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Found 93 results

  1. Hi, Finally, I have purchased enough to set up a fully planted high tech with CO2 (need more lights) shrimp and goldfish setup. This can allow me heavily feed my goldfish like pigs, their ... feeds the filter, and the filter feeds my plants. Shrimps are cleaner. Of course, no heater to save $$$ on power. How good is that? I will upload pic tonight lol
  2. Looking for ranchu and oranda breeders mainly. Also any ryukins would be nice. Hopefully get some advice and buy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just Arrived- SAIKOH Goldfish and Koi pellets! This floating food contains colour enhancers and will not cloud your water. The pellets also contain extra vitamins and minerals for the overall good health of your fishy friends. Available in Mini, Medium and Large pellets. 500g - $9.90 1kg - $16.95 5kg - $55.00 And dont forget your QLDAF discount as well!!! Click on the link below to check out our newest Goldfish and Koi food today! http://www.thetechden.com.au/searchresults.asp?Search=saikoh
  4. Hi all, I'm back after a brief hiatus as funds were put towards setting up the reef system. Now that I'm happy with how the reef is progressing, it's time the goldfishes got some more love. I thought I'd share my most recent project that I'd be looking to stringently refine and continue. BTW, it's has been great to see quality goldfish coming into Aus as of late e.g. quality lfs orandas & the increasing number of hobbyists which now own imported TVR Anyhow some pics: Firstly the UK broadtail standard: Examples of exceptional fish: & lastly my trio of broadtail moors 9 day old fry feeding on bbs Further reading for those interested Broadtail Moor Goldfish Goldfish Culling - Veiltail and Broadtail Moor - Site for Goldfish Keepers Cheers, John
  5. old fancy goldfish pond cheers mick
  6. Tech Den Xmas Special Number 8- And I'm hungry like the wolf!! Nutrafin Max Goldfish Flakes 77g WAS - $16.95, NOW - $5.95!!! That's a saving of 65%!!! This is a nutritious and highly palatable fish food that provides the ultimate in goldfish nutrition. Head on over to our website to take advantage of this crazy offer!! This deal ends today, so get in quick! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Nutrafin_Max_Goldfish_Flakes_77g_Fish_Food_p/nfm52.htm
  7. New member with fish problems! Before I begin: they're mums fishes, but I've had to take care of them the past 1.5 weeks and problems have popped up. I've been reading non-stop about these things online, but if someone can give me some advice specific to my situation, it would be appreciated. - In short: New fish, new fountain, new plant, overfeeding for the last week, recent heat wave saw water levels fall a fair bit To save you all from a whole heap of reading: 9 y/o goldfish is sick - red streaks through its tail, which is torn and ragged. Occasionally seems listless but observed swimming around normally otherwise. Been told it could be ammonia or other types of poisoning Other goldfish was added ~1 month ago, 1yo, tips of fins are black, just slightly, ammonia burns? Fishes have been moved recently into a new fountain by mum. Don't think it was cycled? Size ~55L Pet store told me that: new tank, new fish, new plant in tank, recent heat + low water levels are the cause Was given Melafix bacterial and anti-fungal remedy for 9y/o fish, plus water conditioner to use for both Told to take out the plant just in case the soil is problematic? Separated the fish after the 1yo fish started aggressively trying to nip at 9yo fish tail when plant was removed. Not sure why it suddenly did that [*]Yesterday - partially changed water + topped up levels, separated fish, put water conditioner & Melafix in. PH around 7.5 [*]Today - got an ammonia kit, reading was about 4 Partially changed water 15-20% twice today in my panic, not sure if this was a good idea Ammonia levels were low after the water change, but I understand I should give time after water change before measuring it? Advice needed on: Water change frequency/amount? Should I get something to lower ammonia? Anything else that could help me save them, because if they die on my watch, I'll end up suffering the same fate too Pic below is the 9yo fish. Red streaks through tail and seems torn. Top picture is from yesterday when I just noticed it, bottom picture is today. Lighting is different because I've moved the fish. Just to give you a clearer picture about its condition. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Ok so i have 2 gold fish 2 plattys 2 guppies 1 beta 1 clownloach 2 bristle nose i've been feeding all my fish goldfish flakes, i feed betta fish food to the betta evan no he still nibles on goldfish flakes occasionaly blood worm for every 1 who eats it apprently the bristle nose eat it to... i feed them alage wafers or cucumber I want to know what the difference in Tropical fish flakes & gold fish flakes ive had a look on aqua one goldfish flakes - tropical fish flakes says egsact same % of foods & should i actualy buy tropical fish food ??
  9. ok who has goldfish and what kind/type and post some pic if u think they r good looking im try to see whats out there mite set up a goldfish tank they must be in your tank/pond not off the net
  10. Deal of the Day - TetraFin Goldfish Crisps 217gm. Normally $39.95 per tin. Today only $19.95 ( 1/2 PRICE ). Great time to stock up on Australia's Favourite Goldfish Food !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - TetraFin Goldfish Crisps 217gm Ben
  11. I got given a heap of large goldfish out of a mates pond. I've noticed there poo is white/clear and stringy. What's the best thing to use to worm them. I've got metro would this do the job?
  12. One for the goldfish crazies out there See Goldfish In The Bowl? Watch What He Pours On Them
  13. Would like a pair of common Bristlenoses in my Goldfish tank as a cleanup crew and to keep algae in check. what would be the minimum temperature they could tolerate? - 19C ? what would be their optimal temperature? - 21C ?
  14. Hi all, Oranda trio up for grabs (2m, 1f) 2 apache males & 1 red and white female Price: $130 Right hand side: Red female has always had the loopy swimming action (swim bladder) ..originally purchased to breed which she has (fertile) Pick up from Oxley or QUT if paid beforehand PM, comment or text 0435 158 916 if interested Thanks, John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDMo84oL7YE
  15. Surgery for constipated goldfish deemed a success | Death and Taxes
  16. Hi everyone...this is probably a dumb question but I will ask it any way...Can I put 3 silver dollars in a 5ft tank with 4 goldfish?.goldfish tank is sitting on 26.5C...this would only need to be for 1 week until I finish setting up their tank....trying to study..... Mel.
  17. I am going for my 3rd tank - and I want a "coldwater" goldfish tank with gravel for them to play with. I am thinking some driftwood as well, a couple of bristlnoses. Low light - 2 watts per U.S. gallon (4 litres) no CO2 set up. Low tech. Any suggestions as to suitable plants that can withstand the playful activities of Goldfish Comets? I will have a heater to keep a minimum temperature of lets say 20C for the winter months - it can get to -4 overnight here in the Barossa Valley. Thanks for thinking about this. Most plants I research and have are for warmer climes.
  18. Here is my very first coldwater tank - water, conditioner, comets, filter all set up in one day: this is what happens when you buy at a supermarket pet store that will sell you anything and nod and smile at your naivety. Goldfish are tough, my fishies survived two years of tank abuse and ignorance. No bacteria content. Washing out the filter sponge in tap water. Overfeeding (I thought they loved me when I walked over to the tank). Weekly water changes, with a good squirt of water ager from Big W (cheap). Eventually when they started dying I called in to a local aquarium shop and asked why me? After getting a good telling off and buying a pH kit after two years of keeping fish the results were bright yellow. There was probably more ammonia in the tank than fresh tap water. So if you have a niece or nephew or the child next door and they want to take up keeping fish - Goldfish/Comets are a good starting point. Practice on coldwater fishies (although mine had a heater set to 21C as it gets to minus degrees here in the Barossa Valley, SA.) After a period of mourning and having an empty tank I ventured back to the aquarium shop 'Gawler Aquariums' run by husband and wife Trevor and Wendy. They are to blame for my addiction as they showed me what one can do with freshwater tropicals. But first you must learn about fishkeeping and aquariums before you buy fish... rats!!! Fortunately, I came across a great introductory web-site for the novice - first tank guide dot net - surprise, surprise how much I did not know. I am now (with hand over heart) learning to be a responsible fish owner.
  19. .. Super Deal of the Day - Prodac Premium Goldfish Flakes 200gm. Today only 1/2 price at only $9.95 per tin !! Link - Age of Aquariums - Prodac Premium Goldfish Flake 200gm Complete & balanced diet. Scientifically developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of all tropical & coldwater fish. High protein Low waste formula Made in Italy Ben
  20. Thinking the goldfish side of the hobby is really picking up. They are a cheap big tank to run. Sure there are plenty of fancy goldfish out there. But there is also rock solid comet strains. Which are normally pond fish, but thats a sign of the times too. So many of us with big tanks.
  21. All the talk about bloodlines and breeding,etc has got me keen to share a goldfish variety that has a deep history of bloodlines and is known in the goldfish world as the "king" of goldfish.....the TVR or topview ranchu.....It is a product of japanese breeding efforts and came from the lionhead goldfish (China back in the 1800s)...it is pretty much the "true" ranchu and it has deep established bloodlines that are not easily "bought" as they have cultural significance which is viewed as more important than the commercial value(something nice to see in the aquarium hobby if you ask me)...this might also be the reason why people in general are unaware of these guys..they havent been pushed around the world with profits in mind..it is hard to get the bloodlines and not cheap either...and yet some true breeders give the fry or baby black ranchu(called this due to their dark colour before they begin to "colour" up) away for free to young students of the "game". ...so heres some examples of the topview ranchu....
  22. 180 litre tank 2 calico oranda - adult 1 adolescent calico 2 adult shubunkins and a couple of catfish and algae eaters Nitrite 0 nitrate spiked to 20ppm. First time its ever done this without a death. no idea why ammonia .25 ppm ph 7 kh ? My calico is around 2 years old. She has always been a fat, egg shaped girl. always had a really big gut on her, ever since i got her. But i recently noticed she is very lathargic, just gets pushed around by the current and does dlips and rolls. its not too strong i might add, the current. have just today noticed some pineconing on her scales. I am really worried. I know everyone loves their fish' dearly, but these goldfish and my life. I would do anything to keep em healthy so I am desperate to find out what I can do. I have read that salt baths can help to remove any excessive internal buildup. Can I please get some solid answers on what salt, how much and how often! So many different forums say different things, one says aquarium salt, the other says NEVER use it, one says table salt non iodized the other says epsom. Please, I beg for a straight answer. I also need some ideas on medications and location on the gold coast, qld. I have very little money but will find a way. The best medications for her please, whether they be a general med or a specific type. temperature? Do I raise or lower the temps? It has been cold recently on the gold coast, my tank is not heated. could this be a cause? ANYTHING else that you may be able to tell me would be so helpful i could not thank you enough. I am desperate to keep her alive as she is my pride and joy. ANY help you may be able to give me to help fend off the inevitable would be greatly appreciated. As I said, I have no money, I am physically disabled and do not work so the cheaper the meds the better. In saying that. If anybody on the gold coast has some meds that would suit her conditions, please, I beg of you, sell me what you have left at a decent price so i can save her Michael
  23. Couple of questions - looking to by some of the fancy breeds such as Tosakin and Ryukin - are there any quality outlets in Australia. Has anyone had any success in importing?
  24. Hi guys just wanting to know if there are any good places for goldfish up here? Just set up a 4ft with 2 lionheads on gold And one red and white I am looking for Ranchu or pearl scales but can't seem to find them Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  25. Finn, its a slippery slope from pan fried Toga to live Goldfish my friend. A UK man who swallowed a live goldfish as part of a online drinking dare has been fined STG300 ($A544). The RSPCA says Gavin Hope was taken to court after he drank a glass of water with the fish in it for a Neknomination challenge, and footage of the stunt was posted on Facebook. RSPCA chief inspector Michelle Charlton said the video first shows the 22-year-old preparing a pint glass with lager, chilli, tequila, a fresh egg and fish food before revealing why the fish food is going in. "He picks up another glass containing a small amount of water and the goldfish, which is swimming around, and shows it to the camera before drinking it down, and following it with the pint," she said. "A vet report advised that the stomach would be a completely unsuitable place for a goldfish and that the fish would have died in time, the cause of death being a mixture of suffocation and acid ph levels in the stomach, as well as the alcohol he drank." The society said that Hope told them that he had owned the goldfish for a couple of months. He said he thought it was ill as it kept swimming into the sides of its tank and he was going to flush it down the toilet but decided to drink it as part of his Neknomination challenge instead. Hope pleaded guilty to an offence under the Animal Welfare Act - that he failed to meet the needs of a goldfish by failing to protect it from pain, suffering, injury or disease by drinking it. Neknomination, which acts like an online video-linked chain mail. is reported to have originated in Western Australia.
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