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Found 18 results

  1. Just a vid of the team getting fed :-)
  2. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone out there has resealed a bay front. If so are they hard to do or is it best left to the pros. And any recommendations on said pros.
  3. Not sure if this is in the right place but here goes anyways 4 every saver bulbs(2x21w and 2x13w 6500k) China regulator and solonoid(had it for a little while works well enough ) Adapter for soda stream refills Cheapo 600 litre an hour internal Another Cheapo 450litre per hour running the bottle reactor until I switch to a canister and use my water filter housing for a cerges style reactor set up Java moss wysteria straight val crypts anubias Will be adding glosso to the front shortly (when it turns up) Substrate is a dirt mix and was done that long ago I can't remember much of what was added to it
  4. have had malawi chichlids in it for about 8 years, need a change. what are you thinking??
  5. I'm pretty pleased with the way this tank has turned out, its my first go at doin a bit of landscaping so I thought that I would share some pics. It's home to 2 ebjds(there was 3 but I was eaten Matmatmat wrote a thread on this, lucky he did some emergency surgery or it coulda been home to 1), a couple of bristle noses, a golden pleco, an L pleco and tetras. Enjoy
  6. Some of the other fish I grabbed whilst trying to shoot the Zonata
  7. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if I could keep an all male peacock tank in a 90x40x40 tank, if so could I keep the following? not all just a list of ones I like. dragons blood maleri gold white night rubin red ngara flametail This is horrible, I can't remember species I like, its only been like 9 months Any recomedations please?
  8. currently doing a bit of experiment with one of my tanks in a 4*1.5*1.5 i've got an eheim 2213 with altered media. instead of the original media i've pretty much filled the basket with bio balls and tubes. so no sponge in the filter apart from the piece dividing the two different bio carriers. Where the intake of the canister is i've used coarse sponge to block any debris from even entering the canister so that there won't be any debris built up in the canister. at the same time i'm running a 2000lph internal with sponges only to mechanically filter the water. theoretically the 2213 despite being a very low flow rate canister should still take care of the bio part of the filteration and the internal filter will do the mechanical part. the idea is that the bio filter should never ever need a clean as long as the sponge at the intake's cleaned daily to prevent blockage. then the internal can be cleaned as many times as i want even under tap water cuz i don't need it to carry any benefitial bacteria at all. wonder what you guys would think of this idea.
  9. As the title says.....ive got a spare 2 footer and i dont know what to put into it so i want some suggestions. I dont really want something that will outgrow it because any new tank i may buy in the near future is already booked for some of my other fish in an existing tank......so i want them to be comfy in the 2 footer..... the tank currently has a sand substrate, corner filter and a little sponge filter. Ive already got a community tropical tank with different common tropical fish so i was kinda looking for something different thanks <3
  10. Dusted off the old canon 50mm 1.8............it's surprising how good a $50 lens can be! Canon 40D Hand held at iso 800 with only 60watt of tank lighting. The old hands aren't as steady as they once were, so these aren't as sharp as I would like 'em kev
  11. Saw this on ebay. Was a bit shocked. Tropical Fish Tank, with everything (eBay item 250767548294 end time 16-Feb-11 21:14:37 AEDST) : Home It might sell. Maybe ???
  12. Nato dropped this beauty off the other week, planning to plant it out once the soil stuff arrives and then add either Zonatus or Discus. Heaps of Val in the pots ready to go. After Java fern if anyone has any...
  13. Hey Guys, just wanted to share my latest setup in an aqua one 910T purchased from JGilkes about a month ago took a couple of days to get the log to sink and i still have it weighed down with a couple of rocks... will remove them soon thinking it is going to be mostly an discus tank with a few apisto's to inhabit the bottom. the container up in the top right is currently holding some HC which i will grow on the front right of tank when it grows a bit ( am trying to get it growing was almost dead when i got it ) current plants are Val in front of filter intake Dwarf Chainsword front left java fern Middle bottom ( attached to a piece of wood ) Anubis top middle rotala and myoca spread front right but have moved them now to between two rocks on right and branching Val back right my biggest issue is i have have 3 breeding bristlenose somewhere in the log.... the thing is riddled with holes so rarely see them am catching them as i do and moving them to another tank... took me 2 days to get two of them though lol any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks Brett
  14. Hey people, this is my new tank its 3x18x28, all i have in it atm is 6 neon tetra 5 rummy nose tetra 1 bristlenose 1 yo yo loach And 1 cory, cant remember the name of it Im planing on stocking it with some Apistogramma cacatuoides 1 male and 3 or so females, going to fish chicks this weekend to check it out. I made my own background for this tank, and i have hidden all of the equipment. Heres the pics, there not the best though. Front view. Side view. I've also got moon light running on this tank, i'll get some pics of them laters. Skinnyman
  15. A few random pics of my 4 footer Terry
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