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Found 49 results

  1. Hey people, my name is Trent, from Brisbane and I am new to the forum. I've been keeping fish for while now and i currently have 2 stocked tanks. One with African cichlds and the other with American cichlids and exotics. Also have an upcoming turtle tank. My main pride is my American tank which currently holds 30 fish, my favourites in my tank include: acherfish, spiney eels, elephant nose and yoyo loaches. With flagtail prochilodus being added soon. I am looking at upgrading equipment over time and getting exotic fishes and learning more along the way. Will upload pics soon for everyone to see. Just thought I would introduce myself and say Howdy!
  2. Hi everybody, Just introducing myself. Paul, from central coast NSW. very new to all this. having had a tank many years ago that was left to me by a housemate I have wanted a native tank ever since and have only recently found the time to research and persue it. im finally set up with water conditioned and awaiting an order of natives, from a local stockist. looks like a wealth of knowledge on here, which is great as I have a ton of questions, hahaha.
  3. Hey guys, I'd like to introduce myself, i'm Tim from Holland where i still live currently. I'm about to move to Cairns QLD next year because my GF lives over there. So might as well look up some info about what kind of predatory fish are legal to keep in an aquarium. I'm an experienced fishkeeper, i have had predatory fish for over a decade. I own a well known aquarium webshop here in Holland and i'm involved in a lot of aquarium projects for companies. Last month i did the lighting for a zoo's shark tank. I own a rare piranha now. a black piranha " Serrasalmus Rhombeus" full grown: 42cm. A real monster and very agressive. I've had an Golden Xback Asian arowana and some BDx stingrays in the past. The good thing is there are basically no restrictions on fishkeeping over here. I read that rules in OZ are a lot stricter so i'm happy to read what is possible over there. My dream is to build a massive wooden- epoxy aquarium in Cairns in wich i can house the biggest predatory fish like stingrays and peacock bass. I build an aquarium like that already on a small scale for practice. and want to do it on a monster scale when we have a house in Cairns. PS: sorry for my english, since it isn't flawless yet.
  4. I recently got my first Betta for a couple of years. He has character and spunk but seems to loose his motivation very quickly and he doesn't really seem to be eating his food. I can't work out if he is sick or if he is depressed. He seems to be spending a lot of time under his driftwood. When he sees me he gets excited and does a little happy hello dance but after a minute or two of attention goes back down under the driftwood and either watches me or turns his back to me. When it comes to feeding time he gets excited but spits his food out and swims away. He hasn't really 'swallowed' any of his food for a few days (yes I clean out the uneaten stuff). i put a mirror up for him for stimulation today and he flared beautifully a few times but then started swimming in the corner looking at the mirror and started to visibly appear stressed which I've never seen him, or another betta do before. im really not sure what's happening. Here's a couple of pics I took today. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66379-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66377-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66380-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66378-image/
  5. …with excellent service! I have bought from John before, only twice I think & only when work had me driving past. Now I work on Stradbroke Island, I can't get anywhere anymore. Long story short I needed fish food fast. I emailed John last night to ask if he was still offering same day postage, after he responded to my emails super quickly (after Hrs) he explained they do not as the courier service was not 100% spot on with same day, I still placed the order at say 9pm. He then emailed me this morning to let me know all was done on his behalf & it had been sent with the courier, then again this arvo stating it had been left at my door at 4:30 (or whenever) and there it was waiting for me when I got home I am a horrible customer, you don't give me service I don't care if you the only supplier on the face of the planet, I won't buy from you again. Well I did not expect service to this level from ANY retailer! let alone an online one! Nor will I expect it again, to such a high level, as he really did go beyond what was required from himself. I did stress that if it came in the normal 2 days its not going to be an issue, but mate you excelled! And my fishes are thanking you! Your a legend, and I will be defiantly buying again, in the near future! Peace out! PS: @ The Tech Den any chance you would be looking at carrying the 'Tropical' Brand of cichlid food that everybody is banging on about? there is a local online store, but my god it is expensive!
  6. The little blue ring from today’s low tide walk, is only just bigger then an American dime, which is slightly smaller then a 5 cent coin! There were the regular commercial guys there as well getting peppermint shrimp for the market that you guys buy, but I was looking for was a little ocy and Simon was after algae, not interested in what they were chasing, which are small and large anem, coral and any small animal eating nuisances, you know, peppermint shrimp! As I was saying to the guys that I showed many of the collecting sites to ages back, the guy with the license in his name and myself were joking with each other that one day reefers will wake up to peppermint shrimp being far worse then Aiptasia that we get them to eat! Hopefully reefers wont wake up to them too soon for those guys sake, when you get 200 to 600 hundred at a time, there is money to made off peps, lol.
  7. Female Motoro x leo sting ray | Fish | Gumtree Australia Penrith Area - Penrith | 1084403774... So is this guy really wanting that much for that Ray ? Look at the conditions the poor thing is in also.
  8. Hey guys so I got a pair convict cichlids in a 3 foot tank and it's good for them just wonder why my convict cichlid is so shy. um I have only seen him eat flake food once and he is a bigish fish. Anyone else had a shy convict cichlid, usually they are bolsters and eat anything. I put some live grasshoppers in there they jumped out. they are breeding so that's cool
  9. Hey there, New guy signing in, New South Welshman, although I was a Brisbanite for a couple of years. 27, full time uni studying a bachelor of criminal justice, work 4 days a week and I am involved with a lot of youth work in the community. Also getting married next Saturday! I have kept African cichlids (malawi) thanks to some invaluable guidance from a friend in the industry and I have also kept various community tropical tanks. Anyway, with that out of the way, lets move on. After my tank cracked at the start of this year when I moved here, I had to do some quick research and find a LFS to take them so they didn't die. They offered me $60 store credit for $500 worth of fish, plants, rock and driftwood.. I didn't want my fish to die so I took it. I had no reserve tanks because I gave/sold them before I moved and I couldn't find any on facebook or gumtree at the time. This was my first encounter with this store that all but owns the aquarium market in the region. I am now looking to put together another 4ft malawi tank together around christmas when my soon to be wife and I get our first place together and I would really love to support my LFS and purchase livestock from them, however, being a somewhat rural place, they have cornered the market and monopolised it and have adjusted their prices accordingly.. $35 each for 5cm juvenile electric yellows or $60 each for "10cm assorted peacocks" just as one example.. Maybe this is reasonable? I don't feel like it is. As a full time student, funds are limited and the pricing of this LFS has limited their market to the higher part of the middle and upper socio-economic classes in the region. Leaving any teenagers and young adults who want to enjoy something they are passionate about unable to afford to do so. I understand the principles of supply and demand as well as living within your means, but I enjoyed fish and the community when I was earning far less when I was living in Brisbane, because there was healthy competition between private breeders and LFSs. I am not after freebies and I understand that we also pay for the knowledge and the time of the guys working there, I also don't know their business costs such as overheads and their cost prices. Please understand, that I want my LFS to thrive because the industry and hobby rests on the success of the people who are the forefront of it. Sure if you want a nano with a betta and some tetras you can put together a setup for just under $200 here, but it can be a little underwhelming if you want something a bit more substantial in size. I know because I tried, it is what my $60 store credit went towards. My main curiosity is in their decision to limit their market for higher prices, over making it affordable for everyone, which seems to be, for me at least, better for business, because it isn't like they can't make it more affordable, because past experience shows me they can, they just choose not to. This isn't a franchise by the way, so there's no corporate pressure or pricing guidelines. Am I being naive or is limiting your market intentionally for the sake of profit margin a really bad business decision? Sure, you have a limited market anyway because not everyone is passionate about it, but through the affordability of it, word of mouth, people showing their tanks off to their friends and great advertising and showcases, you can really increase your market by creating an environment for passion and excitement to thrive. Or maybe I am naive? I am by no means a business expert, I am just a dude who wants to be able to afford something I love and also support the people that make it possible in my community, but I have a hard time feeling like I should when I feel like they treat their customers like they are a means to an end, not custodians of the creatures we love who are also the future of their business. This is just an uneducated exploration and reflection of the situation I find myself in, I am not interested in being right, I just want to understand and explore my options with your advice and thoughts. I am not angry, bitter, resentful, and I apologise if that is the tone of my writing. I am just curious and a little unsure. Also, if anyone knows any african cichlid breeders in the port macquarie region or are interested in organising some interstate shipping with me around christmas time, shoot me a PM Thanks for reading this great wall of text, here are some pictures for those that did! Sorry for the picture quality, the phone camera at the time was basically a toaster.
  10. Hey guys I'm Cameron. After a very serious assault recently my partner and I have gone from no fish to 3 small tanks with a pair of 7cm silver dollars, 7cm electric yellows, 9cm angels and 9cm common bristlenose. We've also got a 15 cm ghost knife, a 10cm tiger Oscar, 2 male fighters, 4 different breeds of tetras and enough feeder fish to last the Oscar all year. All the "couples" (fingers crossed for SDs and angels) are in a 18"×14"×13" tank because they are all around the same size and, for now, the tank doesn't look over crowded or under stocked. The Oscar has his own 15"×9"×9" tank which is a big upgrade from the tiny 11"×9"×5" that he was being kept in by the friend who gave him to us. Upside is the 7 tetras that we have left now live in their own little tank which my 3yo nephew enjoys looking at. The male fighters are in a 9.5"×8"×5" with a partition in the middle. And the feeder fish are going very well in a pond in the garden with a few 4-5cm red claws keeping numbers from exploding and probably some young tadpoles. There will be a few upgrades before the end of the year including a 4'×2'×2' and a 6'×2'×2'. Eventually I hope to set up a 40' shipping container with air con and floor to ceiling racks with breeding tanks, which will hopefully be fully self contained with solar, batteries and a small generator as a back up and water harvesting off the roof. Also seriously considering a trio of barramundi in their own open top 20' container shortly after that. Other than fish I've had a serious interest in speedway for the past 2 years, helping 4 teams with repairs and modifications to their 5 falcons ranging from xf to au. But of course always happy to help other people if they need it. That's about everything about me for now. I'll be continuously lurking on the forums and slowly growing my collection and expanding my knowledge base until I can get back to work, then I'll just be slowly growing my collection and occasionally checking the forums. Cheers guys.
  11. This one was a little unusual in colouration from our collecting trip yesterday, it wasn't kept, you don't keep spikey armed brittles!
  12. The shark I found is fat as a fool and its egg sack is nearly depleted. This way I have not done for many years, and even then it was rare that I would do it due to the egg being a saleable item so others could hatch the shark. This one did not need to be taken out of its egg as I have done from the first one in 82 I think it was, it was already out, but fro me or friends, I always cut them out and leave the little shark in a perforated container where ti is totally safe in the current and watch it grow in that converted coke bottle.
  13. This lemon peel that I collected around two years back has always been a little pushy, but wouldn’t harm a fly, it has no interest in corals at all, so over all, its been a good reef pet. That made me work quite hard to make sure it survived this massive damage that the poor little beggar has been through. This is a pic of it at its worst bleeding profusely, its now doing great in its own tub with a chelmon it likes to make believe its in charge of,lol, it cant even swim properly, but hey, it has forged its place in my hobby. I don't usually get attached to any reef life these days, but this little toughie is a little different.
  14. G'day Mick here from Brisbane. I have a large 310 L tank stocked with silver dollars, cardinals, 1 big shark left and a big sail fin pleco. I recently acquired a 180cm long by 85cm tall and 40cm deep tank I want to start a cichlid tank probably malawi. Got lots of time to think about it cause I cant stock it until the extensions on my house is finished which could be upto a year away. Anyway thought I would join the forum as I gather there is a lot to learn. I only have the tank at the moment and was wondering what direction some of you would with a tank that big. Do you think I need to get a smaller tank to go with it to make a sump, or a canister or an internal filter? I have an internal filter in my other tank that works fine. Do I need or would it be a good idea to get some power heads? Is there a good place to get some lighting? It is literally just the tank and I just wanted to get some suggestions on what other things I need to collect to make a good cichlid tank
  15. Purchased some Angels & Corys off Colin today, nice bloke and a gentleman to deal with! Good quality fish as well! Many thanks Col.
  16. Picked up my secondhand 5 x 2 x 2 tank, cabinet and hood from Craig today. Condition was just as Craig described, a gentleman to deal with from the first enquiry to pick up! Many thanks Craig, very happy!
  17. A Visit to a Dutch Aquarium Store I do like checking out how its done on the other side of the pond.
  18. Bought a 6 footer from Aqua Addict today and it was a great sale.. Big thumbs mate thanks a lot. Cheers KIM
  19. I've been lurking in various fish forums for a few weeks now and I've noticed that while there is an abundance of information on, what to put in this system and what to put in that one, there has yet (as far as I've seen) to be any basic breakdown of the elements which make a good filter good. This is why I thought I'd take a crack at it and see if my understanding of the fundamentals is correct - please bare in mind that I'm ignoring methodology and just stating the basic essentials. As I see it a good filter system (regardless of environmental factors e.g saltwater, freshwater or brackish) needs a few things to keep your fish happy and to minimize the amount of work required to help them stay that way. These things are: Agitation - Drip trays, spray bars etc help with oxygenation of the water. For some weird reason fish like to be able to breathe - go figure huh? Mechanical media - things like coarse screens, filter floss etc to stop the larger waste materials from blocking up the finer parts of the system. These (in my opinion) should be layered from coarse to fine. No point in placing filter floss before the coarse screen if the floss just gunks up after a day from large waste deposits that could have been stopped by the screen first. Biological media - The little "good" microbes that like to feed on what makes it past the mechanical media. These usually live on the mechanical media itself but can be cultured in sand beds etc. Motivation - In the form of a good pump. Ideally (from what I've just learnt) you should be looking at anything from around 5 to 10 complete tank cycles per hr. For example a 100 liter tank should use a 1000L/hr pump to circulate the water through your filtration system. So there you have it - the dissected workings of aquarium filtration This is about as basic as I can go but if I've missed anything please let me know.
  20. Hi all just found this site as recommended by a friend. Wish i had known about it 2 years ago but my recommendation comes only because im moving house and wont have room for my tank at the new place. So i have a 4' tank i am selling and will post up some details in the for sale section, but first what do i do with the fish? I have 2 plecos and a ciched in there, do i sell them separate or include them with the tank. Cheers Bryce
  21. hi there, just joined up and have "cichlid fever" looking forward to some advice and new fish.. just got a nice o.b peacock from a member here... couple of pics of my old tank i built,,, and the new bigger one.
  22. hi everyone i am a new person to the site and am looking forward to getting heaps of ideas and advice , i have a 3 ft tank and i want to start with dwarf gourami but need advice on how to start up and what other fish am i able to put with them so they all live in harmony. i am also looking at starting some other tamks in future . thanks everyone and look forward to hearing back from you
  23. New to QLDAF - thought I'd say Hi, Been keeping fish for the last 5yrs. But it would only be in the last 2 that my passion for this hobby has exploded. Currently have 2 x 4ft tanks running- not huge, but dont have any room for anything bigger. First 4ft has a 20cm Murray Cod - had the cod since it was 4cms. Awesome fish. Second 4ft is a mixed African tank. Have a 3rd 4ft tank that I need to reseal for my wifes Turtles - plan is to build a 2 tier stand that will house the turtle tank and my cichlid tank. And, I've just obtained a breeding setup. Stand is 9ft long, 2 tiers. Will hold 6 x 3ft tanks. Im in the process of cleaning it all up and setting up in the garage. This came with 6 lights, filters and a few other bits and pieces - all it cost me was a pack of smokes and a cask of wine. Cheers Dan
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