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Found 18 results

  1. I was just curious on how these particular fish were bread. From what I have researched they come from calicos or albinos but I can not find a definite answer. I know some people here in Aus are trying to breed them I was just wondering how.
  2. Hi guys i just bought this pair of GBRs and I was wondering the one on the left in the photo is he/she even a true ram or some sort of hybrid? Also if you help me properly sex them as these are the first ones I've owned. I don't which ones which but I think I have a male and female. (I'm adding in lots of plants tomorrow to satisfy them)
  3. I believe [MENTION=15893]The[/MENTION]german has won a top prize at the Ekka for a Tang entry. Congrats Steve.
  4. AQUARIUM DEPARTMENT GERMAN PRE-ORDER LIST Hey guys, we have a sneek peak of some great stock from Germany click the link and check it out. http://www.petcity.com.au/?German%20Pre-Order%20List;Info;1592 Just follow the instructions in the link and Enable Editing to fill out the form. Tangy
  5. The latest Giesemann Futura-S Led's have hit Australia in both Marine & Tropic Individually programmable and dimmable colour channels on a per-module basis Available in 2/3/4/5/6 module sizes Up to 4320 programmable set points over the light period Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth The smallest version already has 10 individually programmable and dimmable colour channels on a per-module basis Loss-free secondary optics narrow-angle/wide-angle Made in Germany 2 year warranty LINK TO TECHNICAL DATA ON FUTURA-S LED MARINE & TROPIC Pure White in Colour. Other Colours available on request. Please contact sales@aquariumproducts.com.au for pricing / availability. Unique to the FUTURA-S is the ability to adjust levels on a 'per-module' basis, meaning that different light saturation levels may be programmed for different areas within the same aquarium dependent on the stock requirements in that particular area. Experiences of more than 20 years With more than 20 years of experience and product development, we were able to raise the quality of light from LED lighting to a new level. Precision is important to us: the light-emitting diodes used are highly color stable and guarantee a homogeneous and clear color perception. In addition to the high light output and a balanced distribution of light, our systems offer a long service life and avoid any maintenance. High end components LED - "light emitting diodes" - are even electronic components and need, as well as all other types of lamps, in the form of an electronic control gear. The in-house development of electronic modules gives us the freedom in the design of form and function and the ability to respond quickly to innovative changes. With its own board layout, equipped exclusively with carefully selected CREE® LED, GIESEMANN guarantees optimal light output and color rendition. Maximum life by perfect temperature management Design measures to keep the LED modules in the uncritical temperature range. Every one of our LED lamps is fitted with high-capacity microcontrollers that, in addition to the function control, monitor the internal operating temperature of the LED. Sophisticated cooling elements combined with an electronically controlled active cooling ensure operation under ideal conditions. Only they can provide their high performance over the entire operating time. Intelligent light network The integrated networking of our lighting systems generated from individual light modules, an intelligent lighting network. Only with the hardware and software of the light control system allows to exploit the potential of LED technology fully. All luminaires and lighting control components from GIESEMANN contain their own microprocessors in order to appropriate programs to realize the so-called firmware, all kinds of functions. Therefore, in addition to our lighting technicians and electricians and computer scientists are among the development team. Useful functions instead of useless gimmicks In the development of LED lighting for aquariums, it is the same as everywhere: innovations benefit not alone - they must be meaningful. Means for driving the LED, for example: not increased GIESEMANN just going to continue the current consumption of each LED - we make sure that every technological advance brings a noticeable improvement. With our lighting systems, you can feel the difference in every respect, the highest power output and long life of each light point. Optimum light output Even with the best LEDs on the market is able to benefit even more - if you have the right technologie: our driver technology optimizes light output, color and power of each LED - without harming the material. * System requirements: Android 3.0 or higher (recommended), WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8 or Apple Mac OS X; Bluetooth. Priced from $1799.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Giesemann Futura LED's Ben
  6. Hey if got any tips on sexing Blue Rams just leave a comment or if you have German Blue Rams FS, PM me
  7. Anyone know how to apply a translation program? http://www.dcg-online.de/encyclopedia/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/2010-05-Seite-98-108.pdf
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. My german blue rams have been laying eggs for a while now but the eggs wouldn't hatch or got eaten, I had one spawn that actually hatched and I left them with the parents unfortunately that didn't work, by morning they were all gone. When they laid their eggs this time I immediately put up a divider to the rest of the tank and kept an eye out for hatching. Today I found wrigglers with the parents, I isolated them into a container floating in the tank and put an airstone in. I have vinegar eels are these ok to feed in the first few days until they are big enough for the bbs? Is there anything else that I should do. Appreciate any advice as I am still feeling my way through fishkeeping. Some pics of the rams and wrigglers. http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l491/Lyn1961/German%20Blue%20Rams%20Breeding/P1290316.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l491/Lyn1961/German%20Blue%20Rams%20Breeding/P1290321.jpg
  10. Problem:- Have had 5 rams and am now down to one, they seem to get some sort of breathing problem and die shortly after (3-4days). have had resident Tapajos in there with them not causing stress either. As well as rummy nose tetra that have stunning coloration. fish initially took around 2weeks before first death and onset of others deaths.. very meticulous with the tank and have no idea what is going wrong. suitable habitat, parameters, food. please help! Ph:- 6.7-7 Ammonia:- 0ppm (API tests) Nitrate:- 0ppm Nitrite:- 0ppm Gh:- (unsure, Gold coast water supply and i also use a water softener pillow) ((presumably low, no calcium build ups)) Kh:- ^^ Size of tank:- 1.2m x .38m x .28 (standard 4foot) Temperature °C:- 27-28 Been running for:- approx 1 year Filtration:- external canister 750L/h with UV sterilizer Fish in tank:- 4 tapajos F1, 4 rummynose, 4 lap eye tetra, 1 german blue Plants in Tank:- log, amazon swords, anubius, banana lily, maple leaf litter. Feeding:- 3 times a day Spectrum, Spectrum Thera +, Hikari (i blend them all together) and blood worms Recent Medication Treatments: Used a Pimafix dosage about a month ago when first two rams died, thought possible bacterial infection. Use prime for dechlor, no plant chems... Last water change: 3days ago Water change every week or twice weekly if i can be bothered perhaps they were just dodgy? i really have no idea and am open to all questions/possible reasons for their death.
  11. Great to see the natural habitat. Only one pleco though. Aquanet.TV
  12. Just wondering is it worth spending the money and buying german breed peacocks to use for breeding ?
  13. After seeing the title:- FS Breeding colony of F1 german imported blue dolphin's Had a bit of think about and what did the German influence have.....other than a holiday stopover. offsprings of wild caught fishes. which is designated by F0. that is how far they are removed from the wild. if i remember correctly someone posted something like F0 + F0 = F1 F0 + F1 = F1 F1 + F1 = F2 and so on.... So what's the big deal? Two wild caught fish went to Germany had young and were sent to Australia... Did they do some sort of line breeding to improve the fish...nope. They are F1. Granted some of the German bred fish are nice but I think there are a lot more suckers than sincere. Correct me if I am wrong but F1 will be good no matter where they are from and will have no difference if the water conditions are good.
  14. Got this nice shot tonight.... dirty glass and all its a really nice shot i'm guessing that's a female in the background.... the one in front is the dominant male cheers
  15. Got a few german blue rams not long ago of Sloany (thanks mate) and they have really settled in well. here is the dominant male they are cute and feisty little buggers! cheers Matt
  16. Hey i have noticed that a whole heap of rams from about mar 09 the first batch was good still have the rams from that but ever since all the "german" rams i got have developed bloody ulcers and strange infection. most ppl that bought them reported back they died got real skinny and died or got red sores the last one i had that died wondering why, so i disected him finding white growths on his liver and some other parts of his organs. According to one of my book it points to TB. The supplier stoped selling these rams i think they found out the tb was bieng passed on the genes maybe. Only expanation i can think of. The Supplier has them in stock again but dont think they are german i have been looking around to find the same quality colour and fin size of the Tb affected fish and have had no luck so i am very dissapointed. Has any one else had problems with blue rams or any similar issues with disease?
  17. My German Blue Rams have spawned and the fry have just hatched today. I've only had them for about 4 weeks and this is the second time that they have spawned. The first lot all got fungus. Not sure how many there are as they have moved them into a hollow log. Here's hoping that they survive.
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