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Found 10 results

  1. G'day all, Within a few months we are intending to become a minor supplier to "Pet People" in our area and so far we have not got a fish and aquarium Guru or a worm farm Guru Shed 100 uses Gurus (experts and or enthusiasts) and they are not bosses but they keep an eye on what is happening in their area of expertise and order materials and are pivotal in making their shed activity a success and enjoyable for everyone who chooses to participate. Shed life should be a journey for anyone who wants to try different activities and likewise our Gurus do not have to be "stuck" with their area of expertise. Some Shed 100 activities with Gurus are Our committee, set-up expert for small production runs, welding including stainless steel and aluminium, wood working using machines, metal working using a lathe and some milling, leather work, clocks, coin jewelry, casting small objects in resins and low melting point metals, art (painting and etc) wood turning pens (gift quality in exotic wood) wood turning general. We have equipment for but no gurus for: sheet metal rolling, shaping and spot welding, recycling non ferrous metals into small sheets and wires for things like belt buckles and trophies, nickel plating, knife and tool sharpening, glass lead-light. We get a lot of donated materials and goods so some things can be made or refurbished for zero $s. We do workshop stuff for free for local not for profit organizations and the Mount Ommaney Special School and we would like to continue to do that. If you are interested in fish but have not got the space or the tick of approval from your domestic manager then why not join our shed, We have long "smokos" and talk about whatever. Please comment or contact me. FYI (There are more registered Men's Sheds in Australia then there are McDonalds) Men's sheds are attributed with saving male suicides and the concept has gone from Oz across the world. Every shed is different, some are more like drop in centres, others are very workshop oriented, some do music, some do bus trips, and cooking courses for those who want it and anything really if you have some expertise to lead the way anything that interests the men will be successful.
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  3. Hi, I have some questions regarding some L333s. Could someone please tell me who to talk to regarding correct identification and feeding breeding habits ect. Thanks all. First of all are they definitely l333?
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  7. I have a few questions about Bristlenose if anyone can answer them I would be grateful I have a 4 x 18 x 18 with about 20 Adults roughly 50/50 mix M/F with 7 different caves and driftwood and one large sponge filter for the filter Have I got the mix right does it matter ? Is 20 too many ? Is one filter ok (water is fine) would two be better What do you feed fry or just adults food only When cucumber/zucchini is eaten do you replace straight away or have a break ??? Is 7 caves ok for 10 boys My waters 30 in the shed no heaters are on in any tanks so what can I do to spawn them ie frozen water in coke bottle float on top to lower water temp then big water change let water rise Junkie
  8. Hi all' Looking to upgrade from a 4ft tank to a 6ft tank. Due to room constraints,the biggest i can have is 6'x15"x18", only 300 lts, current tank is 4'x15"x18". My plan is to set up the 6ft and place the 4ft under it and utilise it as a sump. The primary reason for doing this is to increase water volume,hopefully to around 400lts +. Obviously i will have to get tanks drilled, plumbed etc to interconnect them. I have no experience with sumps and am seeking advice on the best way to do this. I have done some reasearch on the net, but am struggling to find something in laymans terms with decent drawings etc. Remember my primary reason for doing this is to increase water volume, otherwise i would be happy to run a cannister on the 6ft alone and do away with the 4ft. So........... Am i on the right track here ? Will increasing water volume by way of external sump be benificial for my fish ? Can someone provide me with some good easy to understand links ? How complex does my sump have to be for what is a relatively small aquarium ? Can anyone show me pics etc of a similar setup. ? The flow to, return from sump, i've heard they can be noisy if not done correctly, how do i elimenate this? Can i / should i incorperate my existing canister into this arrangement Looking for something simple, effective and basically fool proof. ie: dont want to run the risk of sump overflow etc Any help much appreciated, i want to get it right b4 i pick up the welder to make the stand,then the cabinet maker, then the dreaded missus Thanks guys Brendan
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