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Found 18 results

  1. Everyone seems to love Mentos - well mainly the fruity ones anyway so we have 250 packs to give away. All you have to do is: Spend over $100 with us. Like us on Facebook and say "I love Mentos" in the notes of your order and we will throw in a 405g pack of Fruit Mentos - that's 150 singly wrapped Mentos. It's that easy. https://www.facebook.com/The-Tech-Den-380668885276652/
  2. Hey guys its that time of the year im feeling charitable and also breaking down my 2x2x2 with tropicals in it, im giving all my fish away, would prefer if someone will take the lot. Occupants of the tank are as follows. 1x marbled angelfish decent size 1x black knife ghost fish 16cm + 9x assorted rainbow fish 1x bristlenose catfish adult 1x royal whiptail catfish decent size Need them all gone by tommorow tuesday arvo before the fish stors close so im thinking 3pm at the latest otherwise they are going to the fish shop. Pm me for details, merry xmas. Location is new farm
  3. So, Where do i begin? I am new to the Cichlid community but have done so much research into Malawi Cichlids that I bought my first few babys today! I have a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft with 4 3cm Electric yellows, 2 Mpanga and 2 Damosi. Also in the tank is my 5 adult common BN, and my Rainbow shark. Soo... Im after some cool looking peacocks, and any other non aggressive malawi cichlids that are inexpensive and available! Thanks guys!!
  4. so lately I've seen hang on filters where the filter media is replaced with plants ,substrate and fish . does anyone know how exactly this works ?
  5. Oh for f*cks sake. So it turns out Dr. Kullander has done a back flip and renamed Andinoacara rivulatus as Andinoacara blombergi. Andinoacara sp. "Goldsaum" has been renamed as as Andinoacara rivulatus and not Andinoacara aequinoctalis as was previously published. You can find the reclassification of the whole genus here: Andinoacara - English The paper for Andinoacara blmbergi here: http://www.pfeil-verlag.de/04biol/pdf/ief23_2_05.pdf So I'm going to tuck my tail and shut up from now on.
  6. <Rant> A few weeks ago I was having a chat to a mate of mine about starting up a nano planted tank for some shrimp. He told me a trip to "Shop X" was a must, so we arranged a time and I went in with him. I loved the little shop, everything from the fish, plants to DW it was all there. I looked for an hour or so and left with the intention of going back after my tank was setup to spend some $. A week later I had the tank setup so I went in and bought some stuff; HC, Anubias, DW, etc. This is were my "issue" arises. The lady helping me (not the store owner) was DAMN rude. I explained how I was new to plants and was worried i would kill the HC. Not once did she give me any advice or even smile. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she had a bad day / woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Stupid me has been into the store 3 times and spent $50 each time, not once was this lady remotely pleasant. But the last trip took the cake. Once again I expressed my concern in keep the moss alive (that i was buying), she offered no advice and didnt even respond. Here is a transcript of the conversation: Her: How much would you like? Me: Not too much, its my first time keeping moss, I dont want too much incase I kill it. Her: <silence> Me: I really have no idea when it comes to plants. Her <silence> ... Anything else? Me: No thank thats it for now Her: <Silence> putting things through on the register Me: I've never seen it this quiet Her: <silence> Me: Its usually really busy everytime i come in Her: Thats $XX.XX Me: Just on the card please Her: <Silence> Putting through payment and hands me the bag Me: Thanks, have a good day Her: <Silence> didnt even look at me or acknowledge me I have sent 3 people to the store in the last month who have all spent $ there. I now regret it and Ill be doing the exact opposite (Im not naming the store because i dont want this thread deleted) ... BTW - I dont believe the Shop X is a forum sponsor. The funny part is I have spoke to 3 people about this incident and they all say that im not the first person to complain about this Lady (I believe she is the problem, not the store/owner itself). One even told me that they told the store owner that they need to get rid of her she was that bad. </Rant> Now your thoughts ... I was all for supporting my LFS, but now I ask myself WHY? In the case of Shop X above im A) Paying more Inconvenienced because I need to drive there (not ordering online) C) Treated like crap (rude) D) Not given any advice (im not going to beg for it) Would you go back?
  7. have a 4ft tank that was setup 3 weeks ago, tropical fish in for 1 week (mollies ) tank looks unreal from the front, water is clear and ph good, but when i look from the end of tank it looks cloudy. Any suggestions. running 1 internal filter and have live plants and only have 10 fish in it at the moment
  8. Hello, can I please get some good news? These were bought from a couple of different lfs months ago. can someone please tell me if they are pure electric blues?
  9. Yesterday I lost 20 breeding trilienatus corydoras catfish Something to do with the airlines not working. I'm kicking myself because I was going to do a much needed water change and filter clean but put it off because I was busy with the baby....if I had the water clean and the sponges clean then perhaps I wouldn't have lost so many fish, but with out the airlines going and dirty water they all started dropping off, I have two left and they are likely to pass on later today as they're on their sides. Kicking myself, if I'd gone down that night to check on them.... Instantly did a massive water change, cleaned filters and fixed air lines but it did nothing and then they all got chlorine burn even though i put in heaps of prime, could it have affected them because they were already weak? Kind of wants to make you give up fish keeping, I'm just glad I didn't loose all my fancy laser corys, their tank didn't have the same airline connections. Argh only myself to blame, does anyone else have 'stupid mistake' stories they wanna share so I don't feel so bad? hindsight is a wonderful thing....
  10. Hey everybody, at the moment i am in the process of clearing out my small american cichlids from my freakishly small (160l) tank for a change. so guys i am interetsed i quite a lot of fish nearly all of them so guys my request from you is: what fish planted? lighting? Decoration? thanks guys in advance kamfa
  11. as above would like a breeding rack, was gunna build one out of wood but if i can ge a metal one that is reasonable prices i will do it that way. please PM me with a quote thanks. sorry for lack of drawing skills haha, and probs not to scale but get the idea..
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hey guys, I want to start a little breeding project going and I've decided to give peppermint bristlenose a try. But before I spend heaps of money I want to make sure my plans are adequate: My breeding tank will be 3ft x 15inch x 18inch. The tank is also full of driftwood, and I'll have ceramic pots and breeding caves in there as well for extra cover. Is this too big for my purposes? I'll also be using it to grow out fry for the first couple of weeks when they're still small and fragile. I then have a second 3ft tank that I will use as my main grow-out for older fry. My tap water here in Springwood is generally between 7.4 - 7.6 or thereabouts. It's been a little while since I checked. Is this too high for pepps? I do have some Seachem products (Neutral Regulator, Discus Buffer) which I can use to alter the water if pepps are unlikely to breed in it straight out of the tap. Unfortunately there's no room in my house for a dedicated fish room (I wish lol), so the breeding tanks are going to have to go in my bedroom out of necessity. The sun never shines directly through either of the windows and I usually only have one of the blinds open, so the room never gets more than moderately lit - are pepps likely to breed if not kept in constant darkness? My other concern is that my computer is also in my room, which means noise (mainly music). I never have it thumping and the sound isn't near the tank, and is aimed away from it. Would this have any effect on the pepps? I want to use duckweed as a makeshift nitrate filter on the tank, for this I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get a small (probably 2ft light) for the tank. Good idea or not? Thanks for the help guys.
  17. does anyone want these fish from the bayside area. 4 female guppy/endlers 2 male guppy/endlers (one blue fantail, very guppy looking, one 'forked-tail', very endler-looking) - brothers. 6 guppy fry 2 baby bristlenose 2 Corydoras trilineatus
  18. Hey, just wondering whats the best way to clean grit and get it as clean as it was new, my crushed marbel is all going off colour from all the alge. Cheers
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