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  1. So I picked up an fx5 last week and the hoses have been cut to short to reach my tank but I don't really want to pay $50 a hose for the genuine ones has anyone else on here used anything else to make it work? Let me know
  2. Hey guys just picked up an fx5 tonight and was wondering what media would be best to use in it for my 5x2x3 has a single mangrove jack in it want to know what would be best?
  3. Hey everybody Chris here, I purchased a second hand fx5 today it came with media in it but I was wanting to put some fresh stuff in it.. I just wanted to ask everybody what they use and how the have their fx5's set up. cheers Chris,
  4. Hi All, I have a 4ft tank with an old Jabao external filter which runs a bit rough, even stops for 5 seconds sometimes and then restarts! I'm thinking an fx5 would be good, or is it a bit too much? Any thoughts? Cheers.
  5. Hi guys, i am am looking for some aftermarket hose to fit my fx5 filter. I am not a fan of the fluval hose as it is ribbed inside and collects a lot of gunk. i have plumbed 2 fx5s into the base of my 6x2x2 build and I am in need of a good flexible hose that doesn't kink to fit over 25mm hose tail barbs that I have on the bulkhead fittings in the Base of my tank. if anyone has some ideas or opinions I would love to hear them, thanks in advance! Chris
  6. Need a new impeller by the looks. Pretty pricey. Anybody got a good online supplier? Don't care if its ex. O.S Thanks guys
  7. Just wondering how everyone with FX5's have there media set up as a mate of mine brought a tank with one set up on it. At the moment it is set up like this from top to bottom Basket 1 Blue Bio Balls Basket 2 Noodles and Basket 3 Matrix in it at the moment and was thinking of getting rid of the Bio Balls and Noodles and replacing them with Marine Pure Spheres and leaving the Matrix in Basket 3 any thought would be great
  8. I haven't used a canister before and just wondering if it matters if all the fish poo gets sucked into my fx5? Am I better off raising the inlet up off the bottom and syphoning the poo away with a hose? Cheers Ryan
  9. Anyone know who sells Fluval FX5 Lid Fasteners on the coast or north brisbane? In desperate need before the weekend so i can't order online!!
  10. So it's been a while since I cleaned the fx5 ,it was still flowing strong but now she is twice as strong Enjoy the gunk After a bit of a clean I'll sort this out some other day
  11. Hello, I was wondering what the best setup for the FX5 filter is? I have African Cichlids in a 800x1200x400 tank. Its on display as you you enter my home, so i would really love to build my filter the best i can that will last a while before i have to clean or change certain elements. What media should i use from bottom / middle / top. I have had problems in the past with the filter stopping on a regular basis, at the moment i am running on ceramic rings/noodles, bio balls, and the supplied filter pads. The water is not clear anymore?? I have used macropore and that seemed to help quite a lot, but i was wondering is there any other methods to keep the water healthy, crystal clear for my fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot Craig
  12. Jumped the gun whilst at bunnings today and bought 25mm PVC pipe but got home and clearly it's not 25mm wondering what size it is? I know I could just disconnect it from my tank and measure it but I'm sure someone would know, also any advice as to where to buy the PVC pipe in black as bunnings only carries orange and cream Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hey all. About a week ago my Fluval Fx5 has started screwing up. It is pumping water but it is pulsing, high flow, stop, high flow, stop. This makes the hose shake. Every now and then it will just shut down completely for a minute or two. Then it will start up again doing the same thing. Today I took it out and cleaned it, pumping water the reverse way through the pump section in case something had got stuck. When I went to go plug it in, it did the exact same thing. Has anyone else had this problem with the Fluval or another canister filter? Thanks guys .
  14. g'day. I am setting up a new 2nd hand set-up atm.... I hooked up the fluval fx5, it coughed up a few bubbles and than ran sweet. after about 5min it stopped flowing, after another 5min it started again.... Is this normal?? obviously I don't have a manual and I am a FX5 virgin... all feedback appreciated. cheers
  15. iv had a fx5 that whent bad on me so I looked into getting a new motor for it as it would be cheaper than a new pump . since the release of fx6 I wondered if a 6 can be put on a 5 ,so whent down to [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] and ben ordered me a new motor . so after getting home to day I just had to see if it would fit ,so here are the pics and info the boxes label was a good sign that it would work out of box 1 new fx6 motor side by side ,you can see very different size housings the smaller size housing makes it a lot simpler to screw up all done in under 2 min going strong 1 more small change and we are done so yes fx6 motor on to a old fx5 can be done very eazy, thanks AoA
  16. 1 of my fx5's has been playing up real bad ,stop-starting ,changing flow . So thort I was up for a new motor so I turned it of cleaned every thing and took the motor of ready to go buy a new one and found this Cleaned it out and put the hole pump back together and presto!!! Working just fine ! Score $200 I now have for something else Nice to save $'s
  17. Hi all I have 2 fx5 filters that have had issues with micro bubbles After exhaustive tests I found air leaking into the filter from the top taps where they slide onto the lid. The rubber rings fail to seal air 100% when they're dry so I lubed the orings with a smear of ky jelly and reattached the taps and no bubbles! Media wasn't the problem, just dry (6 months old filter) orings I know others have had similar issues so I thought I'd pass this on in case it helps
  18. i have a problem with my filter it runs for two minutes then it stops i turn it off then on two minutes later it stops again this happen over and over again any ideas
  19. has anyone on here had drama's with the fluval fx5's pumping micro air-bubbles into your set-ups ??? first question would be how did you fix this issue ? i've had one do it previously and contacted the rep and the whole canister was replaced other than that...... second question would be, how long can my fish last in a tank that has micro air-bubbles? is it doing more damage than good working like this... any previous experiences/tips greatly appreciated, currently have a few fx5's and seriously considering switching to the eheim 2260 canisters as im tired of this drama.
  20. so from what i understand, i must turn the valve counter clockwise to remove with a little bit of a wiggle, but first things first, how easy are these valves to replace, has anyone had this issue ??? have done minimal research on this topic and found the most common fault is in the O rings, mine is actually dripping from the valve "twist" thing itself, any previous experience, heads up, tips, locations for purge valves greatly appreciated currently have 4x fx5 canisters and this is a FIRST, damn fluval.
  21. I can hear water running in my fx5 it's pretty loud, any suggestions?
  22. Hi all! I just got my hands on a 2nd hand fluval fx5. Going to be setting up for peacock bass in my 4x2x2. Just wanted to get some ideas on how I should stack the trays. Tank set up is in our living room and the media I will be using is Mr Aqua Biological filter media. All tips would be greatly appreciated. Will I need to run polishing pads fx5 round blue sponge? Will I need to run any other stuff like bio balls, carbon? Thanks Smokin
  23. Hi I was wondering if any FX5 owners on here have added a UV sterilizer to their FX5's? Does anyone know of a good low wattage UV sterilizer that would go with the FX5? The reason for wanting a UV is that i have setup a 6x2x2 with 3 large pieces of of driftwood in the tank, tank has just cycled and has been running for about 6 to 8 weeks now. I have noticed the water is cloudy, sort of like a milky colour from day dot up until now. I have tried Accuclear, The seachem equivalent , carbon and Purigem to no avail. Because i have fish in the tank(Only small ones) while cycling i was doing a water change every second day but the water is still the same, i have heard its more than likely the driftwood leaching but could be something else. It was suggested that a UV sterilizer will clear up any bacteria issues Any thoughts?
  24. Need to get a new cannister filter and was thinking id grab a fx5 I remember a sponsor on here had them for a pretty good price just cant remember who ??? Can any one point me in the right direction thanks all
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