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  1. Ok so after a few weeks of using Epsom salts to raise GH i started to get a little iffy on it, due to a few things. #1 It has a laxative effect on fish, and on humans, its used to treat dropsy aswell because it draws fluid from the body which if your not sick that's a bad thing. #2 fish,just like people become dependant on laxatives,its not a good thing in the long run for both ppl and fish, the muscles associated with moving waste through the gut quit working as efficiently because the laxative does alot of the job for them. Apparently if you don't know exactly how much Epsom salts is too much or if you use it to often (e.g. every water change) the salts build up. #3 it also has a sedative effect along with the laxative effect, which might be useful in some cases but its all very un-natural and when you think about it you wouldn't like being on laxatives 24/7 esp if it wasn't necessary! So why would the fish like it? Lastly I'll admit I thought the fish were going good on the whole Epsom salt thing but I think they were just going good because of the small amount of sea salt I was adding to boost iodine in the water which apparently is extremely important for fish and the mineral quickly depletes from the water and the bad effects of iodine deficiency on fish are proven to be numerous. But in general I wasn't happy with the way my featherfins started to look and act after a couple weeks using Epsom salts and a few days ago I started using riftlake salts again and their looking better all round in general (and if you want an indicator of good or bad water conditions that effect colour and active behaviour in fish you cant get a better one than cyathopharynx as you'll get far from decent colour from these fish if general good water conditions are off!) or atleast they wont be coloured for long. So yeh I for one am NOT gonna be using anymore Epsom salts to raise GH and recommend ppl who do use it to take a close look at the facts of its effects etc and take a close look at wether your fish are actually doing as well as they could or should be while living in a sedative/laxative state 24/7. Theres many who debate this and say that their fish do well on the Epsom salt/bi-carb/marine salt D.I.Y. buffer but theres many more who consider it a no go, and now that I think of it the issue of the laxative effect alone is enough for me to consider epsom salt a no go for my fish. Cheers ;
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  3. I'm Alex, I have at least 10 years in the hobby and I found a lot of good information here, so I decided to make part of this great community. I'll be very happy to contribute with my experience, if it's helpful.
  4. I am wanting to get a three foot light for my tank and i dont want to spend the big bucks at a pet store, i just need an Led light sutable for plants and tetras i am not setting up a fancy planted aquascape so i dont need any super expensive lighting. where is the best place to get cheap led lighting for my tank...eBay maybe?
  5. Hi all I'm sick and tired of replacing big ball air stones in my BIG tank can anyone recommend a big air stone that wont clog in 6 months or less? atm I'm using big ball stones and they just clog up in no time at $7 each I use 4 at a time iv tried cleaning them soaking them in vinegar nothing works very well any ideas out there? its a display tank so the plastic screw together type are a no go
  6. I live on coast and today went to north brisbane to look at some fish guy was selling, came home with 7 discus, 2 red tiger lotus plants and over 35crypts all for $140. Discus are 4 colbolt blues and 3 blue diamond all over 7.5 cms body length .
  7. I have a Female Rhadinocentrus rainbow that I was breeding with ( not at present though ) This female throws about 5 in 100 red tailed females ( very unusual ) she also throws 1/2 of the females ( almost exactly ) with a congenital defect in the caudal fin but otherwise healthy fish ( feeders , I am sad to say ) All of her male Fry are normal ( 50% half Red 50% red tail ) The male fry from her are the best coloured ones I have . Is there anyway of knowing if the male offspring from her will carry the congenital defect as a recessive gene . Or is the defect solely in the X Chromosome . I only went to year 12 ( no uni ) so a little over my head . I would like to breed the Half red males back with the red tailed females to produce a population with half red males and red tail females but without congenital defects . Just a note - I am also breeding a colony that is just a random selection of multiple colour morphs ( pretty much just like in the swamp )
  8. Hi looking at getting into planted aquariums and I'm just wondering where a good place to buy setups that are not ridiculously priced I don't mind putting out the money but some things I've seen are crazy!
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  10. I'm needing some bloodworms and been buying packets from shops and noticing that some cubes contains a big portion of water instead of full worms. Anybody know of good brands to buy at reasonable pricing? Places to get them? Alternatives to bloodworms? Feeding them to my rays and bichirs as treats and they just swallow one cube at a time so will need to buy in bulk. Have current stocks now on the fridge but looking for cheaper / good quality alternatives.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi Guys Can anyone recommend good quality **** if possible see through *** plastic tubs to be used as small plant growing tanks. im going to setup a project in the cavity above my main tank ( its in a cupboard) will build a solid shelf to take the weight of a few maybe 20L tubs and ill have main tank water pumping up into them then gravity fed through them back out to my main tank. Will have LED lighting for them. Just want to know if anyone is using plastic tubs as sumps or fuges or even small tanks.. Regards Aron
  13. Afternoon guys. I am seeking some advice, I want to restart my 2 largest tanks utilising the sump that was used including the 2 tanks on a rack system. which as we all no went south super quick! White Spot (ich) & then ammonia spike finished everybody off. The 2 largest tanks 6x2x2 & 6x2x700 are the only tanks left with the 4x2x18 sump, still sitting as they were when I drained them including sand in the tanks & I also had bulk little black snails that lived in my sump & drove me nuts! Basically I want to fill the tanks & sump, plug the pump in & if possible BOMB THE **** outa it with whatever. I want every last bit of bacteria, be it good or bad DEAD, also I want the snails DEAD. Then once all this has run it course, I want to clean out the sump, IN TAP WATER :0 OMG! Then start the cycle fresh & new. Any advice would be appreciated, I just want to make sure I get everything including what lives in the sand substrate. Thanks you guys & girls.
  14. I was in the Japanese discount store Daiso in Indooroopilly shopping town this weekend and called into Daiso as I often find useful stuff for my fish room . Anyway I came across these. Metric and really easy to read. And wait for it. Only $2.80 a piece. Get on it people.
  15. Just found out that for the second time in the last 12 months, the Pet Barn chain has bought out and taken over a longstanding independently owned Gold Coast pet shop. 100% Pets at Tweed Heads has now joined Coomera Pet Barn as a member of the Pet Barn chain Now neither of these shops was a specialist lfs, but both did have a strong interest in the fish side of the hobby and tried to maintain a wider range of fish than the basic "bread and butter" species usually stocked by these chain stores. Both shops as part of the Pet Barn chain are now required to stock only a limited range of fish purchased exclusively from a Melbourne based wholesaler. You may be aware that the Pet Barn chain also took over the City Farmers chain last year. This appears to be a corporation intent on dominating the whole pet supply industry by taking out the competition. Reminds me of a couple of other major corporations that started by dominating the grocery industry. If this has happened twice in the last 12 months on the Gold Coast, it is probably happening around Australia. Personally I don't believe this situation is beneficial for the fishkeeping hobby. We can't blame the struggling owners of existing businesses for taking the money offered, we can only help make that decision harder for them by supporting their businesses. Think about this next time you, your family and friends are looking at supporting your local chain pet barn by spending your money there.
  16. G'day G'day G'day School holidays in Victoria and I've decided to set up a fish tank for the kids and well mostly myself Mind you this is the first time I will be involved with this hobby, so am an absolute novice, and will have a lot of questions (sometimes silly) I will appreciate all advice from everyone The tank dimensions are 48"x14"x20" My filter should be arriving today- Aquaclear 110 (I think I would need to get a second filter, still deciding on what to choose) Then begins the cycling process, which I believe takes upto 2 months Eventually plan to stock the tank with fancy goldfish- so far I've narrowed it down to one black moor, one ranchu and an oranda- sized around 5cm each It will be a bare bottomed tank with live plants- hanging off driftwood or rocks- will I can dream cant I My first silly question What is an appropriate air pump to run a 120cm flexible air curtain Ive looked at airpumps online and they mostly talk about litres/ min and I'm not sure whats appropriate for my 220 L (perhaps 200L when stocked) tank Also some pumps come with more than one outlet- which leaves me confused as to what happens when I connect only one outlet. My set up will be air pump- tubing- check valve- tubing- flexible air curtain Appreciate your advice
  17. As above, has anyone used the beams work led lights for plants, are they any good?
  18. Hey all... I have a 180G 60 x 24 x 30 tall...drilled tank ....I was thinking about putting african cichlids in it..but when doing gravel cleaning and water change today on my 75G african cichlid tank there was so much poop around the rocks (of which there are a lot) I realised that doing this with a 30" tall would be problematic....I also have south and central american cichlids for which I will be purchasing a 6x2x2 for...they were going to go into 180G but I think they need more horizontal swimming room... My brother is trying to get me to turn the 180G into a discus and tetra and corydora playground...an amazonian biotope ..plants only on surface - water sprite, black water,almond leaves, driftwood, sand, rocks...I have another tank which I was planning on using as a sump refugium under this one which is around 60G.. I am guessing that a 30 tall would be difficult to light sufficiently to have as a low maintenance planted tank...unless you could raise up the floor/substrate??....and so for water health thought a refugium might be the way to go... I know that discus require a bit more care than other cichlids..and I would not be getting them (around 6-8 discus) until tank was well and truly established and running for at least 4 months...and I was confidant that I have learnt enough about discus....but before I make a commitment to go in this direction can I have your ideas or thoughts. ...what would really rock your boat if my 180G was yours? What would you put in it and why? Thanx all.
  19. Seeing these more and more in big sumps just seeing what people think of them?
  20. I am chasing a couple of good quality Sajica Females to buy. Show me what you got.
  21. Hi Guys, I have been doing a lot of research on how to look after my Tropheus in the last 2 weeks... Just thought to start a new thread where we can share any good information relating to websites, books etc. I will start with the following, What to feed your Tropheus and how to treat bloat. Malawi Bloat | dreaded Cichlid disease Keep them coming ... Thanks guys..
  22. No meeting this Friday 3rd of April due to it being Good Friday, Next meeting will be on the 1st of May. Hope everyone has a Good Easter.
  23. today i received the news that biosecurity australia will now delay the implementation of import laws till march 1 2016' cheers lenny
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