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Found 9 results

  1. Yes I went there, after all the fun of the last discussion I figure it's time again. Can I use nitra guard in an internal filter and how does it go with a chemi pure friend? I'm using nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and phosphate removal pads in conjunction with chemi pure and my nitrates are still around 10ppm nitrate and 1ppm phosphate. I have a fairly heavily stocked and fed reef tank using Berlin method. I have cut done from 30% twice weekly waterchanges to once weekly and want to have nitrate and phosphate down close to zero. Rumour has it that [MENTION=89]borntobreed[/MENTION] uses it and [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] is an advocate, so sell it to me peeps. Also interested in opposition opinion. Cheers mick
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Hey guys, in the process of making a new sump and was looking for cheap biomedia alternatives. One I stumbled across was gutter guard. Would rolls of gutter guard full submerged be good bio filtration? Planning to also put a big block of Marinepure and expanded clay into the sump as well
  4. Dear Members I feel very positive about all the upcoming changes and the renewed vigour that's being injected into the Forum with Russ and Webmaster's new leadership. As recently mentioned to the moderating team, the time I can devote to the required Admin role/duties is limited (as you've all no doubt noticed in past months) and it would not be fair to Russ and Webmaster for me to stay on. Furthermore, I think it wise for me to also move on so past detractors of the Forum can clearly see a 'change in management' so to speak. This fresh start, along with all these great upcoming initiatives/changes, should certainly keep members meaningfully involved and engaged with the hobby. The proposed direction of our Forum is an exciting one and I wish everyone in the mod team the best and continued loyalty to Russ and Webby. Indeed, I can step down knowing that our Forum is certainly in good hands. I look forward to being a regular member again of this great Forum and welcome the opportunity to meet more and more new members. Thanks all Peter
  5. G' Day all Well as you may have noticed I have been absent over the last few months and this is due to a new and exciting opportunity that has arisen for myself and my family and due to this I have not spent the time on the site as much as I would have liked to and what the site and you the members deserve. Over the next few months I will be able to give less and less time to you the members and to concentrate on the growth of the site and this is when I had to make a huge decision and that was to make sure that you the members could get the most out of the site. As of yesterday I have sold the forum to man who is well known and respected within the qld area and more so by QLDAF members and this is Russ from Redlands Pet Centre, I believe by selling the site to Russ that he will help it to keep on growing with the main focus being you the member first and for most. I do believe that you will all show Russ the support and the loyalty that you have shown me over the years and also look towards the future with Russ at the helm to help guide you all to getting out as much as you put in. I would also like to take 5 and just say that I have owned, managed many businesses over the years and have also been a member of many different clubs, groups and the like and in that time I have never witnessed such devotion and loyalty and pride in a group of people as I have been privileged and honoured to see here on this site. I thank you all for not only enriching others lives but also enriching my own and I would also like to thank Peter especially as he has been my right hand man and his loyalty to you all and his friendship will be that of a friend for life and this forum is just that much better for having someone like peter involved so heavily. I would also like to thank all of my team within the SM and FM's as you all have been that consistent and unwavering in your tireless efforts that helped make this forum what it is today. I will be stepping down as Admin but will continue to be a member of this great site for many years to come and thank you all for making my life even more enriched for being able to help this site grow with all of your support. Cheers John
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hi I'm just Thinking instead of using bio balls in a denitrator what if I use gutter guard instead just worryed about if the flow would go to fast then create oxygen inside or is this not possable with a pressurised cylinder and does any one know the suface area of the two thanks guys
  8. G'day everyone I have been told that bio balls arethe way to go but there seems to be a lot of people using gutter guard. Do they both REALLY do the same thing? I took some of both to work and had a look under a microscope. The bio balls were much smoother than the gutter guard. And just for fun I put the gutter guard through the sand blaster and now it is VERY rough. If it is rough it should be better for the bacteria to grow on...I think. Is that right? And I have been looking at these two products.http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 99&catID=9 http://www.aquariumsrus.com.au/filtersp.htm Can anyone please give me there advice on these or other products. And would it just be easier/more effective to put 20L of matrix in there instead? I know I am all over the place :upsidedown: But I would really appreciate any advice on this. Cheers Jono
  9. Bet you're sick of me by now, right? Two questions regarding DIY stuff. Gutter Guard as an alternative to Egg Crate, the only Gutter Guard I've come across is either metal, or incredibly flimsy, I've heard that there's some more expensive rigid plastic available, but I haven't been able to find it at my local Bunnings, any ideas? Paint for tank interior, I'm looking to paint my Overflow and Spraybar's black. There's a product available from I believe the US, called Krylon Fusion, which is a spraycan safe for tank interiors and works on pretty much any surface. Any alternatives available locally or am I going to need to order some of this stuff? Cheers guys, Ryan.
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