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Found 10 results

  1. Do many people buy stuff from these guys.i wanna get a fair bit of stuff so I thought I would throw the question out there first,they seem cheap??? Thanks guys
  2. Apparently male guppy's are equipped for rough sex... Male guppies ensure successful mating with genital claws
  3. YAY i am so happy. I now have my 3rd gen or grass guppys. I was a little worryed as the females i have where not as big as there mothers, But i guess they a young females so have to give them a bit more time. So i put my best 2 in one of thos cage net things. I took the male out 3 days ago as she was starting to look a little big (for her size). I did not think she was due for at least a week maybe two. As a was just having a look around in my tank. BAM i noticed 1 tiny baby. I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY I really hoping she will have a few more so my fingers are crossed.
  4. i guys i am starting my 3 fter up again but dont no whether to go for a nice type of guppy like blue grass or an endlers like tiger endlers. Need some suggestions which way i sould go and maybe some nice types of guppys people are selling? Thanks Jesse
  5. I made an order and paid last wenday for 2 bottles of florish. I recived a email with the order number and payment confemation the same day . I sent an email on monday and another one yesterday and still havnt heard from them or recived my order. Is it just me or have other been mucked around by them.
  6. hi all, i've just had a look at guppys online, i nearly filled the cup! however as with most things, if its too good to be true....., have many people here bought stuff from/dealt with guppys online? how do you find their products/service etc? im thinking about buying some t5 lights, priced very well but wondering about quality. thanks
  7. Hi quick question I have bristle nose in a tank iam trying to breed. They are in the tank with adult gupppys and mollies, Will the fry get eaten?
  8. ok guys im starting to breed guppys as live food for my cod after they have bred how long do i have to wait before i can feed them to my cod?
  9. Hi guys, i ordered a t5 light off guppys last wednesday and it still has not came! they say they use a 1 day courier but still no sign.. :whyme: has anybody else had an issue like such with guppys? how did you resolve it? Billy edit: Spelling
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