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Found 26 results

  1. My sil has got a small tank with Mollies, a couple which I've noticed have got a white fungus growing around the eyes & some spots on the body. Looks more fuzzy fungus type than spot to me. Anyway she went to her lfs & has treated the tank with white spot treatment, but the fish have not improved. I suggested she do a full water change & gravel vac then treat again. But Im not quite clued up on the best way to go about clearing this up. I have heard about salt baths, raising temps etc. Can anyone run me through a proven treatment method for this condition? Thanks Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  2. K so one of my black cherry girls had a big fuzzy ball of fungus growing in her tail where her eggs would have been, I isolated her in a qt tank and the amount of nothing I found on the net was astonishing lots on vorcella and the likes, but alot of people I spoke/contacted said sounds like a dead shrimp, then I was contacted back by a guy from germany apparently its caused by an infection and its cured by slowly increasing salt level garlic juice and small dosing of Parafix thst was the last I heard from him, no dosing instructions at all just what to dose, I had her in a 4 litre betta tank with an airstone and a bit of plant for her to hide in I started with a quarter teaspoon of salt gradually added over 2 days then as close to quarter recommended parafix day 3 every day changing a fifth of the water for circulation after the first week all the fluffy stuff went away just the swollen underside was exposed I then increased the salt another quarter of a teaspoon over the next three days and just kept a watvh on her week 2.5 she is healthy showing no sign of distress I left her in qt for another week fully changing the water using mature water from my tank she is fine now, just thought id share incase someone else comes across the same hassles, dunno if its the best solution but it worked for me
  3. I have a female Sajica, that had the Crap beaten out of her by the male. I Qt her in a 2 footer . Her fins were pretty based around, but she is recovering, however she has developed fairly severe fungus on her left pectoral fin. I have been treating it with a fungus treatment, however it is still quite fuzzy. What I am wondering is can I physically remove the fungus from her fin with tweezers etc to speed things up ?
  4. Hi all Hi all I was wondering if anyone could id this as some kind of algae or fungus.It to showed up few weeks ago mainly on the underside of the driftwood in the low light areas. I have spot dosed some parts with peroxide with real no effect.I would like to keep on top of it in case it becomes problem later. Thanks Darrell
  5. Hi all . I have had a large female festae belted by a male . I generally treat with a salt solution in a separate tank . There is a large growth on her side of a cottony fungus . I have treated the water with a general fungus cure (malachite green and acriflavin). Should I do anything else. rod
  6. Last week I found a white film on some driftwood so I took it out the tank and cleaned it. I haven't put it back in. This week the same film/fungus is appearing over all plants, stones, ornaments etc. I have found excess food with fungus growing from it, hidden under an ornament and a half eaten fish. I Know food should be removed half hour after its given if not eaten but, this bit escaped me! I don't have any BN or laches in the tank; 1) would this solve the problem? 2) Do I have fungus. 3) Will primafix cure the problem? or 4) Should I remove everything and clean the tank?
  7. Hey guys i just noticed that my pair of orange spot carried have eggs but it looks like there is a fungus on some of them I am using backwater extract in the tank trying to get the peps to breed it has been approx 2 weeks since the last water change should I pull the eggs out and remove the fungus looking ones or leave them for the faster to destroy
  8. Whats the best med to buy for a couple of goldfish with a fungus infection?
  9. Problem:-In the last week or so a white "powdery" growth has started to form on the roots of one of my plants and the drift wood it is growing on. It is also growing on the rocks in the submerged part of my trickle/sump filter. My Java moss also seems to be suffering from it. My water is looking a little cloudy, but gets less cloudy the longer its been since a water change, which I'm doing about twice a week. I'm hoping someone knows what it is and how to stop/remove it. I've tried rinsing it off and scrubbing it with a toothbrush, but it comes back stronger. Ph:-6.5 Ammonia:-0 Nitrate:-10ppm Nitrite:-0 Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:-120x43x50 Temperature °C:-26C Been running for:-2 months Filtration:-Canister +Sump + Internal Filter Fish in tank:- 10x Congo Tetra 5x Yoyo Loaches 3x Leopard Cory's 2x Salt&Pepper Cory 1x Siamese Flying Fox 1X Bristlenose Catfish Plants in Tank:-Java Fern, Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Anubias ??? Feeding:- Twice a day. Alternate between Flake, Blood worm, bottom feeder pellets, algae waffle, zucchini Recent Medication Treatments:-none Last water change:-Today Water change:- Twice Weekly
  10. I noticed my Sterbai Corys laying eggs so I carefully moved them into what I could best describe as a modified Brine Shrimp Hatchery. A PET bottle with the bottom cut out and an airstone shoved through the lid. I drilled a heap of 1mm holes in the lid and neck of the bottle to allow for water circulation. This is hanging in the parents tank. Water parameters all good. This morning I noticed all the eggs that aren't directly in the bubble flow (due to a lean on the bottle) are covered in white fungus. What have I done wrong and what should I do?
  11. Problem:- strange fungus/unknown stuff growing in gravel and on glass. its sort of like a thick mucusy, webby, membrainy stuff, looks very weird.. there should be a photo attached of the gravel from 2 weeks ago before i did a complete change over.. Ph:- 7.2 Ammonia:- 0ppm Nitrate:-0ppm-5ppm Nitrite:- 0.25ppm Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:- 3ftx15inx18in Temperature °C:- 26 Been running for:- had been running for at least 8 months, noticed this growth 2 weeks ago. scrubbed out everything, new gravel was added, as i didnt wanna run the risk of there being any little bit left in the tank to start growing again, glass was scrubbed etc. i just noticed tonight it has come back!!!! grrr.... Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- internal filter OTTO PF-400N (400LPH) Fish in tank:- glass catfish x2, head and tail light tetra x5, golden gourami x2, kuhli loach x2, bristle nose juvies x10 about 2cm, cherry shrimp x10ish, small half beaks x3 Plants in Tank:- anubia, val, hair grass, chain sword (which seem to be dying off), java moss on drift wood, banana lilly, java fern Feeding:- What food and How often.. algie wafers and tropical fish food pellets neither have a brand.. usually every second day.... i thought over feeding may have been the problem so i started feeding every 3rd day since the full change. But its come back!! Recent Medication Treatments:- Last water change:-5-6 days ago about 20% Water change every fortnight Does anyone know what it is? whats causing it? and how to get rid of it?? cheers Megan
  12. Hi people i am looking for another way of controling fungus on eggs apart from methalene blue. Any suggestions. Thanks Sean
  13. hey can anyone help us with one of our young oscars been off his tucker for a couple days & has small signs in 3 spots on his head looks like tiny spots of cotton wool.... no fin damage or any other obvious symptoms.... have isolated him from others, looking for suggestions please, cheers merry christmas:)
  14. Hi Ppl, My B/N breed on Monday and I hadn't checked on them until today. I noticed that some of the eggs were "White" which assume is fungus. Also there are some wrigglers. Is it possible for fungus(if that is what it is) to spread to from the eggs to the wrigglers? Also how do I fix/stop fngus from growing on the eggs?
  15. This happened to my female bristlenose about 3 weeks ago and died, now my Pep has it and I don't know what to do, most likely going to die by morning. Also fins are all damaged, Fight wounds? All other fish are fine.
  16. I think I have some sort of fungus in my tank that is killing off fish slowly. How do I get rid of it?
  17. hey guys, picked up a colony of blue peacocks when i got some tanks on the weekend, milked a few yesterday and they were fine, just got home from work and found one of the females that looks like its missing some skin and a white fungus on it? just wondering what it is and best treatment? i have since removed the fish and put it on its own
  18. hey i have some 10 day old frontosa eggs that are clearly fertilized yet everyday there are a few that are dead and fungusy. I dont know why this is happening, should i raise the water flow around them? or would some methylene blue clear it all up?
  19. Last Saturday I noticed that one of my Firemouths in the community American tank had a fungal type growth on his head. See photo below:- Off to the LFS for advice and remedy (took the photo down). They advised that I use API - Pimafix. I have dosed the whole tank daily for the last week as per the dosage instructions. The fungus seems to be isolated to the Firemouths. I have lost 2 fish so far and my remaining two Firemouths in the tank are showing the same fungus. Today is the last day of the 7 day treatment. I decided to do a water test and was quite concerned with the results. PH: 5 Nitrate: 5mg/L Ammonia: 2.4mg/L I perform regular weekly 30% water changes with tank rainwater (PH 6.5). The PH reading is low and the Ammonia is high. Am I treating the disease with the correct medication? Does Pimafix alter the water parameters that dramatically? As it recommends a 25% change after a week. I am about to perform a 50% water change to fix this water quality issue. Any advise or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks GS
  20. hi all I recently brought a few b/n's 8+cm.. they where transported in there logs and it seems there was allot of damage done (4+hrs drive) one of the females now has a some fungus on its head. It started out as just a white coloring on the top of head but now has progressed to fungus. I have started treatment with melafix (2 days in) will this be enough ?? looking for any advice as i have never delt with this before .. Regards Luke
  21. hey guys, have got fungus on my common b/n babies again, longfins and albinos are untouched but once again the new batch of common babies i bought from a breeder eventually broke out with fungus, there is approx. 150 in a 130L tank around 2.5cm so dont think they are too over populated but seems to be a re-occouring problem, used fungus cure last time, (malichite green with ... cant rmemeber the other medication used) and didnt seem to work that well.. this time round im thinking pimafix... not that keen to salt them but might give it a shot as this disease is giving me the $hit$ just wodnering what sucesses people have had with what medications?
  22. Just noticed this growth on both sides of one of my silver dollars. It is raised and quite large. This has only appeared in the last week after being transferred to their new tank. Can anyone advise on what it is and how to treat. Thanks Dave
  23. Hi all, have recently got a Geo surinemensis off a guy and found that it has 2 small holes in the head (above the left eye). Asked the seller and was told the they have them (the holes) since he bought it from a shop. But today I see fungus on one of the hole (scar) . Have put methylene blue in the tank now and what else can i do. Thanks in advance.
  24. hey guys, i just got some gobies from wholesaler this arvo and when i picked them up i had a look thru the bag i noticed the male had fungus on his head. i tried to call wholesaler to tell them it was BS but it was too late and they had closed for the week. so now i have no option but to try and get him better.. im wondering what the best way to treat him is..? ive got a bottle of fungus cure but havent resorted to that yet as ive read to try salt before trying strong meds.. i have put him in a hospital tank dosed up with salt and the temp is on 29 degrees. does that sound good?? is there anything else anyone can recommend? thanks in advance {edit mod}
  25. As many of you know this happend to be a week ago: http://qldaf.com/modules.php?name=Forum ... pic&t=1250 since then i have been getting this strange fur like hairy stuff on the glass They are about 3-4mm in length and about 1cm spaced apart. They look like the things that grow on the stem of sum flowers. I have used a magnet cleaner and get rid of them and every time i do a gravel vac they come back without fail. What should i do?
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