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Found 53 results

  1. looking for juvie giant gouramis
  2. Looking for juvinile giant gourami's???
  3. Hi, Our Giant Gourami is about 24 inches long and 5 years old. He has developed blotches under his skin and appears to have some red in his bowel movement. He is not himself and not eating. We are really concerned and this developed suddenly. Would really appreciate any advice. He is like one of the family. Kindest regards Allice
  4. Could anyone tell male and female apart? I find that is much easier with the other type of guramy as these fish often has pointed dosal fin in both sexes.
  5. Keen to get a couple of these. Anyone prepared to part with one? I'm in western suburbs of Brisbane - happy to travel in general area to pick up.
  6. Hey guys, Recently i bought a 6x2x2 tank as my My Red tail giant gourami (28cm) was gettiing bigger and bigger by the minute, but a few days ago when i was doing a water change in the smaller tank (that he is currently in until the 6ft is up and running) he spooked and bashed against the glass and cut under his jaw on the gravel its been a few days now since it happened an he has healed the cut fine but i noticed that his jaw is slightly bend to his left side is there anything i can do about his jaw like gently popping it back in place or would it fix itself on its own overtime Please help thanks
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to get these legally? I assume they would also need a chiller?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. .Hey everyone, does anyone have any giant glassfish? Looking for some to go in our 6ft. Even if you have some and dont want to part with them, can you post some pics? any info on sourcing them would be great! thanks
  10. Hi all, I am very close to picking up myself a rtgg and will be the first gg iv kept. Firstly I just want to know how well they go on their own (species specific, there will be other fish in the tank). Also are there any plants which they don't eat? I'm looking at adding a few plants to my tank and hoping to find something which it won't eat.
  11. What next? Come One, Come All, to the GPG Breeding Venture! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Aquariaists of all ages! You are about to witness a daring and risky journey – a “pioneering venture into little-known waters" ! Err… got a bit carried away there… sorry First, an explanation. As I mentioned in closing out my first (and only) thread, “Giant Pink Gourami “Baby” updates”, I was really surprised by and appreciative of the interest shown by so many people in what my pack of hoodlum GPGs were up to over the past few years. Having 1,400+ views of a thread after I closed it suggests that I should do what I’m doing here – start another thread You also know that I’m not just ‘collecting’ trophy fish – I fully intend to do what I can with what I have to breed GPGs. There you are – a Mission Statement!! Secondly, Nothing breeding-wise was ever going to happen in a kiddy-wink wading pool. I realise I could be mistaken about this, but I have a feeling that enormous fish probably want a very large amount of room to play in. Hence the “Pool Phase II”, and the intention of using a 10ft swimming pool as the “TOP Pool” for breeding experiments! Thirdly, You can’t do much with just 1 fish (apologies to @JayPee and ‘Walter’ – although did I see 2 other GPGs in one of JayPee’s photos a while back?), so I have been buying Giant Pink Gouramis with not too much concern for $ price. And yes, @th3f0rg0t3n, I may have accumulated a few too many in the past, but I have now stopped. My daughter has threatened to extract $50 out of me for each fish if I buy any more. She doesn't read threads on QLDAF, so little does she know that I now have 20+ Lastly, There will be a plan for all this; just as soon as I sit down and draw one. As @beencees tells me – my plans remind him of Wiley E. Coyote’s brilliant designs to catch The Road Runner. I have had trouble sourcing appropriate “ACME” equipment and tend to rely on eBay instead! This is where we came from... http://www.qldaf.com/forums/monster-rare-exotic-fish-49/giant-pink-gourami-baby-updates-77649/ This is where we are going now... Enjoy the trip
  12. Hi all, I saw a Aquavis 130 in store for the first time today and I was intrigued. I already have a fluval edge - and I love the look they are spectacular tanks - but they are small, and the lighting is not always great for high growth plants. This looked great - and I was wondering if anyone has one yet or could offer some feedback on it? Specifically I'd like to know what its like in terms of oxygen/heat diffusion - it doesnt have the grill/mesh top like the fluval does so heat diffusion and getting oxygen in there might be an issue? The one in store was not set up - i'd also like to know about water level for it - how full it can be filled and what the evaporation is like.
  13. Just so you know... It turned out very well. I named her "Baby" and she is living with 3 other large GPGs in a 10ft swimming pool (approx. 4,000 litres). The last time I moved her (from an 8ft swimming pool to the bigger one) she was about 50+cm, so she's still growing :-) Thanx for the interest.
  14. can someone please tell me where i can get a juvenile albino giant gourami or a pink giant gourami (10-15 cm would be best) in melbourne (doesn't really matter where its from as long they are willing to ship) thanks
  15. hi guys im new to the site i have a red tail giant gourami about 7 inches with 2 tiger oscars and a gold spot pleco any recommendations for other tank mates
  16. Seen thismoring on the NEWS Im at work so can not upload pic Link for the story A Florida fisherman caught a 362kg sea monster | News.com.au
  17. Hey just wondering if anyone's seen any gpgs (5cm) mark any ware been hunting around for a while and can only find red tails
  18. Bug Receives Surprise First Prize for ANGFA at the Ekka
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. As per title..8 be 2 be 2, one rtgg will be the star attraction. I'll sump it. But I need more..yknow..stuff. What Im looking for is as close to their native environment as possible so Substrate? Plants? Tankmates? There will be no datnoids or arowana happening, due to having killed one of each back in the day and never wanting to go near another, plz.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Hey all, I have a 2.5yr old Giant Pink named "Bella". Ive had Bella since she was 3months old (part of the family now). She eats Peas (Her Fav ) by the hand full and Zuchinni. Only problem is fish (like humans) cant digest Pea Skins and i dont like them floating around after she has done her business, so i have to peel 2.5-3 Hand fulls (ive got big hands) of peas per night (supplimenting Zuchinni every couple of days). Im not looking at removing them completely from her diet but more varying it up a bit more. I tried Jap Pumpkin today (boiled until soft but still holding its shape), but she would swallow the cube then spit half it back out and didnt seem overly fussed, im maybe thinking trying some Butternut Pumpkin instead...? Ive also tried grapes in the past but no luck thier either. Im just after some other food suggestions and cooking methods that some of you have tried and succeeded with and failed so i can give them a go Also i have never heard of a GG that doesnt have a name so please tell me yours Thanks Tim
  23. Just curious about who has experience with breeding/care of the giant guys and also a few questions.... Im digging the giants and was wondering breeding wise..are there giant females around??...I can get a couple of the boys but what about the girls?...can you use a regular gal with a big guy? (will this throw a certain percent or is it more unstable than that??)..... Are there giant crowntails and halfmoons available in oz or am I looking at an import job???...biggest sizes you've seen/heard of ???..... size does matter when talking giant betta
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