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Found 23 results

  1. Just wanted to rant as I got slightly screwed by Gumtree today. Bought an Eheim 2217 canister filter off gumtree late last week. 3 years old, 70 dollars which seemed fair. Drive 45 mins to pick it up and he mentions "oh by the way I lost the clips a while back, but it always seals and only reason I'm getting rid of it is because of the noise from the spray bar as it's in my room". I think fair enough, not sure how it would stay sealed but I figured I'd test it on an empty 60 liter container. So I go to test it, and well the top won't stay on....... Turn it on and hold the top down figure the suction will draw it down so I can at least test the flow......I could feel a vibration but no flow. Decide to take a look at the impeller and shaft. Found piece broken off the impeller and the shaft broken. AWESOME. So after a little re-positioning I finally confirm that it will work, not impressed by the flow but hoping it's the impeller and yup it's holding itself down. My brain is telling me that the second I switch this thing off the water is going to push this thing off the canister and yup it does. So the person I bought this off is not a nice person. So my 70 dollar fair deal is now going to cost me around 110-120. Still isn't too bad but a little bit of honesty would have been nice as there is no doubt he knew as there is a noticeable noise from the unit when the impeller is actually moving. Very annoying.
  2. Gumtree has its decent bargains every known again I suppose... $20 got me a tank 61cmX31cmX37cm (L,W,H) Fluval U2 internal filter, two way air pump of some sort, syphon, water conditioner and some other bits and pieces like airtubing and a couple of other things. Pretty decent size for fry growout. it is the tank on the far right in the third pic.
  3. If this was in Brisbane. Fish tank aquarium | Fish | Gumtree Australia Blacktown Area - Plumpton | 1077715843
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I don't know how to paste the link in here But someone is selling jaguars x blue Texas 2 for $5 or make an offer lol Ahhh don't you just love Gumtree and the bizarre things you can find
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  8. Hi team over the last couple of years i have read i bunch of gumtree 'horror stories' BUT personally i have only have positive experiances.. I find most my sales (2/3's) go thru gumtree and i get little, to no 'gin' around from buyers, unlike here (qldaf) where i find heaps of tyre kickers/time wasting shats. what your opinion....
  9. For all goldfish lovers out there I found this really awesome traditional Japanese goldfish bowl whilst browsing on gumtree. The only reason I'm posting is I haven't ever seen one before, and I think I remember someone (perhaps Netty_3164) mentioning in an old post they were looking for one. Cheers Tomcat. Link: Ceramic fish tank - flower and gold fish motif | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South West - Westlake | 1034172164
  10. Hi guys, Just thought I would post this as they are a nice looking pair if Devils and you don't often see proven breeders up for Sale. Proven breeding pair for devils | Fish | Gumtree Australia Ipswich South - Beaudesert | 1028608135 Thanks, Beau.
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  12. Going to pick this up this arvo... RED TAIL GOLDEN AWARANA | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South East - Carindale I wish
  13. Hi Guys, Im NOT the seller..... just saw these on gumtree if anyones looking? Thought I'd let everyone know..... !+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+RED TAILED GIANT GOURAMIS+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+ | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Geebung
  14. Approx 20-25cm Iridescent Shark (Catfish) and free 360g pellets | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South East - Wakerley If your gonna message.... Don't bother, it's a Black Shark.
  15. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/brisbane-region/other-home-garden/poolrite-tank-only/1010371588 Just saw this on gumtree, I'm at work:( go get it! Could be a good grow out or cut to be a pond?
  16. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but its pretty hard to post in the Classifieds...they're not mine. (Move the thread if need be ) Electric Blue Jack Dempsey for Sale - Toowoomba: (Really hard to find in Toowoomba, wish i had the tank space , Hope someone can benefit... EBJD ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMPSEY | Fish | Gumtree Australia Toowoomba City - Toowoomba 4350
  17. Anyone brought fish off gumtree before?? Thinking about cause no car to drive off of redcliffe to get what I'm after. I don't think I would just want to see if anyone has and if they got what the add says. Cheers
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  19. http://m.gumtree.com.au/6-ft-fish-tank-with-marine-fish-and-all-equipment/v?adId=1004669309 Something half decent at a good price for once
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  21. fish tank with stand and fish full setup | Other Pets | Gumtree Australia Logan Area - Woodridge Awesome filtration and lots of $$ worth of africans too.
  22. 7 Bar indo tiger datnoid - Pets, livestock - Gumtree Brisbane Region Not sure if price is good but thought someone might be interested
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