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Found 27 results

  1. Would Golden Rosy Barbs be OK for an outside bathtub pond? Bought about 15/20 a month ago at less than a cm large and are between 2cm/3cm now.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. The look on our Australia Post guy today was priceless. He rolled up in his Red van looked at the 2 pallets and said "is all of this to go" I said no and he had a moment of relief till I told him - that is all we could fit out the front - the rest is inside. Reminded me of the Jeep ad "we are going need a bigger boat" only think they need a bigger van...lol Anyway everyone's order that was prior to 12.30 today went out today. Also have to give a big thank you [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7886]BlueOpal[/MENTION] coming in super early and making sure every ones order went out in time. Oh and for those that thought they missed our 10%, 20% and 30% specials over the long week end....its still going. Things can change any time so don't wait... https://www.thetechden.com.au/
  4. Sorry if this is in wrong section. Not sure if it belongs in here or in the native section. Im wanting some info and feed back from people who have them. Also was wondering if anyone has any of these for sale. Or where I can get some from. Can these be caught from the wild https://www.livefish.com.au/tropicals/natives/golden-eeltail-catfish-10cm.html
  5. Hi everyone, I've got a 5cm golden perch purchased from a pet shop a few weeks ago who doesn't seem to eat much if anything. So far I've tried pellets, flakes, various meats and vegetables and dead pieces of guppies. The only piece I've seen him pick at is a little piece of beef sausage. I'm assuming he's not gunna eat much due to his size, otherwise he seems perfectly happy and healthy. The other natives I've owned have been bought at at least 10cms and were eating livies or pellets within days. Any ideas? Cheers
  6. Got a new piece of Golden Vine. Put it into tank. Tank has been running for 2 years and water parameters are all good. New vine has a white fur growing on it. Help please. Why would this be? How do I get rid of this. Cheers
  7. Been bred in numbers overseas, wondering if anyone has seen them around yet! Should be here by now! Plus Kudos to CV Maju Aquarium in Indonesia Cheers
  8. Hi I've got 4 golden eel tail catfish 2 at about 20cm and 2 at about 15cm lately they've been chasing each other around and they have what looks to be scratch marks up their sides could they be wanting to bread or is it something else
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hi All, Recently I've seen Tropheus duboisi Golden Firefox in a few LFS's and a number of mates have added them to their aquariums. They are a stunning variant but I can not find any info on their collection point etc. Are they a wild variant or captive bred? Any info would be appreciated as the info I and my mates have been given has varied from shop to shop. Regards, Jade
  11. just grabbed a few pics of my young guys as they are starting to colour up...and begin to earn their name "Golden Mojarra"
  12. Hi everyne, I didn't even know that you could get Golden JD's until i googled tonight. We have some fry that are about 1cm. Some of the fry are mostly white, not all of them though. There bellys are white but appear to still have black through their fins. It is a little hard to get a really good look at them cause of their size and where tank is positioned.
  13. Golden pearls fish/fry food....anyone know of/use this stuff?.....from what I've read about this stuff seems the goods...plus can be found in multiple sizes for different stages of fry raising....not much info about availability here so thought I'd see if anyone knows of a supply here or wether its fine to import....
  14. Hey just after every ones opinion on my golden base breeding with my red devil. they were in a divided tank while i was setting up another for my rd but my fh has knocked down my egg create and has started doing the dance with her and she seems pretty keen as well . should i let them go and see what happens or move her to another tank ?
  15. i got a couple of these guys off blade a lil while back thought i would share a pic of my boy.....
  16. Hi All, Has anyone had any experience with the above species before, or even know anything about them. I am in the process of setting up a 4FT Juvenile Native Tank with 2 x Neosilurus Hyrtlii (hopefully around the 5-6cm mark) and 2 x Australian Bass (around the same size). I have chosen these two species, as they both take me back to my childhood fishing Somerset Dam with family and friends (not that you can catch Neosilurus Hyrtlii there, but the normal Tandanus, I believe it was Tandanus anyway). The Australian bass will be purchased around the same size. Within the aquarium, they should have the same growth rate (so I have been told) so one species wont grow larger then the other and start being a bully. I have been trying to find information on the internet specifically about the Neosilurus Hyrtlii regarding Diet and Habitat, but I haven't been able to find anything detailed. I have spoken with a couple of people who have witnessed these amazing catfish in their local habitat and they have said that either gravel or sand will be fine, but most people will lean towards gravel for the substrate. I don't want to assume that like the Tandanus Tandanus they will eat insect larvae, prawns, crayfish, mollusks, and small fishes in case this is wrong and they prefer something different. Within my tank, I will have driftwood and some rocks providing lots of places for the young fella's to hide, along with Val and a few other native plants. The tank will be set to 24c and ph around neutral to alkaline. Any information on this little fella would be wonderful! Cheers! Kieran
  17. I have recently changed my set up from individually filtered tanks to a sump set up and now one tank full (12x5cm al bn and 5x8-12cm commons) has developed pinhead sized golden spots lumps.They now spend all of their time in the return water stream and some of them are fanning constantly. I have other bn tanks connected to this sump and they are showing no signs of these spots. In fact the 202,s are out most of the time and seem happy. I have gradually changed from town water to tank but I think that if the problem was the water the others, especially the new fry (breed in the new setup) would have showed signs as well. Any help would be great. I will be getting the water tested tomorrow. I am thinking I will fit the internal filter again and isolate this tank!
  18. hey guyz , got a male golden monkey flower horn , has a nice big hump about 25cm long , crazy blue and purple colours and im just tryin to find out what he is worth i cant find any info on prices for these . only royals. any info would be great cheers
  19. we all know fish naturally grow faster off live foods providing they have the right diet what live foods could i feed a 5-8cm severum? and what are suitable tank mates for severums ( atm hes in with my 10-15cm toga leichardti and severums the boss of the tank leichardti is a P*ssy hes getting sold today anyway) best food for small sevs thats a reasonable price? and tankmates?
  20. its a mystery lol, my snails have laid a shedload of egg bunches at the top of the tank but non seem to hatch on there own, some even up to 6 weeks ago any suggestions on how to correct this, or hand hatch i guess. thanks
  21. Hi all Just wandering if someone can enlighten me about Golden Ram Cichlids. Are these a captive bred colour morph of the Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi?? Iv seen these around some LFS's and they are really cheap compared to the M. Ram. Just looking for something small (besides Apistos) and from the same region to add to my tetra/cory tank. Thanks Matt.
  22. Hey there everyone. i was wondering if anyone else has had issues with golden mystery snail shells not looking as nice as they should? I have alot of them except, i think due to overcrowding the shells on the snails havnt developed properly. Is there anyway to help treat this occurance? Clipper
  23. I was cleaning out my download folder the other day and came across (among other things) this PDF. It talks about Golden BN. The Golden Black Eyed Ancistrus (GBA) is a result of a genetic defect known as Amelanism. It is basically the same principal as an albino defect but is a lack of dark pigment, as opposed to a lack of all pigments, in albinism. Albino - lacking all pigment Melanistic - Excessive Dark pigments Amelanistic - Lacking Dark Pigments I've only ever seen these once and loved them but at the time I thought they were just a nice albino, I've never been a fan of albinos but would love to get my hands on some of these. But I never see Gold or Amelanistic BN for sale, only ever Common/Albino. My question is. Are they available, or are they just mislabeled and sold as Albinos Cheers Jesse
  24. Trying to find some more info on golden panchax , has anyone out there had these that could help me out Terry
  25. Just wanted to know Whats the demand for albino and golden barra atm? Not the Leaucistic ones Rough $$?
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