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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I currently own a fairly small 30 litre tank, but in the near future I would like to upgrade to a 4ft tank. When I do that, I will most likely use the smaller tank for a quarantine/breeding/secondary tank. I have a full setup for the smaller tank at the moment, but when I get the larger tank I want to put the smaller one on a desk or table. I don't want the smaller tank to be covered in wires and what not (I want it to look somewhat clean and low-tech), so instead of using a T8 fluorescent tube over the smaller tank, I would like to use something more subtle such as a reading lamp. However, I've been looking online and can't find any globes that grow plants which would fit in a lamp. I was wondering if anyone knew of any screw-in light globes which can fit in a lamp and can be used to grow plants and/or is aquarium specific? Thanks!
  2. Hi all! This is my first post on this forum so if I have done so incorrectly, please excuse me. I recently purchased an fluorescent AquaGlo T8 14W 15" bulb and it was delivered today. I bought this as my previous AquaZonic Tropical 10W globe blew and I have absolutely no idea why. I only just set up the new light probably an hour ago and noticed the globe gets considerably hot. The globe is being held in place by two thin metal brackets I got from my old ceiling light. I have heard that if a globe gets too hot in one particular spot then it may cause the globe to blow, however because the brackets are made to be held against the globe of the cooler ceiling lights I am uncertain if this is the case with these particular brackets. Does anyone have experience with anything similar to what I am describing? Will my globe eventually blow from getting too hot whilst touching the metal brackets? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I currently have a 2 globe t5 light with a blue and white globe. I plan on buying another 2 blobe t5 light so that i will have 4 globes running above my 6x2x2. The new light globes will probably be a sun light colour and a pink colour. Is there an particular way i should arange the colours from front to back? IE: white at front, then pink, then blue, then white again your advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hey all I just got a 2ft t5 light with blue and sunlight tubes The blue is way to strong so if i replace it with a sunlight or tropical tube will i get decent plant growth? It just looked really bad all blue I'm after cheapy globes atm as i bought the unit with 2 globes for $40 Thanks
  5. As an after thought late yesterday arvo decided to change the globes in my 5ft Jewel tank .Measured the old one and was 48 inches .So off to the closest lps and asked for 2 4ft globes . Getting back home went to install them and found they were 45 inches but are called 4ft globes. Lots more then went on around not accepting returns on globes even though it had never been taken out of the packaging .Finally got a store credit which expires in 3 months and they will call me if they find out if they have an account with Jewel but the freight insurance will be expensive . Now that I will have a wait would rather deal with 1 of the sponsors from here . So does any one know if any of the sponsors carry Jewel globes.
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