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  1. Is this gravel ok as a cap for a substrate planted tank? Or is it still to big? Or would pool sand be better then this? Cheers
  2. So I have experienced sand in my time, and boy was it an effort and a half to clean. I'm looking for another form of light coloured substrate, that is easily cleaned. Not a fan of bare tank bottoms. I currently have black gravel which really washes out my Africans. Any suggestions on where I can get some light/white gravel from, that wont pluck my pockets too deep? I had a thought to go dig in bunnings? But dont want to get stuck with too much of it in bulk. Also. Back on the forums since being away for about 2 years. Things have changed indeed... Nice to be back though. (Not sure how to subscribe to threads anymore to get notifications)
  3. We've had a tank wipeout and I need to sterilise everything. Can I soak gravel in 1/10 bleach to water and dry it out? We'll probably be giving it away but I want no chance of whatever it is we've had, infesting someone else's tank.
  4. Take 33% OFF Aleas Vacuum Gravel Cleaners Were $19.95, This week only $13.37 Aleas Gravel Cleaner 18" Coupon Code : SUCKITUP33 Valid this week only, not valid with any other offer.
  5. Hello ☺ I was wondering what people liked to put on the bottom of their L333 tanks? Sand, Gravel, nothing or a mix, and is their any particular reason for the substrate you chose? Thanks ☺
  6. How the hell do these things work i got one today and it take more water out then crap, still piles of **** on the gravel
  7. Hi all, I wondered if laterite clay/gravel does make a difference to a planted tank compared to gravel? If anyone had noticed the plants did much better? Also I have two yo yo loaches and was hoping to check in general that it isn't too rough on fish with barbels? These are 4 inches but thinking of getting some more little ones. They do ok with the existing fine gravel I have so was hopeful. Thanks!
  8. An acquaintance involved in the aquaculture industry [fish farming] was telling me about RED WORMS that one can use to keep a tank's gravel substrate clean. Apparently these little creatures burrow into the gravel, etc and eat up all the fish poo and mulm converting it into ammonia and nitrates. Anybody out there know anything about this, and if it is true, where do I get Red Worms from?
  9. Has anyone used one of the cheapo ebay battery gravel vacs? Theyre about $10-15, i need something to pick up poops between wc's and not looking to spend big bucks (eheim). My tank is 20" tall and barebottom btw..
  10. HI, i have just upgraded my tank to a Aqua one 850 (161 lt) , i have had peacock cichlids for 2 yrs now , electric blues, the aquarium store sold me some calcium carbonate , i have used fine gravel in my last one as my blues likes to renovate a lot,, i still have my my old tank ( aqua one 510,70lt) going with gold fish now for my son, it is crystal clear always has been.never had any probs, what i am finding with calcium gravel it is still not crystal clear,i i have done 2 ,25% water changes to try and get the slight milky water out, i washed the gravel for a good 15 mins , until water was clear before i put it in the tank, the aqua one has a wet dry filter system, wool - carbon cartridge, sponge- ceramic noodles, it runs 2000lt /hr, i also have a internal one going to help the water circulate, which has same media as the 850 , my ph is 7.8 with out doing anything, i asked the shop where i just spent $1000 , he suggested i pay him another $50 to get him to come with a micron filter , (got to love the service in bundaberg) is there any thing i can do , or will it take time to filter out the fine particles from this gravel, any advice would be appreciated. i found u guys by googling ur post on calcium gravel . ps.all i use in my tank at water changes is water ager ,amerite down and geo liquid for cichlids. regards Matty73
  11. Hello : ) Does anyone have Black Diamond Quartz Gravel in their Pleco/Catfish tank? I am just wondering if it is safe for them as I have recently purchased some and hoping it isn't too sharp for my bottom feeders. I haven't put it into my aquarium yet. I am after any personal opinions as to pro's and con's in having it in your aquarium. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Guys, New here, I was hoping for some advice on what people have had success with keeping substrate clean. I have an extremely fine gravel so cannot vacuum easily and find a fair bit of fish excrement is settling on the bottom. i have looked into creating an under gravel jet system to eliminate dead spots and significantly increase flow, advice from local pet store was to just add an internal filter. the tank is 250L 4foot with a cannister filter, I'm hoping to upgrade to a 660L in the coming months. If I go an internal filter what would be the highest lph flow rate I could push in the 250 without it being too much flow, yet strong enough for a 660L? Thanks in advance
  13. So I'm changing the gravel in my 8ft set-up from black to river sand. Only problem is, I have to get 2 or 3 kilos of black gravel, out of the tank. Tank is 2.5 high so I'd really rather not syphon it out but short of getting in and scooping it, I can't really think of another way! Anyone got any pro-tips? Thanks, Finn
  14. Hi I am really wanting to get my oscar out of my 3ft and was wondering if I can set up my tank without gravel for now and add it later when I have the $$$ to get what I want?
  15. Been thinking of this one on and off for a while . what i am thinking of was usung a long gravel siphon adding a low volume 240 volt inline pump that will draw the waste from the bottom of the tank through a hose then straight out the door saves the bucket method . could be used from water storage to tank as well . That is if its not already out there Any opinions welcolm
  16. Hey guys, I've got a whole load of black gravel for my 5x2, and I'm wondering everyone's preferred methods to clean it. I've cleaned probably around 100kg between my setups and from experience I'm not looking forward to cleaning this. So, i'm hoping someone can make my life easier and swing some tips? cheeeeeers
  17. I have 4ft with lots pepp b/nose and some khuli loaches as ground dwellers. A Canister filter. The pepps leave alot of waste I have gravel but wanted to change to black gravel. Couldnt find any small sizings of black gravel and LFS said black sand would be okay. Havnt bought yet, but have ordered. pick up on wednesday. Should I go ahead with it? I have wondered if a under gravel filter would take away alot of the waste, could you still bury plants in it? Okay, here is the silly question. Could you use it for sand?? Are the gravel filters any good? . Heard a story that someone had a gravel filter and managed to breed some Khuli Loaches - only found that out when he emptied tank and found they had bred. Thanks in advance for any replies. comments much appreciated
  18. Hey, thinking of redecorating my main display tank and want to use black gravel. It's a 6x2x2, I think I will need approx 90kg so obviously looking for the cheapest way to buy! Currently have coffs gravel and would consider swapping with someone otherwise keen for recommendations of cheap places to purchase this amount of gravel?
  19. For the last month or so I've been seeing in forums (mostly American) talking about using a Python Gravel Vacuum for doing water changes on their large tanks and how much easier it makes it for them. Naturally having a 300L tank changing 40L weekly it's a bit off putting to carry all that water around and pour it back in and being a DIY type of person I though I'd just try and make one my self. Here's how I went. For reference in case you don't know what the Python is: Here is a link. I found a good method on the internet on how to make one using hose connectors and fittings, and another link to a waterbed drain and fill kit which happens to be exactly what the python system appears to be based off. The waterbed kit also came with an attachment for connecting to the waterbed which I figure would work well for breaking up the flow of water when filling the tank. (So as to not disturb substrate and plants.) I found one on ebay for cheap and just bought it. It cost me about $8, unfortunately postage was about $15 on it. :\ I went to my local bunnings and grabbed 10M of 13mm clear food safe vinyl tubing and three hose connectors. Using my old gravel vacuum I constructed everything as per the Python system. The filler attachment I made works well for filling the tank as it breaks the flow into 4 sprays, doesn't disturb a thing in the tank. Overall the system works quite well, makes the water change easier and quicker to. My only complaint is that while sucking the water out of the tank I had to turn the tap up a fair bit which I feel is a bit of a waste of water. So I think that im just going to run the tube out to the garden next time and then use the whole lot for refiling from the tap. I spent about 45 bucks on it which I feel is okay seeing as the comparable product is $75 at the LFS.
  20. Found red worms in tank gravel of my bristlenose tank. Does anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them?
  21. Hey guys, I have a quick question, I have a 4ft tank with a baby barra and baby bass plus 3 bristle nose, I've been doing weekly water changes and cleaning the gravel at the same time, do I need to clean the gravel every week or should I be just doing water changes and cleaning the gravel every 2nd or 3rd time? Also any suggestions on what other fish would look great with what I've got would be greatly appreciated, obviously ill have to get em soon so they can grow up with my barra and bass! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  22. Anyone done this?? Im basically too lazy to try and get the gravel out of one of my tanks, has about 5cm of gravel in it. Any harm in putting sand over it? Should i just not be so lazy? Haha, seriously anyone done it? :p:p
  23. HI, anyone know that is the "CaribSea Tahitian Moon gravel" shiny like the quartz sand? its really hard to find fresh water black sand which is extremely fine and just pure black not shiny... any suggestion? thx
  24. Ok this may seem like a really stupid idea or question but i really want to know So pretty much to get the nice painted black aquarium gravel from a shop your paying a HUGE $$ price. You can get black natural gravel for about $1 a kilo but its just not as black or shiny. So i was wondering, can i buy the $1 Kilo gravel and spray paint it with a aquarium safe paint? Has anyone done this or know anything about it? Also for your inforation i need about 120KG of it and hence why i am trying to save some $$ when i can just do the hard work myself. Thanks Al
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