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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm contemplating a sea change in one of my 5ft outdoor display tank. Currently housing various cichlids that I'm board with. Looking at changing over to a planted set up with fish such as the title suggests. I've never owned these fish before and have some questions. will they coexist? Do they share the same water parameters? Will they be suitable in a heated outdoor tank? Suitable substrate for plants? Suitable plants for these types of fish? Suitable lighting considering the tank gets morning sun From about 7am to 11am year round. There will be a few bn's in there to control algae but what damage will they do to the plants? Are these fish on par with cichlids as far as care demands or are they more temperamental and finicky? (I don't have a good track record with sensitive, delicate types of fish lol) and what are the main points to be aware of with these guys? Are they aggressive? Do they do better in large groups? If you were going to put these fish together what would be the ratios and how many of each type? What else would you put in there with them/in stead of them that are brightly coloured, active and do well in a community tank? the tank currently runs a 2000l canister, two large sponge filters and a 1200l internal filter that provides a decent flow that the cichlids love but will that be too strong for these types of fish? Im not completely stuck on the above types of fish but something along those lines, loads of color and activity is what I'm really aiming for. Any suggestions would be great! If you have a similar set up and can possibly share some photos for inspiration that would be AWSOME! Cheers
  2. OK, I've got a pregnant Desert Goby, she's getting quite large so must be time soon to spit the eggs out, I can't have a cave, pipe or anything for the female to lay in and male to fan/guard, what else can I use? A cup? haha.
  3. Here is a photo of my male Desert Goby, these little fellas are awesome, so tough, he's been in a 109l tub outside for the past 2 months or more that was unfiltered, unheated and he's going strong, awesome fish, under rated I say, anyone looking for an odd ball native, check out the Desert Goby.
  4. Any idea on what this guy is? He's a local and I have his symbiotic shrimp with him but haven't been able to get a picture. They're still very shy. shrimp goby 4 by matty9557, on Flickr Shrimp goby 3 by matty9557, on Flickr Shrimp goby 2 by matty9557, on Flickr Shrimp goby 1 by matty9557, on Flickr
  5. .Decided to take a couple of pics of my Desert goby pair, they have bred twice. Ate the eggs the first time, I removed the eggs the second time but lost most of the eggs to fungus (didn't have any anti-fungus meds left and by the time it came in the mail they were infected) and they should be ready to breed again soon so I have another tank already set-up for the eggs and plenty of air and meth blue
  6. Tried to find him a couple girls to choose a mate from but never came across more Eret Cyano Mpimbwe & didn't wanna cross locales. He's become a pet lol Tried to measure & photo but only have 2 hands & couldn't take a pic & hold him flat over the tape, he curls when out of the water. He's just under 15cm by bout 2-3mm & the tamest tang I've ever seen not only hand feed but:
  7. Rare fish species found in outback Queensland bore drain - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  8. Hi all, I recreantly for a male and female desert goby and i am wondering how easy they are to breed and if they give birth to live fry. Kind regards, Cameron
  9. Ok wasn't sure what species specific forum to put this is as I have no idea what species a goby is a part of so here it is. I've got a tank full of bumblebee gobys and a few guppies, a single BN common and a bazillion snails. My question is what else other than bloodworm can I feed my gobys?? They refuse to eat any sort of flake or pellets, and I want to give them a varied diet, not just the same stuff every day!! Thoughts?!? Luke
  10. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has ever kept our Australian Desert Goby's aka Chlamydogobius Eremius in community tanks and if so did they have any troubles with them eating or killing any of the fish in the community????
  11. anyone no where i can get ahold of one ????
  12. Hey guys, Had these for a week and a bit. Got some pretty good close up footage of the pair, thought I'd share . The video is pretty clear, but pump it up to 1080p for it to be crystal. My favorite little Native Seph
  13. Hey guys, Just picked up my new goby. Bought him as a ERETMODUS CYANOSTICTUS "KAPAMPA" but hes accualy a Spathodus erythrodon burundi. pics: Does anyone eles have any gobys other than humpheads? these fish are really funny to watch. So far he keeps to himself but had a massive fight with my mpanga and one. He now owns all the back rocks in my tank.
  14. Has anyone kept them or currently keeping them? I am going to give them a go and want to know how easy they are to keep. Etienne
  15. hi all i just purchased a sand goby! was just wondering if anyone has experience with these fish? are they aggressive :hothead: with other fish or not? any info would be great. thanks greg
  16. any one know how to sex goby cichlids http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/s ... hp?id=1544 i am trying to find a picture of their vents between male and female but could not google the anywhere! best i could get are the one in fishhead.com article (http://www.fishhead.com/articles/ventsex.htm) but none are goby! would it fair to say that most african ciclid shown: male = oo and female = oO any help would be appreciated cheers michael
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