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Found 49 results

  1. Weekly video log of my guppy fry since they were few days old until almost adult size :
  2. And tips how to raise fry correctly:
  3. I planted a row of bok choy seedlings in the hope that algae eating and vegetarian fish will eat that rather than munch on plants that I paid big bucks for. Tomorrow I will probably plant iceberg lettuce which is now around the same height and maybe spinach along with a few brassicas that never seem to do that well outdoors in the Queensland summer. You have to excuse me if this seems crazy but I've not got much experience keeping fish seriously. Does anyone else feed vegetarian fish like this and if so do the fish get enough nutrients. For me it's more important that they are happy and get something to nibble on rather than purchased plants. To kill two bird with one stone, I never seem to have great joy with some purchased plants and feel that many shops sell bog plants that look attractive but really shouldn't be grown submerged for any amount of time. am I doing it wrong or is this not just my theory but a fact. Thanks
  4. When I bought them, they were 1/3 of their size today:
  5. watch my molly fry as they grow up from birth to almost adult size, ready to be moved to my 60 gallon community tank:
  6. Hi Guys Can anyone recommend good quality **** if possible see through *** plastic tubs to be used as small plant growing tanks. im going to setup a project in the cavity above my main tank ( its in a cupboard) will build a solid shelf to take the weight of a few maybe 20L tubs and ill have main tank water pumping up into them then gravity fed through them back out to my main tank. Will have LED lighting for them. Just want to know if anyone is using plastic tubs as sumps or fuges or even small tanks.. Regards Aron
  7. hi has anyone grown algae deliberately for algae eatets? my idea is to have a tank outside with polypipe or something similar and when algae grows take the pipes out put them in tank to feed bn fry etc. any ideas if this would work.
  8. Hi everyone. This is in regards to an ongoing problem I am having with my baby oscar. On the 2 of march this year I purchased a red oscar (my first oscar). He was the smallest of 5 that I got to choose from, and he was being bashed up by the others. So I took pity on him and bought him. He was probably not much more than 4cm when I got him. I also purchased a baby chocolate cichlid as well as as a baby severum. The plan being to eventually have a south american tank with these 3 as well as some silver dollars.. (I have bought the tank...just need more manpower to get inside of house) I thought that buy growing them up together they might get on better in the long run. Since purchasing them the chocolate cichlid and severum have almost doubled in size but my oscar has barely grown at all. He is finikey about his food. I have Hikari gold which he just spits out. I have tried garden worms (which the chocolate loves) as well as frozen blood worms and another frozen product which combines all sorts of ingredients such as peas, brine shrimp etc. which is made for cichlids. He tried this and seemed to like it first time but is now ignoring this as well. The only thing he seems to like is freeze dried brine shrimp. I have seen him poop - and it looks normal. But I am concerned as although he looks like he wants food, when it is put in tank he does not really show any real intent to want to eat. Apart from being small, he looks okay, his fins have all healed up from his bashing at the LFS and he is swimming around and chasing the little feeder fish that also live in his tank (some sort of tiny rainbow fish) it's just that he is not growing or putting on any size that concerns me. (Have I bought a dwarf oscar?) As he was being bashed in the LFS tank I was wondering if he is not eating due to the chocolate cichlid (as she is protective of her food)..so I started coaxing him down away from her and feeding him at other end..I put food in but he just swims away. I was under the impression that oscars grow fast..but mine is not...It has been 4 weeks that I have been trying to find something that he likes...What else can I try to get him to eat more?..I was wondering if because he seems to like chasing the rainbow fish if he is wanting live food??.I have these small cockroaches in my bathroom(not contaminated with insecticides) that I can try..would they be okay?
  9. As above looking for heaps for my pond please let me no if you have some or no where I can buy a heap of it that wont break the bank :/
  10. I saw a tropheus tank the other day and it was full of val. I was wondering if it would grow in my tang tank with ph (8.8-9) and in Calsium Carbinate substrate?
  11. What's this growing on my plants driftwood and caves?
  12. Hey all, Was just curious on the growth rate of Festae? I brought 3 Festae roughly 4 - 7 cms from pet world about a week ago, They all have been living together relatively nicely with 2 albino Cory's and 5 feeders. ( 4x2x2 tank btw ) When I first got them I had them in a nice set up with white sand blah blah blah, anyway I noticed they where very washed out so I changed the substrate an now try are starting to look quite decent, I have heard so much about the growth rate of these fish and that it's shocking? Roughly could anyone out there give me some details on growth rate, early signs of sexing, roughly when the colours start to come out, when aggression really kicks in and if my simple diet is ok for them? I feed then with ocean nutrition cichlid omni flakes, and every second day give then some frozen bloodworms. I mean the more info I can get from personal experience the better. Thanks everyone =) and p.s. Please be nice lol
  13. So last year I saw a few guys growing there b/s to full adults ,and with the wether warming up I thort I'd get a head start this year and try it my self . From what utube has shown me all you need is ... Drum salt Water And air to keep water moving I used a 200l blue drum (clean) and started to fill it with used fish tank water After it was almost full I needed to add salt and enough to get the salinity right ,trying to match what I hatch my b/s in , after putting all that salt in I tested it lol. Not even close hahaha Ok more salt I used x4 the green jug and got it close Got it !!! Now just add the new hatched shrimp tomorrow ........( if your wondering why there are chicken eggs next to my b/s hatchery that because a chook has taken a liking to laying her eggs on my work bench ) as this is my first time doing this any tips or input would be great Steve
  14. Firstly i have little to no idea on plants and i am looking to try my hand at emersed growing and dont mind chucking a few bucks at the project as i am looking to taper off with the fish breeding and have a bit of a play with the planted tank idea. my questions are 1. do aquarium plants grow quicker in a good emersed setup 2. Can most aquarium plants be grown this way ( i have a few different species of anubias in my tanks i could get some little ones of to muck around with if these work in emersed environment ) 3. What are the best ferts to use on the plants to maximise growth cheers Brenton
  15. I have treated it with a few different products but no luck:( What is it called and how do I get rid of it for good? Thanks
  16. Its growing! I dident think it would grow throu the wire but it seems to be sprouting up all over....will post another pic in a few weeks!
  17. a quick few snaps on whats growing out kilesa male showing a bit of breeding signs over his pit
  18. Haematococcus pluvialis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or even Dunaliella Salina " has a unique advantage that it is very rich source of the antioxidant carotenoid, beta-cartotene" Microalgae-Supply-Service | CSIRO http://www.marine.csiro.au/algaedb/default.htm not as easy as the usa, but could be a lot harder http://www.algaecollection.com/strain_all.pdf And heres global source http://mcc.nies.go.jp/AOACC/Facilities.html And a large scale production paper http://www.murdoch.edu.au/_document/News/CRST-AlgaeBiofuelsGIS-FinalReportt.pdf http://www.marine.csiro.au/microalgae/methods/ http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/utex/bulkcultures.aspx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mxGkmpYkAY lastly this looks like a fun little diy http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/utex/photobioreactoroverview.aspx
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Is there any tips or tricks to get babys growing faster then usual? Whats the best food to feed them and is there hormones or something that can be bought to help?
  21. Hello my fellow betta lovers (and other fish fanatics!), For the last few weeks I have been cursed with my mould growing in new microworm cultures. Anyone have any hints on how to help fix this? So far I've used Farex and wheatbix and both giving me the same result. Unfortunately, I have a brand new spawn that hatched this morning so really trying to sort this out as soon as I can considering I used the last of my old culture to make ANOTHER one just then. Thanks, Hachi
  22. done the google thing want to grow em out as tucker for larger fry any ideas ?
  23. So iv seen a few guys throw the left over brine shrimp in to a large drum out side in summer and let them grow out . Has anyone done this and how?
  24. hoping to get a pair have 10 of them never owned them before around the 7 to 8cm mark now
  25. Well i was introduced to forum a month or so ago (thanks Assh) and i have to say i am extremely impressed with the quality of advice and the willingness of people to share it with other fish lovers... I wish i knew it existed a long time ago! I have learned a rediculous amount already! I have a real love for studying Aussie Native Predators especially, and am an avid fisherman of them also... I am a relaive newby who's tanks have grown in 18months from one inherited 2.5 ftx1x18 tank with goldfish/platy's/ swordtails inhabitants... To a 6ft x18x18 tank with rescued Barra (but attempted 'introduce a tank mate' incident ruined that relationship after 12 months...oh how much i have learned). Now been replanted and stocked with solid bunch of mixed maturity Rainbows (Doub's, utchee ck, dungal ck, station ck), Empire Gudgeons (some wicked males), Rhads.... plus random Angels and Peppermint bn's. In next 2 months should have have stocked my super wicked new 5x2x2.5 ft tank w juvie Saratoga, resident sail fin pleco/gibby and hopefully tandanus (open to suggestions for more aussie natives though...!) Sticking with the Aussie Native Predator Tank theme here... Thus difficult to eat tank mates! And in next month stock an inherited 4ft tank w juvie super red texas just for the contrast and attitude.. I have recently either built or built in all 3 tank stands so they match the Aussie native theme... See attached photo of one of them...And yes i learned even more during this process.... Now i just have to narrow down the wish list of what i want to do next....breeding/acquascaping/CO2 substrate and grafting plants and catfish...convert to sumps... and work out how to fit it into the 2 bedroom unit that i also happen to live in... you know the drill... Anyhooser thanks for hearing me ramble and i look fwd to contact with a lot more of you in the near future... Regards in tanks...Ben
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