you make it the ultimate display. Stick to fish available in Australia. If you have the ultimate one foot display please post pictures.
  4. Hey guys, are there any African cichlids I could keep in a two foot tank. Thanks
  5. I need a new styrofoam base for my gf's tank, any ideas where I can purchase these from?
  6. I have a six foot tank with a hood (A Gary Maher tank). I saw an awesome LED light system at Pet Barn Coomera in their Altum Angel tank that simulated storms and everything (really cool) - anyway, they said that there are no LED systems suitable for people with hoods on their aquariums. I found this incredible as I thought LED was in fact cooler (generated less heat) than the T5 lights I currently have running? So guess my questions is, are there any LeD systems suitable for freshwater planted tanks that have hoods?
  7. so i have a 4 foot tank ive restarted up put sand down, 2 plants in it been up and running for a week now, i know this is nearly not long enough, i added a albino bn in it yesturday its still alive and healthy. just wondering if i could add my new L002s to it? would they survive?
  8. .Just a couple pics I have rainbows,gudgeons 3 types and one disgruntled guppy cheers
  9. Any suggestions on a good unit? Wanting something that does not look ugly, and thinking self contained so steering away from a trusty sponge.
  10. Ok, I thought the time has come to post up pictures of my 2 foot cube aquarium for a critique, I would appreciate opinions from you guys, good or bad as this is my first attempt of keeping Africans, I have kept everything else from marine to goldfish to oscars and everything in between. Anyway, the tank is a 650s aqua one cube with black sand substrate and egg crate underneath, heaps of Texas holey rock for a reef look. It's being filtered with an FX5 canister filled with matrix, marine pure and macropore, also the top is being skimmed via a tunze comline filter filled with wool and macropore. A 150w jäger heater keeps the water at a constant 26 degrees and an aqualina led light replaces the 4 x 18 inch flouro lighting the tank originally came with. There's a fair mixture of cichlids in the tank, probably around 22, plus there's a pleco hiding in there aswell This tank has been running for 6 months like you see it with no problems[ATTACH=CONFIG]38910[/ATTACH] I think that pretty much sums up the tank, so any suggestions or opinions are appreciated Hopefully the photos work Thanks very much
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. I have just been gifted a four foot tank (43.3W, 125L, 42H) and was wondering if anybody has a cheap stand/cabinet for sale. This will be kept in my garage so does not have to be flash
  13. I was just posting this because I was curious about how I would breed my cichlids in my 3 foot tank ???
  14. Ok so my dilemma is that I sold off my 6 foot tank - yes I feel some regret but I felt I had to honour the deal as I had promised the tank to someone else and I suspect he may even be a forum member, he had also had a sump built to suit the cabinet so I felt it was wrong to go back on my word - and yes, it was also the wrong colour for my décor (I am a house proud female) - and I did re-home all the fish I had in a great home. I have moved my daughters 3 foot one to the same spot -and of course even though it looks stunning as I have it planted out, I am missing a larger tank. I am now thinking maybe I could compromise and maybe buy a new 4 foot one which would give me more options. Sometimes 6 foot is harder to stock and aquascape I think? But looking around I see that 4 footers seem to be the most common size to be sold off - so I wonder is that a size that sucks? and that is why people move them on? I like planted aquariums and keep the usual tropicals including Angels - I am looking at just having a pair of Angels in there as I know they are happiest as a pair long term. I feel the 3 foot one I do have now is not really a nice size for angels - as the current tank was custom made for my daughters bedroom and is only narrow (15 inches in depth) so holds around 127 litres - but a four foot one I have in mind (48 x 18 x 22) would increase the capacity greatly. Anyway, just wondering what thoughts others have on 4 footers?
  15. Hi guys, finally setting up the old eight foot tank and decided i want to go planted. Quit my old job at the Brookie produce and am now working for Pisces, so i have a few options of plants. First things first, what is the cheapest option for lighting a 70cm tank? this tank gets ambient light during the day as it is actually outside under a semi clear roofed awning. Doubtful that i will heat it as the tank itself is just too big, and being outside there is no insulation. To CO2 or not to CO2? really unsure about this one. previously i ran fx5's on this tank with a high American cichlid bio load, however not sure about fish, especially not being heated. Shrimp maybe? being outside i will need something in there to keep the mozzies down thoughts/ideas anyone?
  16. hi just another random question wanted to know how many cichlids could i keep in a 3 foot long buy 1 foot wide buy 1/5 foot tall tank iv got like five in there now biggest one would be like max 5inchs long is this over stocked for them i was haveing bit of a problem with one chaseing another but i had all the rocks like all lineing the back wall but now moved them so theres some one ever end with bit of a big gap in the center seemed to have worked all get along fine but two but seems to be all good now is this tank to small for them im trying to find a bigger one i have one cobolt blue iver a rusty ornge one or a lombadoi one peacock small and two small dolfin blue ones
  17. This is my 2' tank housing a pair of Keyhole Cichlids which I decided to adopt as my project. I can't remember ever seeing a nice big one in person so decided i'd grow one. The tank has a few dithers such as Neon and Glow-light Tetras, and a clean up crew of Adolph's Corydoras, Kuhli Loaches (two striped, one black) and a Peppermint Bristlenose. I'm only growing the fish out some at the moment before i'll set the tank more up for breeding, at the moment it's just to keep to fish happy and to look pretty in my room. Thanks for looking.
  18. Just thought i'd take some photos of the build i'm currently working on, so i've picked up a 8 x 2 x 2.2(high) fish tank and my plan is to turn in into a discus setup, I picked up a 5 foot fish tank to turn it into a sump, that is now complete, in the first chamber i'm running sponge and jap mat, second chamber is huge and am running 50ltrs of k1 media, then through macropore and pumped back in via a aqua nova 10,000ltr p/h Thank you to [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION], and big thanks to [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] who have supplied me the things i've needed for the sump! I needed to rebuild my cabinet so, after dismantle-ling the cabinet, needed to take out the front of the cabinet to put my 5foot underneath, there was alot of work involved in rebuilding to make everything fit, MORE PHOTO'S TO COME SHORTLY!!!
  19. Hey guys, Was bored today so I thought I'd make something up for my 2 foot tank that I have. I used some bits of wood I had laying around the shed to make a hood and small stand for it to sit on while on my shelf. Stained it up to match my 4 foot tank, pretty happy with how it turned out! Let me know what you think Next up I'll be building a cabinet and hood for my 5 foot tank, that should be a fun project! Cheers
  20. Hey guys my submersible filter kind of started failing last night it wont pump air with out water flow and is making a loud whirring sound and doesnt pump as hard which it never did before. I took it out and cleaned it and it worked fine then wen i got home from work it wasnt pumping air again. So im thinking i should replace it? Any ideas or types i should get? The tank size is 140L im pretty sure
  21. Just got given a 5 foot tank as a freebie... score! Will need to make a nice new stand and hood in the coming month or two, when I can afford it. For now I need some help with replacing a few parts on the filter, I know the bits I need to replace, being new to the aquarium world I just don't know what the parts are called so I can ask for them. It's the bits that go over the tank to hold the hoses etc... One of them have a very slow leak. I'll throw some photos up, if someone would be so kind as to help me with the names The lighting in the prebuilt hood is stuffed as well, all the wires need to be cut, redone and sealed, will try do that next week so I can get some proper lighting happening. Once I build a new hood I'll transfer them across hopefully. Thanks,
  22. Got an 8 footer to fill up, was thinking rainbows for a change, what's some nice bigger or deeper bodied rainbows and who is breeding them. Cheers
  23. my 5 foot display tang tank with exception of : breeding pair common bristle nose breeding pair albino bristlenose and 5 or 6 humpheads oh and the red phoenix tropheus apparently man made but who cares colourful and energetic so i don't really care let me know what you think
  24. Hi Guys Just been given the green light to get a 3ft tank, however it needs to be on a stringent budget.... looking at doing an cheap iwagumi theme with DIY Co2, etc and just wondering if its possible to run filterless without problems when only having a small bioload -handful of cardinals or something. Is this possible? Thanks
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