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Found 59 results

  1. http://www.tfhmagazine.com/details/articles/6-basic-mistakes-of-the-novice-aquarist-full-article.htm
  2. Sure beats the Billabong, hands-down ! http://www.domain.com.au/news/finalists-for-britains-shed-of-the-year-competition-revealed-20160601-gp8rel/
  3. Found this great little tool Yet Another Nutrient Calculator
  4. Hey guys, this is my first post, I have been in the reef game for a little now but always good to talk to as many people as you can i believe, any in put or experience will be great questions 1, how many fish (in length) do u guys have in your tank? I know there is a lot of variables but if you have a lot then what is working for u (filter system) 2. I run ozone that is controlled by an ozone controller, I run it at 360 on my orp, what are others running theirs at? 3. My sand is dirty and it is so annoying having to turn it over all the time, what are you guys using to prevent this, is a sand sifting star an option? Apparently they die of starvation ? 4. I am currently using the "aquavitro" range which is good but a little expensive, what are u guys using for your calcium and mag ? 5 the last one is that I'm looking for a fish or something that brings something different to the tank, any suggestions? I was thinking a powder blue tang or kole tang ? Thanks
  5. The first one I put in two months after Oswald that knocked my tanks around big time has grown maybe 5 or 6 mill since then and looking good and is progressing to adult nicely at a very tiny size, now the one in the top tank I put in a while back, not sure exactly when, but so far it hasn’t grown at all, that I can tell, but it’s pattern is progressing nicely and feeds well. The reduction of size via temp, foods and tank size, was inspired by a guy in Melbourne but mainly by a wholesaler we use to deal with in the 80s, back well before quarantine! I had some stuff and he had a new shipment the first time i saw this and in it was a full adult imperator at less then 4 inches in size. I was amazed and that was not the only species that was tiny that he had gotten in over the years I would frequent there and all were full adult colours??!
  6. Hi,, just joined tonight but have been checking out the forum for a few weeks and it seems very informative. I have had marine fish for a few years but recently started a freshwater tank which is only for display purposes. Already I am having a snail problem from plants bought from a fish shop, but most of the ones I have visited all seem to have snails on their plants. I am checking out the plant section for some advice because I have not had freshwater for years and forgotten all the tricks.
  7. Went for a run up to Rainbow Beach for a stay overnite and for a look around the 4wd tracks. Had a look at Double Island Point, Freshwater Lake, Frankis Gulch and my favourite Searys Creek There was no fish in Freshwater lake that I could see when snorkeling apparently due to it drying out in drought, but there was plenty of tadpoles, crayfish and shrimp. Frankis Gulch had Ornate Rainbowfish but would be same as Teewah creek Noosa River strain as runs into Teewah creek The lower reaches of Searys creek is nice but plenty of Sandflies. I can see why it is protected Such a beautiful area with great wildlife above and below the water.
  8. When I was young, I got into this hobby as my Dad was into it. I took one of his two foot tanks and stocked it with fish I liked. Hence the tank had 4 gold severum. 4 festivum, a couple of blue acaras and a couple of green terrors.... maybe some barbs too. It was a planted tank, with rock sculptures...... Into the tank I introduced a pair of kribs that bred and raised there fry to 1 cm. Come to present day when I know a couple more things, and my lad has a tank. His is a little bigger, and has now the zebra Oscars amongst others. Before moving my Oscars they were dominating the tank, with 3 geos, 3 silver dollar a big goldspot and some kribs. Just went to check on the zebra Oscars, and found crib babies, about 1 cm long. Pleco has been moved by the kribs from under his rock, and goes are all at one end. Joel's tank of nasty big fish with kribs as mine so long ago has 1 cm kribs overcoming the odds. At least his are in a bigger tank than mine..... Interested in others tales of the circle of fish keeping, and fish overcoming the odds.
  9. .I wish I had the space and an agreeable wife. Someone is gonna get a bargin. 3ft x 2ft tank | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South West - Forest Lake | 1064656530
  10. .The New Deltec SC1660 DC Controllable Protein Skimmer Has landed at a very affordable price for a quality German made product. Specs - The new SC1660 skimmer is the latest product in the Deltec range and boasts some impressive features when it comes to protein skimming. Deltec wanted to produce an economical in sump DC skimmer that was compact, high performing, whisper quiet and with low wattage via its DC pump for aquariums up to 1300 litres. The SC1660 with its compact design and unique features ticks all of the boxes. With an impressive 1000 litres of air from the venturi via the 24W max DC pump and compact footprint, this model offers a high quality product at a very competitive price. Features - SC 1660 High performance skimmer Competitive pricing. Low power consumption at only 24 watts 6 stages of adjustment via the included DC pump controller High air volume at the venturi - up to 1000lt/hour Whisper Quiet, low energy pump Flexible installation with regards to water depth Simple water level adjustment – no fiddly taps or pipes to fit or control. Remote cup drain Simple maintenance without the use of any tools. German manufacture by Deltec Long life expectation with all spares available. Technical data - SC 1660 Dimensions (LxWxH) / mm - 245 x 180 x 575 Power consumption - 24 Watt 6 Stages of pump adjustment Airflow - up to 1000 litre/hr Water level - min. 160 mm / max. 250 mm High stocking –1100 litres Normal stocking – 1300 litres Made in Germany 2 year warranty We are authorized Deltec resellers backed by the Australian national distributor. Priced at only $749.00 ( Usual Discounts Apply ) Link - Age of Aquariums - Deltec SC1660 - DC Controllable Ben
  11. .Hey just a heads up if you don't already have it by subscripton or have bought it in the shops, the October edition of PFK has a great article on Blue-eyes. They cover Furcatus, Gertrudae and signifer. Worth a look, You can't miss the mag it has a Furcatus on the cover.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. The monster Rhodactis in there is one I collected a while back along with a small one or two that my peps annihilated. I got the peps out and the multiplying begins. In the first pic is the monster on the right, the next two pics is a juvenile starting off and growing nicely. Peps have their uses, but they don’t discriminate with what anems they eat.
  14. very impressed with the level of service at the Redlands Pet Centre got a great discount, and really nice guys great stuff :beer:
  15. the gold fish are so nice. not sure of the prices though. fish an d tank sale | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South West - Sunnybank | 1050721026
  16. A big THANK YOU to all those concerned (you know who you are) for putting on the Treasure Hunt yesterday. We had an awesome time and met great people and won lots of prizes kindly donated by the sponsors. Steve's sausages were the best according to my daughter The food was plentiful and yummy. Will definitely be doing it again next year.....thank you to the clubs and sponsors, your efforts were well received and appreciated
  17. Queensland Federation of Aquarium Societies Invites you to participate in the; “2nd Q.F.A.S. Great Treasure Hunt” Saturday 21st JUNE 2014. The “Great Treasure Hunt” is all about having fun and enjoying the company of other aquarium enthusiasts. You will be travelling to a number of different aquariums shops, both north and south of the city. For lunch there will be a sausage sizzle in a park where there will also be some activities. Finishing off the day everyone will meet at a final destination for BBQ dinner and presentation of prizes. PRIZES ? Yes there will be prizes, lots of them, last year we had over $1000.00 worth. There will be prizes awarded for all sorts of things including; the person with most Treasure’s collected off the list, the most correct answers and heaps of others. Each of the shops you will visit has kindly donated at least one prize. There will be two groups, those starting on the north side of Brisbane and those starting on the south side of Brisbane. Each group will start at the location furthest out and work their way in to a central location for lunch. After lunch each group will swap sides of town and travel to the furthest location out, then work their way back to a different location for the presentation and dinner. At every location you will be asked to complete an activity to obtain your next clue envelope. Each envelope contains directions to follow that will tell you how to get to your next location. You should read these carefully before setting off to the next location. This is a Treasure hunt and you will need to collect some Treasure’s along the way. The list of Treasure’s you need to collect is enclosed in the first clue envelope. This can be obtained after completing the activity at the first location. There will be at least one Treasure, you need to collect, at every location you visit. Make sure you have a digital camera (most mobile phones now have built in cameras) as you will require one to collect some of the treasures. Yes they are photos. You can travel by yourself but it is recommended to work as a group of at least two (2), it is up to you. Along the way your instructions will contain some simple questions, which you will need to record on an answer sheet, so read the questions carefully and watch out for the answers While travelling around we have allowed enough time for you to spend at least 30 minutes at each shop so take your time and have a good look around. You never know you may find that bargin (Treasure) you have been looking for. Travelling time between each location will vary from 15 minutes to just over 30 minutes. At no stage will you asked to travel on any toll roads, or tunnels. The starting time is up to you but if you start any later than 10:00am you will not be able to spend time having a good look in each shop and you may miss lunch which will only be available between 11.30am and 1.30pm in the park. The BBQ dinner will start at 5.00pm and be followed by the prize presentations. If you are interested and wish to participate just email gday@firstclassaccounts.com before 11.00pm on the Wednesday 18th June 2014, giving your name and your suburb and how many will be in your group for catering purposes. You will receive your first set on instructions by return email on Friday night 20th June 2014. Note - this event is open to anyone who wishes to participate, not just affiliated aquarium club members. This is NOT a race so PLEASE do not speed.
  18. Last year QFAS ran the Great Treasure Hunt. Everyone of the 56 people that attended last year, loved it. Well it is happening again this year on 21st June. It was a long drive and a long day so this year we hope to make it a bit shorter in both time and distance. At present looking for suggestions as to which shops everyone would like to visit. We are also looking for a lunch location in a park with a creek and toilet facilities. Please post all suggestions - every one of them will be looked at. Graeme
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. I just bought some shrimpy stuff from Shrimplovers and it was really well packed and and they followed up with checking to see if the goods had arrived. Very happy with dealing with them. Highly recommended!!! Cheers Ben
  21. Hi All. We now stock the complete range of Serenity Aquatics Freshwater Substrates. Here are a few links, - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Black Diamond Sand 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Red Diamond Sand 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - White 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Coffs Harbour Fine 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Coffs Harbour Coarse 10kg - Age of Aquariums - Serenity Freshwater Substrate - Black 10kg This Substrate is Triple Washed and 100% natural so will not alter the water chemistry. Priced at $24.95 per bag. Usual Discounts apply plus our Famous capped delivery fee of $7.50 per order regardless of weight or quantity of items Australia wide. Ben
  22. Hi am currently setting up an aquarium and was wondering what the best ph for Africans are? I just did a ph test on my tap water at home and it is around 8.4. Is this too high and if it is what should I do? Will it drop a little with driftwood ,fish, other product in tank. Thank you
  23. Over twenty years ago I had heaps of tanks and bred red-eyed, black angels. Several long-distance home moves tamed the fish collection, but I am now settled again and have set up a 3 ft community tank. The back of the tank is well planted, with hifin platties (3) and neon tetras (10). I am looking for some angels (black, silver) to complete the community. I have not been able to find quality angels in pet/fish stores, so turned to the internet and found this great forum. Now that I have introduced myself, I can begin the search for those elusive angels.
  24. This site lets you put in all the ingredients and the quantity you are using and it will calculate the nutritional content of the food. Great if you are in to making your own fish food you can tweak the amount of ingredients before you make it. Recipe Calculator
  25. Just a suggestion I think it would be awesome if people put up photos of the parents of the fry they're trying to sell. See i don't know the names of many fish as i am just starting out. So unless there is a picture i would have to Google it. Now realistically, there is no way i am going to do that for every fs post i see. I'm missing out on getting some nice fish and you are missing out on a sale. There are definitely many more good reasons to add pics I'm sure. Please "Like" if you agree... Or post a reason for adding pics. OR EVEN BETTER...... PLEASE START ADDING PICS
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