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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, As the title states, this is my first attempt at building or even using a sump. The sump is being made out of an old 2.5x1x1.5 tank I had laying around. It will be used to filter my 6x2x2. I have a few questions that Im hoping to have answered. I have searched through the forums and gathered as much knowledge as I can before even attempting a design but there are a few loose ends. Firstly, My tank was second hand when I bought it and I understand it is over 10yr old so Im not game enough to have the tank drilled. Ive bought an overflow box to use but I was wondering what i can connect the air tube up to so that the syphon is maintained even in the event of a power out. Im told that these units are supposed to keep the syphon going but Ive also heard som horror stories of massive overflows. Secondly, after searching designs and reading what I can find on the forum I have come up with a design of my own that I think will work well. That being said I have never done this before and definitely need advice. If you could have a look at my very basic design that i whipped up in paint and tell me if A. I have left enough space for media and B. if in the event of a power out, it could overflow onto the floor :hothead: :hothead: :hothead: Finally..... Where do i place my heater and air stone? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me. Joe. P.S. to explain my drawing a little, the front and top views are fairly self explanitory, but all of the cirlces in the side view represent holes i want to drill in the first baffle to allow even distribution across the bioballs/cubes/gutter guard... whatever ends up going in there.
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