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Found 14 results

  1. Tank is 58 Gallon 130x38x45cm 222L empty, so will be less with Sub and planted. How many Angelfish and Pearl Gouramis fit? 1x Angel 3x Pearl 1M/2F Or 2 -4 Angel 2x pearl with 1x Pictus Catfish 5x Julii Cory 5 x Kuhli loach maybe some Glass shrimp?? Happy to loose the loachs if needed.... and shrimp (i know the angels may eat them) Cheers
  2. Hey all... I have a 180G 60 x 24 x 30 tall...drilled tank ....I was thinking about putting african cichlids in it..but when doing gravel cleaning and water change today on my 75G african cichlid tank there was so much poop around the rocks (of which there are a lot) I realised that doing this with a 30" tall would be problematic....I also have south and central american cichlids for which I will be purchasing a 6x2x2 for...they were going to go into 180G but I think they need more horizontal swimming room... My brother is trying to get me to turn the 180G into a discus and tetra and corydora playground...an amazonian biotope ..plants only on surface - water sprite, black water,almond leaves, driftwood, sand, rocks...I have another tank which I was planning on using as a sump refugium under this one which is around 60G.. I am guessing that a 30 tall would be difficult to light sufficiently to have as a low maintenance planted tank...unless you could raise up the floor/substrate??....and so for water health thought a refugium might be the way to go... I know that discus require a bit more care than other cichlids..and I would not be getting them (around 6-8 discus) until tank was well and truly established and running for at least 4 months...and I was confidant that I have learnt enough about discus....but before I make a commitment to go in this direction can I have your ideas or thoughts. ...what would really rock your boat if my 180G was yours? What would you put in it and why? Thanx all.
  3. Hi guys, Found this on the forums of simply discus an incredible filtration system, never seen anything like it. New 300 gallon high tech planted Discus tank - Build Journal Cheers
  4. Well I have been building this tank over the last 6 weeks or so, and I think it has come a long way since I started. It is a 70L Blue Planet "Starter" Aquarium, extensively modified beyond "starter". It is approximately 58cm long, 43cm high and 32 cm deep (backwards). It was always going to be a hassle to scape it because of the height and depth, but I wanted a challenge. Originally I decided to get back into the hobby as a bit of exactly that - a hobby. But it has become quite the money pit as I have found more and more ways to pour money into getting exactly what I want out of a tank. I am probably a great example for people out there who do/buy things on impulse, and it always costs more in the long-run. As it sits now I am on my 3rd lighting system, and I am still not 100% happy with it. There is a lot of intensity coming from 3 x 40cm high output LEDs, but I want to get some cree actinic blue LEDs in there while I am on holidays from studying. I don't think there is enough light penetration all the way down. I have pressurised CO2 injected from a Red Sea Pro CO2 injection system, with a highly efficient diffuser and my bubble count approaching 1.5 bubbles per second to keep me in the "green". I have no fertile substrate (which I really regret) and just have black gravel to a depth of probably 3 inches. If I had my time again / when I re-do this tank I will certainly use an enriched substrate, because I currently have to remember to fertilise twice or three times a week with liquid ferts (flourish comprehensive) or my plants go yellow and yuck. Livestock wise I have gone 8 Rummy-nose tetras, 4 purple harlequin rasboras, 5 golden white-cloud mountain fish, 8 neon tetras and an albino long-fin bristlenose. There's also two red cherry shrimp I couldn't catch to move to my shrimp tank and a whole bunch of unwanted snails I eagerly "extract" when I spot them in the open. My plant list is too long for me to list right now, and I can't even remember exactly what I have. I am more interested in making sure my mosses and HC thrive, which I hope they do soon because they are a huge part of my "dream tank" goal. Anyway here is a picture, enjoy.
  5. hello fishkeepers and discus fanatics, i have a few photo's on the display tank i built and setup thats now for sale reluctantly. the blue turqs i had were one of the first fish i ever owned and had them for nearly 4 years along with many of others along the way :-) hope you enjoy 48x20x20 with 3d background raw mdf satin canopy with tip on lid canopy panels sprayed and drying on rack close up on tip-on lid tip-on lid released open sesame hagen glo t5 kit installation hagen glo transformer power on with reflectors showing what there for substrate heating added sand and substrate added filling it up the easy way without clouding the water
  6. Hi all, I'm looking at setting up a 5 gallon planted tank. I'm going to set it up with low light plants as I want to keep the lighting costs minimal. What would be a good cheap lighting option for a tank 1 ft long and where would I be best to source it from? As far as filtration I have a small internal filter but have read that a sponge filter could be better as it keep the babies (assuming that my shrimp breed) safe. I would rather not use one as I've always heard they're no good and I would have thought that the plants would provide enough shelter from the filter. I want to spend some time cycling my tank before introducing any shrimp but when the time comes are there any people here living in the redland area who would be interested in selling some shrimp? Those are the main questions that I'm wondering at the moment. Any other tips would be great (eg hardy plants that would be suitable for this type of setup) Thanks in advance for all of your advice, Asdfyuiop
  7. Started up a NANO REEF TANK About 4weeks ago now. Tank Dimensions - 36cmL x 22cmW x 25cmH Lighting - 14000K CFL Hydroponic Light Filtration - Internal Power Filter 500L/HR with Sponge n Phosgaurd - 3kg of live rock - 2.5kgs of live coral sand So the Tank is now Fully cycled.. No Ammonium No Nitrate Phos 0.03pm PH 8.2 Temp 26 degrees So Im wondering what to start off with now... I saw a very nice looking Tomato Clownfish So I'm thinking one of him... And a Medium Sized Frogspawn prehaps? THOUGHTS??? IDEAS????
  8. hey guys, i just need some advice. A mate of my fathers builds fish tanks for a living and has offered to build me a 48'x24x18 tank for $160. Is this a good price? I was also wondering what filtration and lighting etc would i need in this tank and other gear i would need to house one oscar and a albino bristlenose. let me know thanks
  9. gday ...I have a 6 foot 135 galllon tank with 2 Oscars at the moment and I would like to move to some less aggresive fish: like Angelfish and a lot of plants....need your help guys - can I keep 6 angelfish ? - 3 BN ? - 30 cardinal tetra ? - what alse ??????? - also what plants are best for Angelfish Thank you
  10. Hi, Im reasonably new to this hobby I have been keeping fish for only 6 months but they have all been going along just fine and dandy, I am interested in having a go at breeding maybe a species of dwarf cichlid or something like that I only have room for a 2ft tank at the moment and my big tanks are full of fishies that want to eat little ones! so they are out of the question. I know it will be a bit more challenging to use the smaller tank but I think that's just another reason why this hobby is so rewarding! any advice would be greatly appeciated. Thanks. Brendan
  11. I did a bit of a rescape on the tank and added more rocks this time round. It was quite an adventurous task as I did it with the tank full of water. My daughters snorkelling mask came in handy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXD-99CNcp4
  12. [yt:1kivcsas]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlCIghpZJT4&hl=en_US&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlCIghpZJT4&hl=en_US&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/yt:1kivcsas] or here's the link if you would like to watch in 480p expanded.
  13. I have a 5 gallon that I want to put dwarf cichlids in. I was going to go for shellies but i want a planted tank. I really like the cockatoos but they definately get to big and aggressive. Could I keep a single male and sone dithers? I hear they can live longer if they don't breed and deffend territories. The filter is a aqua world 150 and I have a 25 watt heater. It will be planted but I woont dose many ferts as I would like to use up as much of the fish waste as possible. Of course I will still have to do water changes though. Would this work? Matt
  14. I have been thinking how i want to filter my two tier 125s. At the moment I am either going to make some large glass or acrylic air driven filters. or do something along these lines with what i have lying around. My main concern is the 1200lph canister not really being able to handle the height of the top tank which is 157cm from the ground the other power head is only 1200lph aswell. Does it look like it will work? Cheers Jaicob.
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