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Found 43 results

  1. edit: This appeared to be a loose tooth that burst through his lip, and after perhaps 30 hours of not eating and not wanting to move, he fixed it himself. Have spent a while searching but cannot find anything quite like this, so posting here and hope someone can steer me in the right direction. Also, can anyone recommend a book or website for viewing fish health issues? Seems our sponsors have http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3207&catID=67 but nil in stock http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/tex%20growth_zpsoute7iqj.jpg Problem:- Growth on mouth Ph:- 7.4 Ammonia:- Nil Nitrate:- Less than 5ppm Nitrite:- Less than 2ppm Gh:- 5 or 6 degrees Kh:- Aprox 10 degrees Size of tank:- 6Ft 800L plus 200L sump Temperature °C:- 27 to 29 Been running for:- 2 months. Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- adequate media in Sump, low t/o of 1500L/H, plus two large air pump sponges for surface movement and mechanical. Fish in tank:- Juvenile clown loaches, venustus, electric yellow labs, and 2ea 13-14cm red parrots, 1ea 18cm common pleco, 1ea juvenile (7cm) oscar. Parrots get chased by SGTexas, no other dramas in tank, all fish cohabit well. Plants in Tank:- None Feeding:- What food and How often twice daily, all consumed in less than 3 minutes 'except' some of the algae wafer tablets. Recent Medication Treatments:- None. Last water change:- 24 hours ago, change aprox 15% of water every 2 days. slightly more on weekends when vacuuming.
  2. Effect of fluctuations in salinity on the growth of juvenile fish Havent read the whole paper, but looks interesting.
  3. I have a 10 litre betta tank its about a month old and suddenly after a 60% water change a huge amount of white stringy stuff is over everything. I've never seen this happen before and i have had a lot of tanks over the past 5 years. Ive got no idea...
  4. Hoping to hear opinions/suggestions/feedback on optimum conditions for growth and wen development in ranchu's/oranda's (temp,current,water depth, feeding etc). Either from personal experience and any articles would be great! Thanks
  5. Hey guys just recently bought 10 peacock bass at around 5 cm and thought id do a thread on their growth rate, I have raised fry before so I know they grow quick but this time I'm doing it a little different. Different diet and bigger tank. I will update each month with some pics and just and update on their diet and behavior. Currently in an 8ft with water temp at 28 degrees , ph is 7.4 and I've added a nice big peice of drift wood with Anubis as I found last time it brought the green out more and just somewhere for them to hide Their current behavior is standard for bass this size and they just hide and sook until feeding time. I've also attached a photo of the father as he has beautiful colors Their diet for this first week has been brine shrimp and bloodworms , will be moving them onto new era very soon as it's a softer pellet for them to start with.
  6. So I'm slowly converting to larger natives and been buying some fingerlings as I enjoy watching them grow. Currently I have the following: 1 Murray cod 5 cm 1 barra 12 cm 1 jade perch 30 cm 7 bass 7 cm 4 tandanus cats 12 cm 1 saratoga lei 10 cm At the moment the barra and the perch are in a 4x2, cats and bass in a 3 ft and the saratoga and the cod in separate 3 ft tanks. They'll be moved to larger tanks once they get to 20cm or so. The long term plan is to have the cod in its own outdoor pond and to have 2 8x3x2 ft tanks for display. My main concern is that they'll all have different growth rates that they can't be moved at the same time to bigger tanks in a year or so and end up having more tanks running..... is there anyway to try and have them grow at a similar rate? From my understanding bass are slow growers and everything else is fast Also should I be putting them together when they're small so that they'd be less agro to each other when they're big? And with the current stock list and future plan would I be able to get more fish now or should I just leave it? I haven't fully decided on which fish are going with each other yet so ideas and opinions would be great
  7. .Hey guys, any tips on how i can get my fuelleborni to grow faster? I have the males and females seperate. I do twice weekly water changes and feed twice a day. Any way i can make it even faster wud be awesome. Just they are around the 4-5cm mark and have only put on 1cm in like 3 months?
  8. .Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with 2 questions about my bristlenose fry. How big do they need to be befor I start to sell them on. Secondly how long dose it take them go grow from hatchlings to that size. I relies it will depend on lots of things. I just want a rough time frame to work with. Thanks for your help.
  9. :help::help:So at the moment, my tank has fake plants in it which i know doesn't help algae growth but it covering 2 sides of the tank badly and in the gravel. I am having to clean it twice a week. I currently have 2 fire mouths and 3 Saulosis cichlids in my tank. Can anyone please help with ways to maintain or control the algae growth to a minimum...
  10. Hey all, can you please tell me what this is & should i be concerned? I vacuum it off & it grows back within 12 hours or so. I did treat with an algae killer yesterday afternoon, but no signs of it receding. Oh, and the tank has only been running about 2 weeks Thanks, Bear
  11. For the last 3 weeks, I've noticed my dragon betta to be eating less than usual and about last week he had developed a sort of white lump which has become steadily more prominent. Is there anything I can do to help the little guy out? Thanks
  12. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has past experience in breeding GTs and how long it takes them to go from an egg to been coloured up and saleable? Thanks
  13. Hey guys, just had my first batch of common bn fry, roughly 40 pretty excited about it, just wondering how long they usually take to get to about 3 cm? currently there already pretty big around 1 cm just wondering what there grow rate is like? Ive been doing weekly water changes also in the hope of faster growth rates. Cheers Seth
  14. Just wondering if anyone can help me out please. I have a few plants in my tank. Since I have put them in, (about 2 months ago) they seem to be doing really poorly. The leaves on them have this sort of rusty look on them. I only have a blue spectrum fluro running on this tank. Is this light source adequate. I leave the light on for about 8hrs a day, is this enough light time or do I need to increase it? It looks as if the leaves are being burnt. I really don't know what to do about this and any feedback will be awesome. Thanks guys.
  15. Hi All, I have recently acquired an AR850, I want the best possible bulb combination for plant growth. I realise there is the potential of upgrading via DIY, however having no DIY skills I think it may be best I make do with the fittings that are there. I believe with AR850 one bulb is 20watt and two are 25watt. Are the best bulbs the 'sunlight' and the 'tropical' bulbs? Which combo would be most efficient? Thank you kindly.
  16. If My dwarf hair grass is getting algae growth but not growing a great deal itself is it not enough light? Thanks for your help
  17. just wondering what the average growth rate is under good conditions, mainly african peacocks,, obviously tank conditions and food play a big role, for instance 1 of my tangerine peacock males has taken 1year to grow to 15cm,(probs max size) i got him at 4-5cm, fed on (hikari cichlid gold) and live guppies,shrimp once a week out of my dam.. also would live foods be classed as 100% protein?? probs been coverd before but thanks for any input...
  18. Problem:- One of my bettas has a growth on his gill that I've never seen before, and I'm not quite sure what it is. It looks like 3 little white bits pushing the scale up. The actual scale is raised, and these are sitting underneath it with some redness around them. He had a recent bout of what I think was fin rot, and had very mild pop-eye. The fin rot was about 2 weeks ago and has departed. The white spot and pop-eye came out on the same day - 2 days ago. Both went away, but now there's a growth pushing out from under the scale where the white spot was, and it looks a bit nasty. He is a very active, otherwise healthy looking fish. His appetite hasn't changed. There is a more in-depth description in the medication section below. Ph:- I use tap water and don't adjust for PH at all. It's showing as 7, but my test kit only goes up to 7, so could be more. Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 0 Nitrite:- N/A Gh:- N/A Kh:-N/A Size of tank:- 5 litres Temperature °C:- 24-26 degrees. Since it's started getting hot in the last week, we've had the air conditioner on in the middle of the day. His tank was a bit close to the vent, so his tank temp varied a bit from warm (28) to cool (24) and back to warm for about a day and a half before I moved him away. I think this may be what encouraged the problem. Been running for:- 6 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- No filter - just flat water. Fish in tank:- 1 mustard gas halfmoon Plants in Tank:- There was one potted crypt in there, but I removed it about 2 weeks ago so I could treat him for the beginnings of fin rot. Feeding:- New Life Spectrum Betta Formula pellets - 2-3 pellets twice a day. Once a week he gets two blood worms instead of pellets for a meal. Recent Medication Treatments:-As mentioned above, about 2 weeks ago I noticed what I thought were the beginnings of fin rot. He's a beautiful half moon, so I jumped on that right away. I removed the plant from his tank, scrubbed it, boiled the substrate, sat the tank in boiling water (don't worry, he wasn't in it at the time!). When I set it back up, I put 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per litre in there with him. I had read this was a good mild treatment for fin rot. I changed his water every 3 days and salted it for about 3 changes. His fins appeared to be fine. Then I noticed what looked like ich on his gill cover 3 days ago. He also had what looked like the beginning of pop-eye in the eye opposite to the white spot. I changed his water as soon as I saw it and dosed him with Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium, and also 1 teaspoon of salt in the 5 litres. The spot went away by that evening and his eye was back to normal. The next day I noticed his gill cover looked a bit rough. I kept on with the Easy Life dosing. Today I can see these white bits pushing out from underneath a scale. I've got a pic below. Last water change:-2 days ago when I noticed the white spot and pop-eye. Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - I change the water in all of my betta tanks once a week. I make the water up the night before and let it sit overnight. If the tanks look grubby, I'll do it more often, but this guy has only been once a week until he got sickly. The very first lot of substrate I got for my tanks (he's the second betta I ever got) was pretty crappy stuff. I threw it out a few weeks ago and replaced it with plain sand because two of the other fish with the same substrate got fin rot. I replaced all of them with sand and all three fish came around. I watch them all every day, so I noticed right away when he had problems. The first and third fish to show problems lost quite a lot of fin in a short amount of time, but it seems to have halted now. Thankfully, this poor little guy didn't lose much fin at all - you can barely tell. Unfortunately, he's now struggling with whatever this thing is. Please help - he's my favourite fishy!
  19. Hi all, Quick question. What sort of growth rate can I expect from some mixed peacocks, red zebras and yellow labs? I know feeding and water condition are factors but even from your experience I'm just after a rough guide Cheers 👍👍👍👍
  20. Hi All, For you QLDAF members not based in QLD here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Koi Food The new JPD range is considered the best koi food in the market in Asia / USA. On a side note we do have a large amount of American cichlid keepers / Large Africans that love the range of JPD also. Ben
  21. Hey all, Does a lack of oxygen in a tank promote more algae growth? I was told the other day that the algae in my tank could be so prevalent due to lack of oxygen, however it doesn't make sense because Algae photosynthesizes right? So in effect if it needed low oxygen to thrive it would effectively kill itself off by producing it?
  22. Any information and tips would be great as I'm starting to build my planted Cherry Shrimp tank.
  23. Hi, I hope you can help... hopefully I am only panicking! I have just noticed that my Bristlenose Catfish has a strange mark/growth on his mouth. At first I thought he may have a piece of fluff on its mouth. It wasn't there yesterday. He's just as active, moving around the tank sucking on everything as he usually does. I have attached a photo. The Tank is 54L with 2x Dwarf Gouramis, 6 White fin ornate Tetras & the little catfish. Thanks in Advance.
  24. Hi all. I was cleaning out my GF's tank which held her fighting fish and had a bit of a major whoopsie lol. I put her fish into a divider and placed it in one of my tanks as I have done before without any troubles what so ever. This time however, the little sod escaped (only way was to jump over so im still rather suprised he did escape) whilst I was cleaning and when I looked back at the tank there was ol' pinky in the corner with a very irrate fish beating him up. Stupid mistake i know but now I have 2 problems. 1) a pissed off girlfriend lol 2) more seriously a fighter who has had basically every fin on his body torn off completely. Will his fins ever regrow after such destruction? He is a testament to the hardy nature of the fish that he's still alive and back in his own tank but he cannot swim well at all which is no suprise and he has very limited ability to keep himself upright so he just leans against the edge of the tank. He is eating occaisionally if I place food in front of his mouth. I know they are cheap etc but I do not like fish dying/ being injured and I would like to save him if he can recover to having functional fins but I also don't want to be cruel and keep him alive if he will never recover the fins that he has totally lost. I have Melafix and plan on using that if he is saveable. any other tips or advice apart from don't put fighting fish in with bigger fish regardless of a divider? Cheers, Steve.
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