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Found 43 results

  1. This is my a list of crypts that were once around in collections but have not been sighted for some time and could be lost entirely from Australia (a crying shame) If you grow any of these please reply or drop me a PM... would be very interested in getting any pics. If you have any of these please propagate. Missing in Action (once recorded in AU but not seen recently) Cryptocoryne auriculata ^ Cryptocoryne bogneri *^ Cryptocoryne ciliata var. ciliata ¹ (the narrow leaved one, not latifolia) tenuous - article refers to ciliatas) Cryptocoryne griffithii ^¹ Cryptocoryne hudoroi ² Cryptocoryne lingua *^ ² Cryptocoryne longicauda *^² Cryptocoryne minima ¹ Cryptocoryne nurii ^¹² (BrianS found Fishchick's C. nurii was not) Cryptocoryne pygmaea ¹ Cryptocoryne scurrilis ^ Cryptocoryne schulzei ^ Cryptocoryne striolata ^ Cryptocoryne spathulata ^ Cryptocoryne thwaitesii *^ Cryptocoryne tonkinensis (Cryptocoryne crispatula var. tonkinensis) *² Cryptocoryne versteegii ^² Cryptocoryne xpurpurea ^² * listed by DAFF as allowed imports ^ listed as in AU by Champion et al. 2008. Risk assessment of tradeable aquatic plant species in Australia ¹ listed in this Australian Emerse Crypts article on another site ² pers comm. from grower This represents a tragic loss of plants from Australia that may never be imported again... many have been lost as the old collectors hang up their tanks and nobody carries the flame forward. I'm hoping we can find any that are on the brink, propagate them up and distribute them more widely. (Note: this is a copy from the master list I am currently attempting to maintain on the AquariumLife forum. It may not be up to date if you stumble on this some time from now as QLDAF doesn't allow edits to really old posts.)
  2. I’m cleaning up and realised I have an old wormfarm that I have dumped and forgotten for years. Since I’ve started growing soldier flys now (I used to have mealworms but got too tired maintaining them), might as well use the worm farm. Any suggestion on BIG WORMS that I can grow? Plan to use the harvest from these units as food for my fish. If you have some worms to sell from your wormfarm, pls let me know.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468268424/l-i-v-i-n-hive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It takes over my tanks but when I put it outside it dies. And it's not just duckweed, I've tried guppy grass, swords, azolla, frogbit and I will even admit trying water lettuce but it all dies. I keep having to do waterchanges on the ponds because algae takes over, usually green/brown water with stringy algae. What am I missing? Can anyone suggest another plant that would take up enough nutrients to stop the algae. Any help appreciated. Cheers mick
  5. Next part of my fish room build is some fry grow-out tanks mostly for Tropheus. What size do people recommend here? 2x1x1??? Prob gonna keep filtration simple and use sponges with regular water changes. Sent from my HTC_0P6B using Tapatalk
  6. Im wondering what size tanks with everyone uses for growing out there african fry and how many fish do you have in there? I currently have a 5x1.5x1.5 tank divided in half with just under a 100 lithobates and was thinking it maybe be to heavily stocked and slowing there growth.
  7. Hi all, can someone please tell me what is the secret to growing moss? I have bought heaps of the stuff, all different varieties and it all ends up the same way....dead. I do 50% water changes 2 x weekly, use ferts that Dave from Aquagreen advised, dose with seachem excel every second day and still the rotten stuff dies. I tie it to rocks, driftwood with cotton, it won't stay on there no matter how much cotton goes around it. Can some one please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Appreciate any tips. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I waz just using the aqadvisor.com calculator on my little second tank - 28cmx28cmx28cm which has 4 Albino Cories and 4 Peppered Cories in it. The advisor said that this was seriously inappropriate sized tank and that my Albino Cories would grow to 6.4cm and the Peppers to 6.9cm. Wow, I never really thought much about their maximum adult size; I've only ever seen them as real little fishes in local aquarium shops. If this tank is not sufficient for my much loved pets (they are so cute and fun to watch whilst having a cuppa) then I have a larger 2 foot 65 litre tank - BUT this has a mating pair of common Bristlenoses in it (with their cave, and an artificial hollow log and their driftwood). Will the Cories annoy and bother the Bristlenoses (who hide all day long and come out to eat when the lights are out) ?? Will the Cories steal the algae wafers and sinking shrimp pellets (Wardley) from my Bristlenoses, even though I put these in prior to darkening the tank ?? The Bristlenoses have had the tank bottom all to themselves - are they into sharing ??
  9. ..A number of customers have taken us to task in regards to the recent post of AQUAmunch Thrive Advance is finally HERE (Compare to spectrum grow) http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquaholics-online-120/aquamunch-thrive-advance-finally-here-compare-spectrum-grow-115673/ There are a number of questions posed to us due to this post and I must apologise as I just do not have the answers, I wish I did but sorry I don't. One of the first questions I received was in regards to the "Stir Test" and I tried my best to look at what the test had shown, I looked at it from the data that was provided - I then looked at it from different angles, and even viewed it at to the extreme of viewing it at 400% and even at this I could not explain it - I can see see where the test showed that the New Life Spectrum had been stirred to the extent that you can see the marks on the top of the cup where it had been stirred leaving solids, as well as water to the top of the glass and where the sediment had settled on the bottom of the other glass but there was no water or anything on the top of the glass. I have no explanation on why this would be the case? When you do compare the ingredients again I was at a loss as New Life Spectrum do state that they do use Whole Herring, it is difficult to compare as the viewable reference to thrive do state that they use Fish Meal and a imported product from Europe and according to Wikkipedia, if that is any reference, they mention that fish meal in general to FishMeal from Europe, that it can include ingredients like Eel but I can not substantiate the ingredients used in fish meal to compare to. Similarly the viewable reference for plant matter I could not see any list of plants used in order to make a comparison. Whilst New Life Spectrum state the following ingredients I can not make an accurate comparison and do apologise. This is the list of ingredients contained on New Life Spectrum Growth to draw your own comparison but I am sorry I can not help. Knowing that there are various levels of Mercury contained in Fish/Fish Meal, we would be grateful if you are aware of a low cost test kit and we would be very interested to look at this further. We do abide by the rules of QLDAF in regards to :- 1.3. Naming businesses - Negative vendor verdicts and comments are unacceptable particularly in today’s litigious environment. Do not mention a store or commercial venture in a negative light. If you have a problem with a business, please take it up with them directly. If you are still not satisfied you can avail yourself of many other avenues or agencies outside of our forum (eg DeptFair Trading etc) Please do not take this as a negative to another brand - we are just saying - "We do not have the answers" and do apologise for this. Donny@ageofaquariums or Ben [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] if you have any information that may assist me with this I would be most grateful.
  10. .Well its finally arrived... All the way from Europe AQUAmunch Thrive Advance.. Aquamunch Thrive Advanced we sent out some sample to people all over Australia and if you were one of them PLEASE COMMENT HERE with how you found the product We are kicking off the product with some great specials 100g - $9.95 0n sale now $7.50 (Forum discount $6.75) 250g - $16.95 On sale now $12.50 (Forum Discount $11.25) 500g - $22.90 On sale now $19.00 (Forum Discount $17.10) 1KG - $29.90 On sale now $25.00 (Forum Discount $22.50) 3KG - $75.00 On sale now $65.00 (Forum Discount $58.50) These prices are for a limited time as we want people to try it for themselves... It is also available in a stage 2 size 1mm which will be released soon The images below are to show you size comparison as well as the pellets water stability
  11. What is your favourite grow out food, and feeding patterns to grow from fry to saleable fish.....
  12. During my latest fish audit I measured some of my Paracheirodon axelrodi in the display tank. Biggest was just on 5cm! Many were around the 4.5cm mark. Must be something in the drinking water. I should bottle it and sell it as miracle tonic.
  13. Hey, I'm new here and this is my first post I keep tetras, plecos and bristlenose in a 4ft and I am planning on starting a planted aquarium with driftwood and plants. I really like the look of Black Diamond Quartz and i was wondering if plants would grow well enough in it? I had a friend tell me that the quartz won't hold the nutrients that the plants need to grow 'well' I was looking for peoples opinions on this issue I'm also wondering it would be too sharp, or to compact and have ammonia build up underneath like sand? Thanks
  14. I have some amazons swords of some sort in pots.. I was wondering if they could be attached to driftwood with fishing line? thanks
  15. Hey guys, I have my first grow out/4x2x2 on the go now with approximately 100 x 2-3cm fry. I am feeding them a mixture of veggie flake and high protein .5mm granules. Just wondering about under/over feeding them and what kind of WC i should be doing. Cheers Nicole
  16. This will be my Fry grow out rack i will be making for my Mollies, Swordtails, Guppies & BN Suckers. They will be Clear 60L tubs up top each with a Sponge filter in it. Blue line will be the air line, with a big Aerator to give correct amount of air. The white shelf, will be for if i get over run i will put another 6 tubs in there. Bottom shelve will be left over for Bags, Food, Nets Ect: Let me know what you all think?
  17. Hi, I recently got a few fancy juvies off Goldenswimmers (thanks Brent), and whilst they are currently in a tank indoors, I am toying with the idea of putting a couple outdoors into some type of large container, just to see how they would grow and develop. I would love some ideas on some cheap setups that other people have used and are working well. Any ideas on container, filtration, plants (no/yes - type) would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Does anyone have experience with using IBC's as grow outs outside. I was thinking summer only at this stage as I don't want to have to deal with the heating costs, though I'm sure that's likely to change down the line. Should they be in the sun or in the shade? The only way I can get them inside is to remove the entire sliding door assembly and I'm not sure I want to go there. What have been other people's experiences been?
  19. hi all I am looking for some advice I currently have a pair of BN longfins plecos witch have succesfully breed a few times now in my community and and am looking to breed them longterm. Though i would like to move the fry to a grow out tank or tub till they are big enough to sell. My question are. What size tank or tub should i get that will be suitable to do this. I have just started breed fish and so far i have sold about 40 bn plecos . lol i think this is the start of an addiction thanks michael
  20. I’m doing some research on pleco and most of the species I saw grow to about 10cm. Are there any other L’s that grow at least by 15cm, not hard to keep and would be happy on a community tank(not into breeding, just happy to see them swimming and cleaning the tank)? Also expected $$$ that I’ll be paying for these guys and availability. Saw a honeycomb pleco and still looking for other options. L expert opinion will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Few months back Few Weeks Back Week or 2 ago - hard to catch on glass Just tonight.
  22. After reading the thread on wether or not to substrate your tank....i got a bit more creative and thought I would help out some of the little guys (burundis) I am growing out...from a clear,empty "grow out" tank to a mini natural scape...think the guys enjoy it as they have started colouring up alot better and also seem a bit more relaxed in the new set up....its 2 x 2 so has a nice footprint size but its only a grow out guys....
  23. How do you help American cichilds grow faster I have JD, Jag, Dovii and 2 Geos all small
  24. curious how many people have or are using Large plastic tubs as grow out tanks for there fish? If you use a heater and a sponge will that be enough in them? Will the heater melt the plastic over time? is it better to use larger tubs say 90liters + so you dont have to clean them as much as you would your fish tank? anyone with first hand experience on the matter would be great. Thanks in advance.
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