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Found 13 results

  1. Thanks to breedingpeppz I have my first frontosas. They are Ikola Blue Lightning orig bred by D'fishkeeper Doug and they are stunning. Piccies are of the 10 just out of acclimatisation but I just had to steal a couple photos.
  2. Been having people looking at my fronts and pointing out white spots above the middle bars saying y bars or could split or something? What does this mean?
  3. Hey guys got home from work yesterday to notice my F1 Mpimbwe Blue Frontosas have bred. I bought them about 3 years ago at a very small size from Pet City at Mt Gravatt for 60 bucks each. Wierd thing is they bred in my 6x2x2 housed with a large rivulatus, large Oscar, synodontus eupterus, bullrout, venustus, and an aceii. Didn't think I had any chance nor was I trying to breed them with such a mix of fish. This is their first batch and we stripped 52 large eggs from her today. Here's hoping we hatch a lot of them. Cheers, Mick.
  4. i have two convicts and 4 frontosas that are all about the 7 cm mark how bad is it if they are in the same tank, i know you shouldnt mix americans with africans but i cant see the harm. let me know what u think cheers
  5. whats the best way too make sure that 3-4cm burundi frontosas grow as quickly as possible. there are 4 of them and they are currently in a 20L tank. they are too small to put in my big tank.... any ideas????
  6. Hi all, I thought i would share a few photos of my frontosas so far...Please take into consideration that all these photos were taken with my iphone, and I AM NOT even a half decent photographer bahahahahah.....
  7. Im just about at my witts end with these fish i have 5 ,1 male 4 female(I think)...2 years old... All they do is sit on bottom of the tank,swim around a little when i stand in front of tank and talk to them.Only want to eat twice a week if im lucky,there really dark /Black / Blue ...The male has nice blue showing through lately around his mouth. They were in 4 foot tank for the first year and have been in the big tank for a year. I have changed the lighting ,was bright ,now subdued. Changed there foods,have tried nls,hikari, prestige,prawn ,mysis shrimp,whitebait ect...and today saw russ and bought massivore..Not interested at all. The tank is simple with half pots ,ect.. There in a quiet area of the house,we have 1 ocupant at home at any given time..I have NO KIDS...running around ect... Weekly water changes of about 30%.... Testing is all good with PH at 8-8.5. I pm Darren and inquired as to putting them back in the 4 foot tank,to see if theres any improvement ,but his thoughts were,that it wasnt a good idea and that they needed the larger tank...(to me i see the larger tank as a waste as there not using it) I read somewhere about selling off the male and getting another ect,i didnt buy these fish with the intention to breed them, Thats not a issue with me ,but i do want a tank with fish swimming around and looking like there happy to see me ,like my other tanks,instead of what is happening now.There is no split finns ,arguements or anything like that ,they look brillant um when you see them, so this is why im puzzled. I keep looking at them thinking that i could have a lovely planted tank full of beautiful discus ect ,then what im seeing right now.Its so such a waste and its getting depressing,has anyone had simular issues?Please comment if you can help or have suggestions ,and thanks for reading ... Was going to ad a photo ,but you all know what fish sitting at the bottom of a tank looks like... PS im not ready to sell just yet.... Thanks Chickadee
  8. Looking at getting some new frontosas 2 add 2 the mix in my tank at home, do u think it's better with just 2 or putting 3 in together is ok, in the past had only 1 and wish I had got more... And if any body's selling few month old 15cm or so would be good 2 hear from u.. Cheers
  9. Hi all, Just thought i'd put a few pictures up of my fronnies. Had them about 10 months now, they are this size from fry.
  10. Hi guys i was just wanting to know how much i would expect to pay fora breeding pair of peacock bass around the 35cm mark??? Also how much should i pay for 6 bar frontosa fry between 5-7cm?
  11. Hi guys i was just wanting to know how much i would expect to pay fora breeding pair of peacock bass around the 35cm mark??? Also how much should i pay for 6 bar frontosa fry between 5-7cm?
  12. hi guys just wondering how long would it take a 10cm frontosa ikola to get to breeding size?
  13. hi just thought that i would ask for some info on breeding some frontosas. ok i have a spare 4*2*2 is this big enough for a colony of say 1 male and 4 females or even 3 females. also how often can each female produce eggs any help would br great thanks.
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