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  1. Does anyone know if you can still purchase small fry powder foods such as golden pearls or larval fry foods in Australia. I know golden pearls were popular a few years back but seem hard to find now. I have been buying my fry starter powder online from a marine shop but postage gets expensive for 20g food as they stock only marine and coral foods. I am looking for the very small size food ie 50-100 micron and 100-200 micron size to feed till they are big enough to take nls fry powder which is about 300 or so micron from memory.
  2. got a pair breeding still got 2 more to pair up I hope
  3. Weekly video log of my guppy fry since they were few days old until almost adult size :
  4. Hi all. So i bought some f1 fry bout 5cm but noticed mooning on them, some more pronounced than others. Does mooning fade with good food and clean tank environment as they get bigger???
  5. After trying for a fair while to get these to breed and having no luck with a pair that have failed 4 times now. Decided to put two random CV's from my 8ft display. 4 days later, what do you know they are holding!! Fast forward a few weeks and we have fry! Hard to get decent photos. From a phone and low light in the shed. Original pair have another mouthful but I don't hold high hopes. Most likely 5th failed attempt. Cheers Gary
  6. Hi all, I'm back after a brief hiatus as funds were put towards setting up the reef system. Now that I'm happy with how the reef is progressing, it's time the goldfishes got some more love. I thought I'd share my most recent project that I'd be looking to stringently refine and continue. BTW, it's has been great to see quality goldfish coming into Aus as of late e.g. quality lfs orandas & the increasing number of hobbyists which now own imported TVR Anyhow some pics: Firstly the UK broadtail standard: Examples of exceptional fish: & lastly my trio of broadtail moors 9 day old fry feeding on bbs Further reading for those interested Broadtail Moor Goldfish Goldfish Culling - Veiltail and Broadtail Moor - Site for Goldfish Keepers Cheers, John
  7. Wanted to get opinions please? I'm looking at setting up a small breeding tank for my guppies, and was looking at a cheap heater from eBay. Has anyone had a US plug adaptor running full time...or wouldn't u risk it. TIA
  8. Just woke to 20-30 black Moscow fry this morning with the female still dropping fry and the 2nd female only days away from having her fry too very happy lol
  9. And tips how to raise fry correctly:
  10. Hi Guys and gals, I have been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when a fella i know has to move on his fishy friends very quickly. So of course i will oblige by helping him out and taking his pair of convicts and their tank of his hands for next to nicks. Not to take advantage of anyone but it works for him I will be picking them up this afternoon as he needs them gone asap.(and i mean asap) one issue is that the convicts have just had fry , he had moved them to a 2 ft tank over the last few of weeks (due to his issue) and they have since breed So i have a two ft tank with a pair of convicts and god knows how many fry. My plan is to leave them in the tank and transport the tank and inhabitants 1/3 full. Any reason this may not be a good idea ? Also i have googled a bit about convicts as i have not had them before but any comments about care, food etc would also be handy. Cheers Edit: I should add the travel time will only be 5 to 10 mins max
  11. I have quite a few mouthfulls coming along. I was wondering if I put all the females with mouthfulls in 1 tank and let the fry emerge in their own time, how would that go ? Regards Paul.
  12. Clean, cheap and easy way to make food for your fish fry
  13. My Gold Honey Dwarf Gouramis have had fry but I am unprepared and a beginner with Gouramis. What is the best way to keep the fry, they are absolutely tiny (about 4 days old). What water temp, ph, do they need a filter? I currently have them in a small tank , no heater, no filter but with an air stone. I am feeding them liquid fry food. They don't seem to move around much, just hang out on plants and the side of the tank, is this normal? If anyone has experience with these fish, I would love to hear from you, it would be greatly appreciated. cheers😎
  14. So about 2 weeks ago I moved a few females from my display into a couple of smaller tanks I set up under the house (much to my wife's dismay). Anyway, I was just doing a water change on one of the tanks and I noticed a single tiny fry hiding under a polly pipe. I have no idea what it is because I had no idea that any of the girls were holding when I moved them, but I couldn't just leave it to be eaten (it's my first baby! Haha). So I dug a floating tank out of my cupboard of stuff and separated it from the two adults in the tank, I also ran an air tube into the top of the fry tank to give the little guy some air. I know my chances are slim, but what do you guys recommend I do to keep the litlle guy alive? It's about a cm long and the possible mothers are an ob zebra, a couple of afra cobue, an Auratus or a red empress. I guess the possible fathers are everything in the display tank. Thanks for reading.
  15. Hi there, i have two Angel fish that have got fry, started off looking good, my angels were looking after their fry, but after a few days the fry started dying, a few at first then progressively more. When I only had about 10 left I moved them into another tank with a sponge filter, but they continued to die off until now I only have one left. Now my angels have got another batch of fry, they are at egg stage with wiggly tails. Any tips to help me try and save some of this batch? my tank has only got my angel pair in it no other fish. I use rain water for water changes. Any advice would be appreciated
  16. If I put my demasoni and bristle nose fry in the same tank will the demasoni attack the bristle nose fry I have another demasoni holding and no spare tank for her
  17. Balloon molly fry are looking the same as "normal" molly when they are born: (Watch my one week old molly balloon fry: )
  18. watch my molly fry as they grow up from birth to almost adult size, ready to be moved to my 60 gallon community tank:
  19. Effect of fluctuations in salinity on the growth of juvenile fish Havent read the whole paper, but looks interesting.
  20. Really struggling with keeping my yank fry alive. I need a fry saver that they can't slip thru. What's everyone using? Just lost 3/4 a batch of Oscar fry. Seething....
  21. Just wanted to share a few pics of my agasizzii fry! Also got a batch of borelli wrigglers I discovered while doing a water change.
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