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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone here ever tried using a Human Antifungal cream such as an Athletes Foot or Thrush cream on a fish fin fungus with any sucess ?
  2. I have these white balls appearing on my fish. It seems to spreading. I just wanted a confirmation as they DON'T seem to have the symptoms (itching on rocks and substrate, hard breathing, loss of appetite). It has also been lingering for 3 weeks or so and very gradually getting worse. All fish in the tank are complete pigs and no major fighting is going on. I have attached a couple of pics of the Blackbelt (and a Synspilum below it) whom seems to have it the worst. Should I be putting some salt in the tank, getting white spot remedy or going for some sort of fungal fix (API product maybe?). Any help is greatly appreciated as i finally have the tank exactly how I want it and don't want to have any massive losses. It is 8x2x2 so will have to treat the whole tank.
  3. hi all i have a 240l tank, aqua one 980t, i have had an out break of white fungus, looks like cotton wool on the sides of the fish, seems to be under control now almost wiped out the entire tank. My question is i have live plants and plants on drift wood in there. Is it best to dump them all and start again or will they be ok to keep and slowly add fish again , well not for a month or so just to see if i got it all or not. thanks
  4. hey everyone just wondering what causes Fungal disease on the fish would it be from excess food not eaten that has fungied over ? Thanks Tom
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