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Found 7 results

  1. Does anyone know about red eyed red swords genetics? If I put an albino over a red how likely is the mutation? Has anyone seen a red eyed red sword?
  2. I have a Female Rhadinocentrus rainbow that I was breeding with ( not at present though ) This female throws about 5 in 100 red tailed females ( very unusual ) she also throws 1/2 of the females ( almost exactly ) with a congenital defect in the caudal fin but otherwise healthy fish ( feeders , I am sad to say ) All of her male Fry are normal ( 50% half Red 50% red tail ) The male fry from her are the best coloured ones I have . Is there anyway of knowing if the male offspring from her will carry the congenital defect as a recessive gene . Or is the defect solely in the X Chromosome . I only went to year 12 ( no uni ) so a little over my head . I would like to breed the Half red males back with the red tailed females to produce a population with half red males and red tail females but without congenital defects . Just a note - I am also breeding a colony that is just a random selection of multiple colour morphs ( pretty much just like in the swamp )
  3. AAB-coppergenetics Thought this might be interesting for some.
  4. Just looking into attempting my first breeding of bettas and while he's nothing super fancy (I adore him though) I'd love to use my veil tail male, Hawkeye. I've started reading up on genetics, I have a firm grasp on requirements for breeding but I'm completely lost myself in colour and fin genetics and where to go from here. First, I need to find Hawkeye a nice girlfriend. To do this, I need to get an idea of what HIS colours are so I can find/source a suitable female. I was wondering if anyone had ideas on what colours he'd be (I know he's orange base, but I'm not sure about all the overlying colours he has and how they play in when choosing a female to breed with) and suggestions on nice girls to keep my eyes open for? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hi, I am about to breed one of my blue angelfish with a veiltail angel to try and create some veiltail blues... my question is what strain/colour of veiltail would be best to cross with the blue to maintain to blue colour of the fry? i know not all of the fry will be blue and/or veiltail so i want to maximize the potential number of blue veils by choosing the best partner. i have the following veils to choose from: golden, silver, or koi marble if there is another colour varient that would be best i can try to track that type down as well so i was wondering if anyone knows what genes are mordominant, or what genes would produce the most number of quality blue colours. thanks for your help
  7. Its been funny been working with cichlids for a long time and thought about the genetics alot. I quite often see ads for fish from 2 blood sources. After a long thought session and studying on various groups of cichlids eg peacocks, tropheus even mbuna this come into play. All our African lake cichlids are from various locations in the lakes. These various locations give us different colour morphs. But are we looking at this right when we say we have sourced 2 diferent boodlines. Ok we have bought from 2 diferent breeders or states in Australia but are they really 2 different bloodlines. When we look at lets say maleri gold peacocks they are from the same location we all know that the earth is thousands/millions of years old. So how can a fish from one location that has say been there for thousands of years have different bloodlines. Would after this period of time all the combinations of lineage in those fish not have been bred through. given you less varius bloodlines if not the exact same bloodlines. We blame poor colour and deformities on breeding to close of lineage, but what if they are already too close when wild caught. Whose to say the wild caught fish are the identical lineage to those in our aquariums. Also lets look at it this way poor colour is more than often a result of choosing the wrong breeding stock and not being selective with our broodstock to start with. What about deformities once again this could be contributed to poor quality broodstock, or not enough water changes, lack of calcium in the water, wrong food size when young, bad food quality when young, not enough calcium content in the food we feed not enough natural light for our fry as they grow, and maybe just maybe not enough natural foods as our fry grow. But I believe that these be more reasonable explanations than the blood linaeage of our fish. Try looking at the tetras most are from loacation specific regions and once again thousands of years of breeding would more than likely drop the number of different bloodlines through the generations. In the wild who is to say that brother and sister are not breeding together after all they choose the stronger, brighter fish to breed with to give the best possible start for their fry. Just would like to hear of thoughts on this theory. Give you guys something to think about.
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