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Found 41 results

  1. got a pair breeding still got 2 more to pair up I hope
  2. Hey guys, I've been keeping SA Cichlids for a while now, currently have a 6x2x2 of mid-to-large specimens, but I'm looking to switch things up and am considering an Eartheater tank instead. Never kept Eartheaters before so looking for some advice. For starters, what substrate do I need and where should I get it? I see pool filter sand mentioned a lot, are there any particular brands that have nice dark colours as I assume these fish are much like most others in that their colours "pop" more against dark backgrounds/substrates. Do these guys have any preference for filtration/flow levels? I've got a 4200lp/h pump going on the tank at the moment which keeps the water crystal clear even with my big Americans, but I've read Eartheaters prefer slightly lower flow. What kind of tank decorations work with these guys? Do they prefer the thinner, tangled driftwood pieces or will they be perfectly happy with the more standard large pieces of driftwood? What about plants - obviously nothing that roots in the substrate, but how do anubias and java fern go when tied to wood? One of the reasons I want to switch out my species is that my current Americans destroy any greenery I put in the tank so it makes it very hard to decorate. Finally, stocking: I'll be aiming for about 6 Red Head Tapajos to start with because they seem to be a fan favourite and they do look really nice, but I also really like the look of the Heckelii and the Altifrons. Guessing I couldn't keep all three types in a single 6x2x2 though. Also dither fish - what works well, what gets eaten? Any advice from more seasoned eartheater owners welcome.
  3. As the title says has anyone used this stuff as filter media and what results have you had
  4. Hi all, i can across this pic today and want to know if they are real or photoshop. If they are real is there any chance of them being in oz? Cheers mick Photo credit to where it's due lol
  5. Im a fan of the Geos and i just happened to come across these guys while internet wave catchin.... 2 varieties that I hadnt seen or didnt know about and have to say...nice fish... Im guessing they are not here...if they are :eyebrows: do share!! This guy here is my favourite I have to say and I reckon its the sexiest variety Ive seen.. Geophagus Winemilleri.. And then these guys.... Geophagus Dicrozoster... And as I mentioned..if you know of any around i am very interested especially the Geo.Winemilleri !!
  6. So just a quick update. Been trying to add other pics but for some reason it won't let me. Here are a couple if snaps from the phone so far. Current community 5 x orange head tapajos 5 x bleeding hearts 3 x harlequin rasboras 4 x clown loach 2 x long nose whiptails
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. hi all , just after a bottle of GEO LIQUID..the shop i normally buy it from has run out, and im very happy with the stuff..thankyou
  9. ok im just asking this for a mate i got a pm saying my geo has a red bum hole what do you guys think, it only happen today i think do you think it could be worms whats the wormer called..... big L all wormer i dont know what it could be please help
  10. still a few more
  11. Geophagus Altifron (tocantin) Araguaia Different tank Thought that i would give it ago first time fish photographing.
  12. Hey, Well you might remember my 4ft geo tank I recently setup? http://www.qldaf.com/vbb/showthread.php?34306-Marty-s-4ft-Geo-Tank&highlight=marty%27s I went on my honeymoon for 2 weeks and left my brother to look after my tanks. He went and did a water change a week in and all fine. Did everything as per my instructions I left for him, came back a few days later to feed them and found all the fish in my 4ft dead....... Opened my front door to a horrible smell and you can guess what the water was like! So you can guess how upset I was (and still am) when I arrived home to an empty tank... I lost my 7 new geo orange 4 of which had paired up and had free swimming fry when I left, 6 good size pep bn's, a pair of wc a.biteaniatas plus some pencilfish. The annoying thing is my 100+ angel fry and 15 apisto inka 50 fry were all fine, I was expecting for some of them not to make?! So now where from here? I dont know if I will start again or shut it down for good?? I put sooo much time, effort AND Money and to just lose it all like that is very hard. Anyway thanks for reading, hope you all had a great xmas and have an awesome 2011!!! Cheers Marty
  13. Hey guys Bought this Geo from one of the forum members yesterday. It was sold to me as a brachybranchus but one of the other forum members mentioned that it may not be this species. I don't care what species it is, he is a nice looking fish no matter what. Just wondered out of curiousity. Anyone who has an idea please let me know. I have a few suspicions but would like to hear other peoples opinions as I am new to keeping Geo's.
  14. Hey guys I have a 6x2x2ft tank. Obviously wanting to put some geo's in the tank. Picked up my first Geo today which is a Brachybranchus approx 15cm Would like to get a small colony of orange heads and altifrons. Would these get along ok? Would the tank accomodate this many fish without looking crowded? Filtration is not a problem just don't want to overcrowd the tank. Thanks
  15. Hey, Just thought I post a few pics of my newly setup 4ft Geo tank. Tank: Standard 200L 4ft 1200 l/h canister 3 x 54w t5 ligth (only running 2 x 10,000k tubes) River sand subtrate Current stock: 10 Golden Pencilfish 1 Pair blue rams 1 Pair WC A.Biteaniata (Yellow) 3 Panda corys Stock still to come: Geophagus sp. "Tapajos Orange Head" (Pick up on the weekend) Blank canvas FTS just after setup Any comments or advice would be great! Thanks for looking
  16. Hey all, I'm babysitting a couple fish for a mate who's Uncle passed n now has to sell his fish. I need to identify this fish n price it accordingly. I think it's a Geo but no idea wat sort? It is 12-13cm long. Thanks Tim
  17. wood a 4x18x18 be to small to keep geo's in. seen some pics of them an they are lovely fish. but just wasnt sure on tank size an wat they are like keeping
  18. Hey all, I'm soon moving to Brisbane and plan on keeping south American eartheaters. I'm a newbie when it Comes to eartheaters. I've reasearched for months but there is one question I just can't seem to find an answer to: how to lower ph plus raise kh. I've never had to lower ph before, only raise it. I want to provide the best environment for my geos and don't believe that having a ph that that they will survive in, but not thrive in because it's to high is acceptable. From what I have read Brisbane city tap water has a ph of approx 8. So if I get the ph down to about 6.5 - 7, my kh will drop. And if I get my kh to a desired level, my ph will rise. So how do I lower a ph to about 7 and raise the kh to at least 4? I will be using driftwood and roots as a buffer but when I do a water change the ph would fluctuate. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just can't figure it out. Thanks to everyone who can offer some insight. Calum
  19. I got a pair of Geophagus brachybranchus on Friday, two days later in their new home there is now eggs on top of one of my pieces of slate. I'm just after some general advice and tips on how to sucessfully keep the eggs/fry alive. These are my first Americans so I'm not really too sure on what to do. So far all i have done is move my internal filter so its outlet is about 5cm above the eggs. If they sucessfully hatch and become free swimming, will i have to remove them from the parents? (Will the parents eat the babies?) Any other help or advice would be wonderful! Thanks! Brenton PS. The Pair are on their own in a 3x18x20. Temp is about 27C.
  20. Hey Guys, Just curiouse to know what you feed your Geo's, have recently bought some, all is well and they are feeding happily on Brine shrimp, 0.8mm pellets and occasional bloodworms. Just thought i'd see what other proven feed i could give them. Pete
  21. What is the growth rate of Geo Altifrons? Also I have read they grow to 12" does this sound right? when they say 12" are they talking about to the tip of the fin extensions?
  22. hey i will be getting 6 geo altifrons 5-7 cm one of the Tocantins variants not sure which one tho. But in the mean time they are going into a 3x18x18 will this be ok for a few months?
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