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  1. ok my 6x2x2 back glass smashed any way I got a new one to go on I've got the old one off (in about 100 pieces ) on what I've got must off the old silicon off but not all off it what can I use to get it off thanks:help:
  2. I just noticed a small chip on the inside of my aquarium - about 3mm in diameter and 1mm deep on the front panel of glass. It's a 6x2x2 tank. I don't know when or how it happened but it's been there for at least a week. Is there any way I can help reinforce or prevent this from developing into a crack? Has anyone used one of those windshield repair kits on a fish tank? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know where i could purchase glass/acrylic for custom built aquariums? Planning on building myself one in the near future, so trying to see what is out there to plan it out. Name all the places i can find the best quality to the not so good quality glasses so i can compare and research. If you know any places that supply acrylic, name them also! Much appreciated, Kev.
  4. Hey guys, I have a 2.5 ft tank with 3 sides tinted glass, just wondering what the uses are? With the inbuilt light the colours look faded and dull, unless I turn it around and view through the one non tinted side. I've searched but can only find information about using car tint as an aquarium background. Any ideas?
  5. Hi all, I have been planing a monster tank build for a while now, over last 6 mths i've collected most things to run the tank. Now I'm looking at starting to build the tank, side's base back and stand are all planned, just working on front glass design. So to my question, as an example, 5x5x2ft tank is recomended to be 10mm glass (2ft is height), according to glass calculator i got off here. This is same as a 5x2x2. If I build brace's to handle the loads (up the front of the tank) is a 15x5x2 going to need any thicker glass with 2 braces and 3 panes of 10mm glass at 5x2? I'm pretty sure i've worked out that the loads against the glass wont be increased by going wider-longer, aslong as height not increased.
  6. Has anyone tried it in an aquarium - I don't think you can cut it so I guess you would have to make the aquarium to fit. Might get some novelty shapes happening.
  7. Need some 6mm glass lids for an 8x2.5x2.5 tank , they will be on sliding rails so cant have any thicker than 6mm but needs too be 6mm. anyone wanna do a lil cashy ?
  8. I need to get a lid for my 6 foot tank and I have been offered some frosted glass to use. Will the frosted glass affect the performance of the plant lights that sit on the tank?
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  10. I'm wanting to make bracing and a sliding lid for a 4ft tank I scored on gumtree. Just wondering where you suggest I should get the custom glass panels from? Gold Coast region. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hey just wondering if you can drill tanks that are made from the double sheet glass I've been told no just want to hear your thoughts thanks!
  12. I am after some plastic strips to fit glass lids on my tanks. Have been to Bunnings Hervey Bay and can't find anything. Does anyone know what they are called. vern
  13. Hi everyone, Has anyone ever seen a tank built like this? Advantages / disadvantages? Have seen it full and running, just never seen one built like this before...
  14. At this hotel in Perth, they have bettas in a glass set up at the reception. 4 of them I saw in a glass with red gravel, and red bettas. They have just got them. I will take pictures later - friggin' idiots.
  15. Guys, I've been contemplating painting the background of my 6ft tank but am worried that some of the scratches will be emphasised and ruin the look of my tank. Has anyone struck this problem?
  16. Hi guys has anyone drilled a 100 mm hole in glass. I'm thinking of joining two sumps so would like to join with a big hole for lots of flow. Anyone done this ? Any info appreciated. Thanks. Mark
  17. With the Easter holidays fast approaching we are pulling down the crappy shelving that the last owner built and putting some some proper shelves. As part of this one section will be for a new breeding setup . We have been looking at the option of using plastic storage tubs for the tanks. Tubs would be between 30-50L each 4 per row and 4-5 rows high depending on the height of tubs/tanks we choose. Does anyone have any advice good/bad or other on using plastic tubs over glass tanks. Or any recommendations on tubs to use or not use. 30-50L seems to be a good size for growing out fry as the breeders will be in the current 100L tanks. This will be for fry only and maybe breeding some small live bearers. Apart from the tubs costing less than similar glass tanks we are looking at this option because 1. easy to drill all the holes (system would be sumped) 2. tubs are light and no real risk of breakage can be picked up and cleaned easy when needed 3. total weigh of all the tubs less than an all glass setup 4. easy to stack away when not needed.
  18. Anyone able to recommend a proven tool for removing algae and grime from the glass inside the tank? There's so many different products, I'd like to cut to the chase and save some time and money and just get something that works straight off the bat. Any suggestions?
  19. Anyone know how to remove watermarks from tank glass? peter m
  20. Is it safe to keep glass with cherrys? Also how how many should I keep max in a 2.5ftx1x1
  21. Has anyone ever seen a glass shrimp like this? i got it from my dam last week..
  22. Had tank set up for 3weeks (has cycled) now brownish algae has started to form on glass have led light on for about 10 hours day,5 discus and 10 panda corys in tank mostly fed blood worms, sand, plants and driftwood, 1200canister and 750 internal filters. Any Suggestions to stop algae appreciated peter m
  23. Hi all. Is there any particular type of paint people are using to paint there tanks? I don't want it flaking off down the track. Cheers
  24. Hey guys so after not having any tanks for about the month mark or around that, i have decided to get back into it. not quite sure what i will be stocking the tank with, but thats all part of the fun! the tank is an all starphire 4x2x2 built by mick through aquariums alive, love the tank, ohhhhh and them edgesssssssss anyone got suggestions for stocking? cheers
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