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Found 20 results

  1. I'm needing some bloodworms and been buying packets from shops and noticing that some cubes contains a big portion of water instead of full worms. Anybody know of good brands to buy at reasonable pricing? Places to get them? Alternatives to bloodworms? Feeding them to my rays and bichirs as treats and they just swallow one cube at a time so will need to buy in bulk. Have current stocks now on the fridge but looking for cheaper / good quality alternatives.
  2. Need some frozen food for your fishy friends? We have 100g blister packs of Krill Pacifica, Cyclops, Daphnia or Brine Shrimp for ONLY $1.45!!! There are 24 tabs in each packet. Come into our shop and stock up!! Frozen items are in-store pick up only. QLDAF discount still applies.
  3. I am looking for anyone thta has some Hikari frozen blood worm in stock and does bulk buys. Ive cehceked most web sites and there seems to be a under supply at the moment. Location and indicative prices if you could thanks David
  4. Yep - $1.30 a pack including your QLDAF discount - no typo error. This is a in store pick up!! Please make sure you mention QLDAF when picking them up as they are $1.45 - less your discount - $1.30 Bargain Frozen Foods - Pickup Only
  5. .Frozen Brine Shrimp, Cyclops, Daphnia and Krill $2.00 less your QLDAF discount is just $1.80 for a 24 tab 100g pack.......... Frozen Bloodworm 500g slab $7.95 less QLDAF discount $7.16 Frozen Bloodworm 1kg slab $13.95 less QLDAF discount $12.68 Frozen Krill 500g slab $8.95 less QLDAF discount $8.14 You will want to jump on these prices...........Pick up in store only!!! Bargain Frozen Foods - Pickup Only Now that is cheap!!
  6. We are now stocking the Fish Fuel Co frozen foods. Ingredients: 110 Grams net – 35 Cubes Contains: Premium quality New Zealand green lip mussels, trimmed hearts, prawns, fish, krill pacifica, blood worms, spinach, peas, banana, spirulina algae, garlic, wheat germ, dietary fibre and Astaxanthin (a natural colour enhancer). Fortified with leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo’s customised multi-vitamins and minerals formula including essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, & 9.
  7. The complete range of Ocean Nutrition Frozen Fish Food is now available online to purchase. We are able to ship this food to most metro areas around Australia for only $7.50. We are offering full cartons of 36 & 42 packets depending on the variety. You can also order a mixed carton of 36 packets as long as they are ordered in lots of six. Pricing starts at only $99.00 for a full carton of 42 packets of Nutris Frozen Bloodworm. Link - Age of Aquariums - Frozen Fish Food Ben
  8. Hikari Frozen Food pricing - For Pick up at Store only. Hikari Frozen Food $6 Per Pack and buy 5 and get the 6th free. Choose from: Blood Worms 100g Brine Shrimp 100g Spirulina Brine Shrimp 100g Baby Brine Shrimp 50g Mysis Shrimp 100g Jumbo Mysis Shrimp 113g Rotifers 50g Daphnia 100g Discus 100g Mega Tropical 100g Large Blocks $19.95 Mysis Shrimp 454g $19.95 Brine Shrimp 454g
  9. Do we have a section on food, Live food, dry food and frozen ? if not would it make sense to have one, to cover all issues. I.e catching or culturing live food. Best tips for DIY frozen food, whats on the market etc etc ?
  10. Hi All, Im trying to find somewhere to purchase bulk frozen Brine shrimp and blood worms for a decent price. PM me if you know anywhere. Thanks all.
  11. Frozen Fish Food. Available in store only. Nutris Bloodworm 100gm packs $3.00 pr pk 6pk $12.00 Nutris Brine Shrimp & Mysis Shrimp 100gm packs $4.00 pr pk 6pk $18.00 Ocean Nutrition Frozen Fish Food 100gm packs Turtle Mix Tubifex Worms Spinach Whole krill Superba Whole Cockel Gammarus Red Plankton Squid $5.95 pr pk or six packets for $30.00 Ocean Nutrition Premium Frozen Fish Food 100gm packs Cultivated bloodworm Tropical Quintet Marine Quintet Malawi Cichlid mix Marine Mix Lobster Eggs Fish Eggs $6.95 pr pk or six packets for $35.00
  12. Evening all, Since my lovely 7 bars are getting quiet big these days I am wondering about different foods for them as pellets would get boring and frozen brine shrimp are getting abit small. I was reading up that they can eat krill, smaller fish (but mine wont touch fish), and worms. Just wondering what sort of worms blood worms, meal worms etc? I just want to start giving them different foods. If any of you can help that would be great. In the mean time ill keep looking around on the internet for more info. Cheers Shane
  13. Went to pet city today and bought some of the new Ocean Nutrition Frozen Food line to try out I already feed my fish Ocean nutrition spirulina flake and hatch baby brine shrimp everyday For a while now I've stopped feeding Hikari mysis shrimp once I ran out ... Now I bought 5 packets of OS mysis, a packet of krill superba and a packet of spinich First I fed the OS mysis, the mysis shrimp were much smaller than the ones I was used to but they were perfect feeding for my fish regardless, much better that they are smaller actually. So it fit into all the little fishes mouths! The cubes weren't very watery either which was a good thing But about 30mins ago I fed my fish again, this time it was a mixture of 3 cubes of krill and 3 cubes of spinich. HOLY MOLY! I was blown away by the quality, consistency and just the plain look/smell of the food! this is the kind of quality food people should be buying and feeding their fish. I was very amazed by the exceptional sheer quality of the frozen foods and I'll definitely be stocking up on it
  14. Hi All, Here is a list of Frozen fish food available in store, CAS Bloodworm 100gm $3.00 CAS Bloodworm 100gm 10pk $20.00 CAS Bloodworm 100gm 20pk $35.00 CAS Bloodworm 100gm 200pk $300.00 Intrafeed Brine Shrimp, Mysis, Daphnia, Cyclops and Krill 100gm pks $4.00 or 10pk $35.00 PosAqua Cichlid, Total Turtle, Beefheart, Discus, Community, Vegi, Marine, Marine Green 100gm pks $4.00 or 10pk $35.00 PosAqua Baby Brine Shrimp 100gm $6.00 or 10pk $50.00 Ben
  15. Hey everyone, as the title states just wondering peoples brand preferences on frozen foods and where they go for the best deals? Wondering because I normally go to the rocklea store but they are currently out of action due to the floods. Also I usually use hikari blister packs but I have been told you can get decent specials on the orca flat packed foods.
  16. Hey, So i was told that the protein from frozen bloodworms helps the ladies fatten up for breeding. How the hell do you feed it to them? I tried putting a cpl blocks in but they just floated and then broke up and then most of them got sucked into the filter... Cheers Alex
  17. I have used frozen blood worms and brine shrimp occasionally, do these contain enough of a diet for fish? also i just plop a cude in the tank once a week and the fish nip at it until its all gone is it a big no no to put it in frozen or is that fine? , my clown loachs have just shown that they have white spot and well there really hasnt been anything that i thought could cause it other then them chomping on a frozen blood worms?
  18. Hey guys, Im looking for a recipe but i cant find it. All i can remember is its green once frozen, Has prawns and garlic in it. Any idea what its called and a recipe?? http://www.aquariumlife.net/projects/di ... od/112.asp I have found this one buts its not the one i was chasing, Question i have tho wat is the Liquid multivitamins (where would i find it) cheers Nick
  19. I make my own DIY frozen food & all my africans love it & can't eat enough of it. I would like to add some colour enhancers to the food for my display tank such as carotenoid pigments/Beta-carotene, astaxanthin, E127, E129 or similar: cheaply? Any idea where I might be able to buy any of these colour enhancement ingredients? I'm especially interested in astaxanthin as it is a great antioxidant as well.
  20. Hi guys just wondering where is the cheapest place to purchase frozen brine shrimp in brisbane. cheers marty
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