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Found 97 results

  1. My goldfish have either stopped eating the Frog Bit or the recent weather conditions have made it grow very fast - Large plants are $1ea - Smaller ones cheaper - Deals on Bulk buys I have a recovery pond (once the goldies eat the leaves off the plant, it goes here to regrow ) that is getting crowded, they arent as vibrant green or as big as the others so I will do a small snack bag full for $10. Pickup from Redbank Plains, 4301. Can Express Post for extra $$. Thanks Tim
  2. I am chasing green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulates), anyone know where I can get some from a LFS ? Thanks, Phil
  3. I got a free 2ft tank with a filter I bought and I would like to try a green water culture and then get some daphnia. Online there are so many instructions and each one seems different I was hoping to get some clarity here. Or would it be better to just buy a culture? Here are my questions: 1. To start the culture I read to blend some lettuce and leave it outside for 24hrs then put that into the water. Is this correct? 2. Do you need an air stone with green water? 3. Someone said to put some endlers in there? What is this for? 4. Outside in partial sun ok? 5. Will it need a heater? Any tips would be great if I can't get it to work I might turn it into a brine shrimp hatchery instead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. edit: This appeared to be a loose tooth that burst through his lip, and after perhaps 30 hours of not eating and not wanting to move, he fixed it himself. Have spent a while searching but cannot find anything quite like this, so posting here and hope someone can steer me in the right direction. Also, can anyone recommend a book or website for viewing fish health issues? Seems our sponsors have http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3207&catID=67 but nil in stock http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/tex%20growth_zpsoute7iqj.jpg Problem:- Growth on mouth Ph:- 7.4 Ammonia:- Nil Nitrate:- Less than 5ppm Nitrite:- Less than 2ppm Gh:- 5 or 6 degrees Kh:- Aprox 10 degrees Size of tank:- 6Ft 800L plus 200L sump Temperature °C:- 27 to 29 Been running for:- 2 months. Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- adequate media in Sump, low t/o of 1500L/H, plus two large air pump sponges for surface movement and mechanical. Fish in tank:- Juvenile clown loaches, venustus, electric yellow labs, and 2ea 13-14cm red parrots, 1ea 18cm common pleco, 1ea juvenile (7cm) oscar. Parrots get chased by SGTexas, no other dramas in tank, all fish cohabit well. Plants in Tank:- None Feeding:- What food and How often twice daily, all consumed in less than 3 minutes 'except' some of the algae wafer tablets. Recent Medication Treatments:- None. Last water change:- 24 hours ago, change aprox 15% of water every 2 days. slightly more on weekends when vacuuming.
  5. Hot off the delivery truck, REPASHY Super Green Algae Gel Premix!!! Obligate Algae Eating Herbivorous Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates. Contains No Animal Products or Byproducts!! That's right folks, its a vegan food! Simply mix the powder up using the supplied directions, allow it to cool to room temperature until it is firm and then you can cut it into the desired sized pieces. It can be kept in the fridge for two weeks, making feeding your fish even easier!! This item will be available for purchase from our website very shortly!!! Keep an eye out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Repashy_Super…/643854903105.htm
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Anyone have or breeding sunshine and green dragon pleco's. Are they in Australia and are they any young available?
  8. In my efforts to breed a sailfin lyretail green molly from original stock of a sailfin male and many lyretail females, about 5 generations in I have produced this guy (below). Pay particular attention to his excessively long pelvic fins: Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  9. Hi! I was recommended to using glutaraldehyde for algae and this has gone very well in one of my aquariums. The treatment consists of using 5 ml of glutaraldehyde per 10 gallons of aquarium water at night for a period of two weeks. The glutaraldehyde that can be used is the medicinal one, or also come products specifically for freshwater aquariums that containing it, as is Seachem Flourish Excel and Api CO2 Booster, this last is the one I'm using. I've been one weeks already using it and the difference was really amazing. The glutaral, in addition to eliminate any type of algae including those you have in your aquarium, also provides CO2 to your plants. Please note, that there is one product of glutaral used as an industrial disinfectant, this can not be used for aquariums because that would kill the fish. This type comes mixed with other chemicals and detergents that affect to much the fish. Please don't use that kind of glutaral. If you want, you can find out more info about the glutaraldehyde on the internet but I really told you everything you need to know. Thanks for your attention guys, have a nice day! I forgot something! If you buy in a pharmacy, it has to be glutaraldehyde of 2%, no more please. There is one that came from 50% for example, that would kill the fish because it is too much amount, so it's better to buy the Seachem flourish excel or Api Co2 booster to secure that it safe to fish and invertebrates for freshwater aquariums. Thanks for read my post. Here I upload two videos of my tank, in this videos I want to show you it before and after the treatment. Regards. Before use the treatment with glutaraldehyde: After one week using the glutaraldehyde on my tank: ___________________ My channel in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVImmM5y7P98cGsVEVwidJA
  10. Green Element Led's 1/2 Price until stock lasts !!. These units are exceptionally good value for money and many people have experienced great results growing various types of coral under these units at 60cm + depth. Fantastic for a freshwater display also Nano - Normally $119.00 now $59.50 ( 20 only at this price ) 24" Normally $249.00 now $124.50 ( 37 only at this price ) 36" Normally $399.00 now $199.50 ( 64 only at this price ) 72" Normally $799.00 now $399.50 ( 5 only at this price ) Dimensions - length 12" / 72" depending on size x 5.00” x 1.00” Brackets add 0.65" in height 3w LED's 2160 Lumen 10000K LEDs Actinic 460nm LEDs Slim and contemporary light design 2 mode on / off function for day and night use Non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing 100V - 240V input 12 volt output 12 Month Australian Warranty First in best dressed. ( no further discounts apply / combine ) Link - Age of Aquariums - LED Lighting Ben
  11. any advice or tips, I'm trying formaldehyde and no light for a day or two. Appreciate it shared experience, it's got to be one of the biggest mistakes of the newbie planted aquarium.
  12. hi, bought this juvi today , it was advertised as a red spot green, the seller mention it looked like it had a bit of Turk in it , I bought it anyway because it was a nice looking fish, but to me it looks like a plain Turk , not a red spot green x, as it doesn't really have spots and looks more blue then green.
  13. Hi , got this juvi today , it was advertised as a red spotted green , but the seller mentioned it looked like it has some Turk in it . i bought it anyway because I liked the look of it , but It just looks like a Turk to me , as it has no spots and is more blue than green.
  14. Male or female? So hard to tell I think male as no dorsal spot ??
  15. Soooo come home from work today and noticed my super greens gut was hugggggeee. But it's still eating like a machine and is acting like its about to lay ( chasing away the others ). But Its the only Texas I have in the tank. WHAT IN THE HELL would it be trying to mate with ? If that's what it's even trying to do or is it some sort of diesease.
  16. .Hi, Are there any Green Chromides around
  17. I plan to get some in the near future. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good blood lines in Australia?
  18. Have a small out break of blue green alge. I recently up graded my light so im thinking it maybe due to that from what ive read to much light can be a cause. Im 99% sure it is blue green alge.... Whats the best way to control it. Tank has a small Jack and a large Pleco in it atm Thanks in advance NS
  19. Hi All, I've just found this site and am new to keeping fish. I have a Green terror about 12cm long by himself in the tank at the moment but I am looking at getting him a tank mate. I was looking for some suggestions on some suitable mates for him? Thanks
  20. Quite happy with the outcome!!
  21. Hi All. We just received our shipment of Green Element LED's. Currently we have the 12" Nano up to the 72" 156w unit. Configured currently with a 3w actinic / 10k mix. We will have the dedicated 6500k version in approximately 3 months ( currently in production ) Prices start from $89.00 ( 10% QLDAF Discount applies as per norm ) Link - Age of Aquariums - Green Element 12 Month Local Australian Warranty on all components. Ben
  22. I found these in one cluster of 5 a little while back and nowhere else in SEQ have I seen this type and the largest that’s a monster, is splitting and it has a friendly clingon being a porcelain crab as well. I don’t know its exact name due to not being able to find it anywhere on the net or in my books. I left three behind to keep on multiplying at that 18 foot deep spot and hopefully this type that is not usually in SEQ, will keep going strong. I would think the oceans higher temps put this species here!
  23. Hey guys, After a bit of expertise here! I bought 2 small Green terrors from Livefish. One of them has been going great and holds his own well, the other one has been sulking about and not eating well. I have noticed he has red patches on his gill plates which from my research seems to indicate a bacterial infection. Couple of pics below. I have just moved him into another tank where he wont get picked on, but should I put him in a hospital tank and dose him with something? What products are good for this kind of thing? Is it just maybe stress or is something wrong? Any help greatly appreciated!
  24. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has past experience in breeding GTs and how long it takes them to go from an egg to been coloured up and saleable? Thanks
  25. I keep getting green algae buillt up all over my glass within about a week. Is there a natural way I can stop this like snails or something? Thanks
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