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Found 155 results

  1. hi all, i want to build my frontosas "rock huts" in my display tank. What is the best rock to use, and where can i find it? your help is greatly appreciated....
  2. Hey everybody Chris here once again, just after some advice on worming my Frontosa's, Electric Yellows and Bristlenose (the bristlenose have fry in the tank and makes sitting on more eggs can I still worm this tank?) What products do you's recommend and where's the best place to get it from.. I'm just down the road from AOA so if it's something they have in stock that'd be great (usually go down their atleast once a week even if I don't need anything lol). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. cheers once again Chris,
  3. Hi i need help to decide what type of Frontosa i should get. I don't know wheter i should get some Ikola Blue Lightning or some Chaitika Blue Frontosa F1 fry that my LFS has. I want some Fronnies that will have a really vibrant blue colour. If anyone has some of these Frontosas can you please post some pics. Cheers Matt
  4. Hi all, I am or have not been a fan of frontosabut recently I looked up how many species there are of frontosa. I was amazed to find there are around 15 various strains geographically located around the lake. Of those we seem to only have about 4 of the sepcies. I don't know if it is cost or not but I was looking for C. Gibberosa "Nangu" as these are a deep water frontosa and the adults look impressive. I may be a bit naieve but the import of Cyphotilapia spp does not identify the individual species. Surely there are people with the contacts or ability to coordinate a buy and possible add in other species that people may want such as new blood in apistos or other species. What do you think?
  5. Hi all. So i bought some f1 fry bout 5cm but noticed mooning on them, some more pronounced than others. Does mooning fade with good food and clean tank environment as they get bigger???
  6. Hey everybody Chris here again, I added 3 new females to my colony today all decent size one of is quite big intact she's bigger then my dominant male.. My question is, will that be ok and my dominant male is chasing them all around being pretty rough really.. Is this just him showing them who's boss or does he feel threatened by them cause their the same size and bigger then him atm.. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Chris,
  7. Who else live feeds frontosa? i go and buy glass shrimp every now and then and feed my tank.... fun to watch the fronnies have a go!
  8. Hey everybody Chris here, just a quick question for ya's.. I was sold this Frontosa a month or so ago was told he's a Burundi but I'm not sure.. I would like to know other people's opinions..
  9. Did a test on the water in my Frontosa tank. From what I've gathered I think I'm doing everything right but if their wrong can somebody let me know.. Results; 8.4ph 0.25ammonia 0 Nitrites 40 Nitrates 196 KH Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers Chris,
  10. Just after advice from anyone who have bred frontosa regarding water , temps , chem levels , phs , tank setup , male to female ratio any advice at all is welcome . I have a fair idea on it all but just after other personal experience tricks and advice . Cheers
  11. Hey everybody my name is Chris I've recently gotten back into keeping fish, I have a 5x2x2 curved glass tank with 7 F1 Burundi Frontosa's and Afew electric yellows to add abit of colour to the tank.. I'm interested in getting more Female Burundi Frontosa's so if anybody has some definite females they'd like to sell inbox me please.. Thank you everybody
  12. Hey everybody Chris here, ive recently setup up a tank with F1 Burundi Frontosa's in it. I added about 6 electric yellows to throw abit more colour in the tank, earlier today out of the corner of my eye I noticed 2 of the lil elec yellows picking at the fins on my dominant male fronnie.. Has anybody had trouble with this before
  13. In the process of upgrading tanks chasing some chumbu around 8-10cms would be indeal. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, am looking for 2 x Burundi (f) about 15 - 20 cm's and 2 x Kigoma (f) about 7 - 10 cm's. Wanting to help my son as he has a male Burundi 20 - 25 cm and some Kigoma's which all are developing head shape and bump like a male. None have the gently sloping head shape of those females in pics I have seen on this site or google.
  15. This is mort. So named as it was beaten to death and should have died. Nursed back by Bree its more than 5 years old. Any thoughts on its sex? I currently have custody lol. Not trying to breed more just interested in thoughts as I have always thought it looked female. Never tried to vent.
  16. Just wondering what would go well with Frontosa? Know Blue Dolphins & Calvus but what else? Tank is 6 x 2 x 2.5 looking to add Frontosa 4-6cm and Calvus of the same size. Thoughts please
  17. Hey would like any pointers you guys can give in regards to keeping breeding frontosa eg..... Tank size how many in a colony how many in a tank pretty much anything your willing to share about keeping them thanks!!!
  18. Hey all I'm in the process of setting up my 6ft display tank for my fronnies. Whos running white substrate and Texas holy rock in there tanks? photos would be great so I can have a squizz:)
  19. Hey all lately I have seen a few pics of fronnies in with Malawi, and have been considering downsizing and wondering if any of mine would be alright in with the fronnies. It's 4ft tank and only 5 fronnies and 4 white calvus 5-8cm (yes there will be a bigger tank eventually) I have yellows, Dolphins, yellow tail acei, hongi and mpanga last 2 I am doubtful will coexist
  20. .Hey all just wondering how susceptible to bloat fronnies are I have 5. they around the 6cm mark now, feeding on nls 1mm but it doesn't sink that well, so I just hold my fingers in water for sec. Also have 4 white calvus in with them
  21. .These came in the last import and are just in 4x2 holding tanks waiting for sale and have already got 17 fry and now another mouthful. Pretty stoked.
  22. Last R&R i was observing my frontosa looking rather bored in the tank, so knowing they are a predator thought that a bit of live food may give them a bit of fun to a rather mundane tank life. Did a bit of google research and found their diet usually consists of fish from the cyprichromis genus and the hunt at dusk and dawn. Armed with knowledge is skipped off to my Lfs prepared to get some cyprichromis. They are not cheap. Actually very nice looking fish too. Has anyone considered buying a bulk amount to form a school to make fronny food? I had to settle with some live shrimp which created pandemonium in the tank for a few hours. Next time ill release them at night to stop my mbuna going spastic and let the fronnies dolphins and calvus hunt...
  23. hey everyone just wondering if anyone could shed some light on whats going on? it has happened twice now one of my females gets a mouthful of eggs and within a day or two they are not in her mouth no more. why does she spit them out?? cheers
  24. hi, i brought a breeding pair of burundi frontosa a few weeks ago, male 20cm female 17cm (was told they breed 3 times before had fry to prove) anyway they been hiding in cave last few days, and now it looks like the larger male is holding a mouthfull!! i was just going to put eggcrate divider in tank to seperate girl,eggs until there wiggling in mouth, question is whats the chances the male if its the male will hold them for a bit?? he definatly looks male big hump on head, long threads from fins, boss of the tank cheers rorie
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