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Found 26 results

  1. has anyone on here bred them or know of someone who has or where i can find any info on the subject??? or does anyone have any for sale also......... Cheers Christo
  2. well i got a tank today and came with a gkf but sadly it doesnt agree with my albino bn so im wondering what they go for as im going to have to sell it. its around 15cm maybe a little more
  3. Hi can someone please tell me if Black knife Ghost fish are compatible with African Cichlids?
  4. Have a nice selection of wood available. Ghost Wood:- For an aged weathered look. These pieces have spent years exposed to the harsh weather conditions of the Californian Mountains and Deserts. $59 Less you QLDAF discount. Mekong River Driftwood:- Hand picked along the river edges ot the exotic Mekong River in Vietnam. Used by Takashi Amano in some of his aquascapes. $10 less your QLDAF discount. Gold Vine:- Found in Mongolia this vine is paper smooth with intricate branching and fascinating beauty. Nano $13 Small $22 Medium $29 Top piece in picture is Ghost Wood and below on the shelves is Mekong Gold Vine This is how good it looks once submerged in a tank.
  5. hi all has anyone heard of ghost driftwood if so how much would a 4ft piece be worth asking for a friend we no nothing About driftwood TIA
  6. Hi all, just wanted to share with my newest addition. I'm not one for naming fish ( have to many) but I refer to him as The Boy! No idea what sex he is lol. He's quite large, I've put him into the 3 ft, but may have to move him to the 4 ft until I get the 6 ft up and running. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Sorry, not the best shots, just getting him acclimatised.
  7. Hi All, I have a black ghost knife fish and i am trying to think of a name for it. All suggestions will be appreciated Kind Regards, Cameron
  8. Hi Guys, I'm a beginner so please be gentle. Just looking for some Ghost Shrimp to go in a new Aquarium with Guppies. Local stores don't seem to have any for sale. Where can I get some? I'm in Bellmere about 40 minutes north of Brisbane. Thanks
  9. Hes got bigger and has decided he likes to suck the eyeballs out of large swords and developed a taste for rummy nose hes fed blackworm , flake , bloodworm and even helps himself to cucumber so he is fed pretty well.i know they are nocturnal hunters ,was thinkin clown loaches, silver sharks gouramis(not sure about dwarfs) bristle nose, angels .not all just options ,any other suggestions would be appreciated
  10. Hey... Went for a drive to Darra today and Aquariums Beyond (near the train station) have some jardini saratogas, two pretty big ghost knives (awesome fish!) and some red tail giant gourami's. I'm jealous about the knives but don't have the bucks for it right now.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Nice to meet you all, Big fan of your discussions but first time poster (please be gentle I've seen many comments made about keeping ghost shrimp/glass shrimp/grass shrimp with guppies and the risk that guppy fry may be eaten. The problem is that there are many different types of shrimp referred to as above, American species e.t.c. I have captured some glass shrimp (pretty sure that they're Paratya australiensis) in my creek and put them in a tank with my guppy fry to clean up sinking food/waste. These are the same species that are sold on livefish which claims that they are unlikely to harm even the smallest fish. My question is - for people who have bought glass shrimp from livefish or caught their own shrimp in the Brisbane region, do THEIR shrimp eat the fry of livebearers (guppies, platys e.t.c)? Thanks Andrew
  13. I don't own any yet but Lance was recently at a pet shop and they have white ghost knifes for sale.They were about $40 each as apposed to like $10 or $20 for a bgk.Anyway it was rather difficult to find pictures on the internet but i found some and convenient stole them off monster fish keepers who conveniently stole them off another site.
  14. Hi All, I have recently moved a Black Ghost Knife to my larger tank with other fish. In this tank I have a fish that started chasing this (not sure of the name of the fish, something venus?) and I have now noticed that the Knife is missing the end of it's tail. Does anyone know if this will grow back or do I need to take some action on this? The Knife is moving around okay and swimming normally. It has also been the only fish in the tank to successfully share a hiding hole with my Sail Fin Pleco. Also, I have attached a photo of the fish that was chasing the Knife and having a go at it's tail. If any one is able to identify this for me it will be great as this was given to me as an unknown species. This is currently in a 4x1.8x1.8 FT tank on a temporary basis while I setup the new tank form them. Thank you for your help,
  15. hey guys and gals, always wanted a pair of these BGK. Can i put these in with my african cichlids, i have fronnies, yellows, blue dolphins calvus all around the 5cm mark, Thx for your time. Daz
  16. hey mods , kick me outa chat please
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. I love the look of the ghost fish and was wondering if they will eat endlers or there fry or cherry shrimp and if htey are the same water paramounts? and also are they best in groups or individuals ??
  19. Hi, has anyone on this forum bred or know of anyone that has bred black ghost knife fish. I have heard that they wont breed in captivity. Is this true?
  20. Here are some up close and personal photos of my Black Ghost Knife called Dick. He is named after electronic Dick Smith.
  21. I was wondering if any members here know a lot about Black Ghost Knife. I have a new one for a week now, as my 1st one died a while back just after having it just over a week. I am feeding Shilo meal worms in the morning and frozen blood worms in the evening. How do I train Shilo to take the food out of my hands. I really do think I may have starved my 1st one due to not knowing that they did not eat flake food, also it may have been sick when I got it. Also we do put in freeze dried black worms, but he rarely comes out of his cave to get these. I actually feed him thru the holes in his cave his meal worms and frozen blood worms which he goes crazy over. Also how can you tell what sex BGK are. I am calling mine a he, but I just don't know. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can give me on BGK as this is my favourite fish that I totally adore and love. Jane
  22. im wandering if 2 oscars around 12cms in a 4x2x1.8 would be bothered or bother a ghost knife being put in the tank... the ghost knife is about 12cms.....
  23. 2 oscars around 13-15cms in a 4x2x1.8... would long term a ghost knife about the same size be welcome/live in the same tank if introduced? just looking for opinions before i chuck him in thats all...
  24. are ghost knives + an angel compatible? has anyone had any experiences as i am hearing very mixed opinions. thanks! :woohoo:
  25. hey found like white cob webs that have stuck 2 the side of the ghost knife but I have 2 of them in the tank only 1 of them has it stuck 2 it
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