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Found 72 results

  1. Does anyone know of a Fancy Guppy or Livebearers Group / Club in QLD? There has been an increased interest and importation of quality fancy guppies of late, both on forums, for sale and at the fish auctions. I know there was talk in the past to organise and name a fancy guppy group but from all the posts in Australia on the internet looks like a formal group or club has not been formed. There is an international standards for these wonderful colourful fish and more and more people are importing, keeping and line selective breeding them in QLD and Australia. Further info, suggestions, similar groups or is there any Interest?
  2. Hi Can you help identify? There are 2 about same size but not sure if baby guppy or female endler Not sure how to upload photo. The body is silver but "tail" is not translucent.
  3. Weekly video log of my guppy fry since they were few days old until almost adult size :
  4. Basic info on guppies:
  5. How guppies are born? Watch my female guppy giving birth:
  6. Hi Everyone, just got some new guppy's and was wandering how long to quarantine them, before adding them into my main tank that has Endler's and some guppy's in it as well. Also how can I tell if the new guppy's have a disease that will wipe out my current population, (last time i introduced new guppy's, i lost 20 guppies, Out of 23), and how do I then treat them. thanks in advance for the help.
  7. How to tell if your female guppy is pregnant and setting up your tank for breeding: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  8. Taken few days later. One of the female gave birth and the Fry were moved to a breeding box temporarily: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  9. Need advise please I was kindly given 2 female red grass guppies. My question is their tail colours have a bluey- grey shade, no red. Is that in keeping for a female of this variety? They were bought from Jodie-Lea Any help appreciated Andy
  10. Hi Guys, I have a 200ltr planted tank. the inhabitants are 4 Angelfish, a BN trio, 8 Danios, 20 neons tetras and before the recent deaths around 20 guppies (females 3 to 1 ratio..ish) I have always struggled with keeping the ph down and have had to use the "PH Down" that you get in the test kits about once a week. The gravel is fine black gravel and the plants are in pretty good condition with the odd end of a leaf a bit browned. A sponge filter and large internal (2400 ltr/hr) and 2 large air stones On Sunday i had 4 male guppies and 6 females, the males were picking on the females a bit so i went out and picked up another 10 females Monday when i got home from work an unfortunate guppy had passed But Tuesday when i got home 6 more guppies dead, and its not just the new guppies but some of the old too My reaction was 30% water change and clean all filter media (in the extracted water) and no food last night but i did feed them this morning although lightly PH check this morning and it is still at the top of the range so treated with the PH Down again I actually tested it 4 times this morning before work just to make sure before i treat to get the ph down Back home again after work and 1 more guppy has died Not sure how to react, only guppies have died, all other fish seem fine. Swimming freely, no gulping of air at the water surface or anything noticeable. Is there particular diseases that only kill guppies ? i thought guppies were quite hardy Is another large water change a good idea ? or could it be to much for them i don't want to do more damage than good Your help is appreciated
  11. My partner has decided to start breeding show guppies. I picked her up a trio of these but cant work out what exactly they are... (They were just sold as guppy trio). Photo doesnt do them justice either
  12. Some recently taken photos: Chile Red Metal King Cobra (with orange wash) Platinum Blue Mosaic Metal King Cobra Red Grass
  13. Hi all, my eldest daughter loves guppies and has been breeding them for years so she has decided to try and develop her own strain. In her tank there is high dorsal blue endlers, gold tiger endlers, red chilli endlers and other assorted guppies. This is the progress so far. Guppies suck to take photos of lol. Cheers mick
  14. Sometimes You Just Have To Shave Off a Fish Scientists breed smarter fish but reveal costs of big brains – Phenomena Evolving guppies shape their environments – Phenomena Placenta Evolution and a Sexual Cold War – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science Because....... why not?
  15. One of my guppies gave birth about 5 weeks ago I managed to capture her in a bucket and she birthed to 50 odd fry. I have removed her and put the fry in a smaller fish tank but after a week they only seemed to grow by 2mm. I looked around on the net and looked at guppy fry at 1 week and most already have colour on their tail and are much larger. Are my guppy fry stunted in growth because the tank is too small for them to grow in? The tank is about 20 litres maybe larger. Thx AquaHolic010
  16. http://kaiparafishingcharters.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Guppy-Color-Strains_Philip-Shaddock.pdf
  17. I went to feed my fish tonight and noticed I have a female guppy bent sideways at almost a 90 degree angle. It seems to have happened suddenly because I haven't noticed it before. The part where the water comes from the filter is fairly high pressured and ive noticed that they live swimming in it and there backs do bend but only temporarily, could this have broken her spine? Ive read about fish tuberculosis but to me that sounds like they go hump backed where as this looks more like a sharp sideways break. Any ideas.help is very much appreciated. Edit: all other fish look really happy and healthy
  18. I have some guppies being born with their intestines exposed. These fish seem to otherwise act & develope normally. Is this genetic inbreeding/birth defect or what? It started off with just 1 but seems to be slowly getting more frequent. Any ideas?
  19. I have never kept guppies before and got my first pair of Bluegrass. I've only had them for a short time but it seems her belly is getting bigger and she definitely has a dark gravid spot. What I'd like to know is, is she pregnant and if so how long 'til she drops? They are in a 2 x 1 tank that I've been using to grow some Java Moss and Java Fern. Will the fry be safe or should I use a guppy box? Sorry about the pics but she wouldn't stay still and the phone has a hard time getting the correct focus.
  20. christ......... you could put neon in front of whatever male type you cross her with.
  21. I noticed one of my guppies is looking really round. I've looked @ the other ones and they are fat (pregas) but not like this. Is this normal?
  22. Hi there my daughter whos turning ten has been wanting guppys currently we have a 4 foot tank with sharks in it of different types i looking at geting her 2 x2foot tanks one for males one for female i am not sure if this is the right way to go or not any and all advice will be greatly recived thanks rob
  23. Just started breeding guppies as the store near me is selling them for $1.50. Was just wondering if anyone else has had an issue where their guppies decide to do a mass exodus? Lost about 15 so far due to this issue. I realise a solution is to cover the tanks but due to the Townsville weather when you do this the tank overheats so i don't really like completely covering tanks. Anyway I was wondering if someone had some similar experience with guppies and a possible solution?
  24. Guys over period of time I have accidently picked up some guppies, possibly come in with some plants or something. They are breeding like mad at the moment. I always thought that guppies were collourful little fish, however the ones i have only have black on them . The big female is a greenish colour with a black spotted tail,a couple of smaller males have only black tails but they are too small for me to see the tail shape. Can someone tell me what type of guppies they could be. Regards
  25. I have a intensely orange guppy with a yellow stripe down the side. I was wondering if its a certain strain of guppy or if it was just a mixed orange and yellow guppy. I got him from the pet shop months ago and the had a whole tank full of them all looked identical. Pics dont do him justice. I think the pet shop said something about sunset guppy or something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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