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Found 72 results

  1. .Hey Fish friends.. Im starting to get into guppies.. Just a question, it may be a stupid one but whats the difference between a female creek guppy and a fancy female guppy.. They both look the same and yeah was just asking..
  2. I'm looking at going into breeding guppies. I currently have black moscows. If you have any other colours I'm keen on some photos and prices. I'm ideally after other moscow varietys. Thanks Steve
  3. Wanted to get opinions please? I'm looking at setting up a small breeding tank for my guppies, and was looking at a cheap heater from eBay. Has anyone had a US plug adaptor running full time...or wouldn't u risk it. TIA
  4. Hi all. Just a question concerning the ID of a few fishies. I brought a batch of "green snakeskin guppies" all were pregnant females... they have no colour what so ever. Is this normal.. or could they be something else? The males they were in with are quite vibrant in their colour. Photos attatched of the females.. Question 2... i then brought 100 "feeder guppies" from another person. They just dont look right... and are also lacking in colour. And im starting to think they may be something else.. they don't look like the normal feeder fish (firetail gudgeons) but they just dont look like a typical guppy. Help would be appricated. Sorry about the poor photos the little fellas just wont stay still when i tell them too Thanks heaps Megzy
  5. How guppies are born? Watch my female guppy giving birth:
  6. Check out these male guppies. They are 2 months old exactly, at this stage they are geting to sexual maturity and you can tell if its s male or female
  7. At a great store yesterday saw some amazing guppies, black with bright orange perimeter to fins. Males only. Has anyone seen these around. Amazing fish.
  8. Had a disease and need to re-populate. The disease is gone now but my guppy numbers are low and all of my males, and most of my females died so i can not breed anymore. Does anyone have guppies for sale.
  9. The other week took the family to Crystal crk for a swim...ended up catching a pair of guppies wild type male an female Male is orange, yellow, navy blue and clear. An the female typical clear but has black eyes, just dropped 5 babies 3days ago Then went to black river today an scooped a few times in the shallows got a lot of gambusia plus this gorgeous guy he has neon green, purple, pink, orange, blue and navy blue an clear. My question is how can i tell the female guppies from the female mosquito fish? Will they breed together?
  10. Is it a common practice for female guppies to die after giving birth. I have had quite a few guppies die after giving birth and it happened again yesterday. I feed my guppies 3 times a day and when I fed at lunch time all was well but when I fed again at 5pm a female was on the bottom of the tank barely alive and new fry were swimming in the tank. My water parameters are NO3 zero, NO2 zero, PH 7.5, KH 80, GH 30, water temp 26 degrees Celsius. The ratios that I keep are usually 1 :2 or 2:5 but the tank that I lost my last female only contained females as i had lost the male to clamped fins a while ago. The tanks have Java Moss and Hornwort in them.
  11. This area is dedicated to showing off your pride and joy pics of your Guppies
  12. Has anyone got any fancy shmancy tail guppies for sale? Need about 20 or 30 or so , i would like mainly females too please. Logan area only, cause i couldnt be bothered driving outta my way. Some Duckweed or Elodea would be nice too please. MAXIMUM EXPOSURE...... Regards Darren 0419724766
  13. .Hey Fish mates.. Just wondering what types of fish to keep with guppies.. I have a 5ft tank and its got 7 Guppies and 3 Bristlenose catfish.. What other fish can i put in there with them ?? Also chasing some more albino bristlenose.. Any help would be amazing please..
  14. .Hey Fish friends.. Im starting to get into guppies.. Just a question, it may be a stupid one but whats the difference between a female creek guppy and a fancy female guppy.. They both look the same and yeah was just asking..
  15. German tuxedo white tail guppies, not the best ones around but I am happy!!!
  16. hi all ..id like to buy some mollies platties and guppies for my 4 foot community tank ive lots of hiding places for these lovley fish..so a good home is garranteed i live on the sunshine coast..any enquires..please leave a message thankyou
  17. hey does anyone have moscow purple guppies? i've been looking for them for aggggges
  18. Hey all Iv also posted in trader section but Im doing a 4th tanks up for my kids and wanting to get mollys or guppies love these as they have fantastic colours and give birth to live young, which ones have the best chance of surviving and growing up, and who have more fry etc any advice be awesome Thanks Anton
  19. As title say can they be profitable?? Just wanna know since I've been trying to breed them for about 2-3months now and people keep telling me there not profitable any advice?
  20. Hi all i Wondered if i could tap you for some ideas/suggestions. what bottom feeders to go with my guppies and not eat the baby fry ? I have a 60L Hex tank that is has fine gravel, full of plants and currently housing 1 female and 6 fry.lost all the others due to over feeding (big rookie mistake:baby:) Id like to put some little bottom feeders of some description in there to help clean up and catch the bits the guppies dont bother with. What would you put in there and that wont also grow too big. Any ideas welcome! Many thanks
  21. I have 2 females and 8 male guppies. They have had babies but I think the males have eaten them all now. How do you know the right time to isolate the female to keep babies alive? Or can I keep them all in the tank with heaps of weed for them to hid in?
  22. i have a problem with my fancytail guppies at lest once a month one dies ,I notice they all swimming up the top then next day dies don't know whats wrong can any one help
  23. I literally have four guppies in my four foot tank. Two are males two are too small and one is a very small female. Well i just found the tiniest fry! Its like they just get smaller and smaller! Only had then in the tank a week, they are leftover fry from my old feeders i had in my two foot. How small can guppies reproduce, mine are seriously crazy tiny. Only just getting colour on their tails..
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