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Found 10 results

  1. How guppies are born? Watch my female guppy giving birth:
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  4. Is it a common practice for female guppies to die after giving birth. I have had quite a few guppies die after giving birth and it happened again yesterday. I feed my guppies 3 times a day and when I fed at lunch time all was well but when I fed again at 5pm a female was on the bottom of the tank barely alive and new fry were swimming in the tank. My water parameters are NO3 zero, NO2 zero, PH 7.5, KH 80, GH 30, water temp 26 degrees Celsius. The ratios that I keep are usually 1 :2 or 2:5 but the tank that I lost my last female only contained females as i had lost the male to clamped fins a while ago. The tanks have Java Moss and Hornwort in them.
  5. I am always laughing when someone is giving away something either because its not needed or needs a good home and people want it delivered for free as well but also I also have found trying to find a new home for some of my fish a long process lol
  6. A friend of mine has had a ex room mate leave 2 turtles behind however they don't have a licence. They just want to get rid of them, so how can you get rid of them if you don't have a licence yourself? My guess would be a pet store? ps: anyone want any turtles?.... going cheap
  7. Hi guys thought I would share this YouTube video of a male seahorse giving birth. Ben
  8. hi guys i have a problem 2 yesterday morning my guppy give birth to about7 babies and than she topped but her belly is still full can some tell me what can i do?? she is quite big
  9. Just had a bout of white spot in my 2 breeding tank, took out all my fishes including my cherished colony of yellows. If this is not bad enough, last month I lost around 20 peppermints and 10 albino BN because of my inexperience. Can I ask if anyone has seriously considered giving this hobby up because of stress? Cheers
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