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Found 82 results

  1. Hey guys, I'd like to introduce myself, i'm Tim from Holland where i still live currently. I'm about to move to Cairns QLD next year because my GF lives over there. So might as well look up some info about what kind of predatory fish are legal to keep in an aquarium. I'm an experienced fishkeeper, i have had predatory fish for over a decade. I own a well known aquarium webshop here in Holland and i'm involved in a lot of aquarium projects for companies. Last month i did the lighting for a zoo's shark tank. I own a rare piranha now. a black piranha " Serrasalmus Rhombeus" full grown: 42cm. A real monster and very agressive. I've had an Golden Xback Asian arowana and some BDx stingrays in the past. The good thing is there are basically no restrictions on fishkeeping over here. I read that rules in OZ are a lot stricter so i'm happy to read what is possible over there. My dream is to build a massive wooden- epoxy aquarium in Cairns in wich i can house the biggest predatory fish like stingrays and peacock bass. I build an aquarium like that already on a small scale for practice. and want to do it on a monster scale when we have a house in Cairns. PS: sorry for my english, since it isn't flawless yet.
  2. Hey All Dale Here really old member getting back into my fish just got 6'X2'X2' gonna do an African setup. i came back on here to get some knowledge back and some new ideas from new people any help i can get is allways appreciated
  3. A mate of mine is giving me two saratoga that he no longer wants and I don't know what other fish would be okay to put with them or should I put it in the same tank that I have bass and rainbow trout in? Any suggestions would be great ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. A big shout out for the boys at AOA, a few weeks ago I bought a bar of dog wash soap for our new pooch, Eddie. Washbar, I think its called. http://washbar.nz/products/original-washbar-soap-for-dogs/ Neem and tea tree oil. Finally got to use it on Friday, as we had some purina puppy wash to use up before we got to the soap. Well the results are amazing, his coat is the best it has ever been, and he still smells great 3 days on, no hint of dog anywhere . What a great product. I hope you continue to stock it. Especially impressed with its Anti-Flea, lice and tick properties too. Once again you guys know how to pick a great product . Two thumbs up and thanks again. Grubby.
  5. Hey guys I've just got my first 4ft tank, it's currently cycling Any tips? Also places to buy yellow tangs and blue surgeon fish cheap? Also does anyone have any spare live rock for sale? I need about another 3kgs. I'm in morayfield
  6. :beer: big hello new guy here im into saltwater,shrimps,planted tanks and much more...
  7. The other day I saw a gorgeous coris gaimard in 20ish feet of water, it was just getting adult colour, this was while spear fishing and I carry my collecting and camera gear always while hunting for dinner and the coris too big to catch, so when trying it get it to tolerate me taking pics, out popped a common little flavissima/vrolikii centropyge hybrid, a cute little one, you don’t see many little hybrids! The silly coris wasn’t letting me take pics, maybe it was the spear gun, lol, so the little guy was the right size and was to be a new addition to my bottom tank/angel fish tank. The massive male anthia I gave Danny, it was causing trouble in his tank by stealing every ones food, he was fed up with it so I put it in the bottom tank, why I have no idea, it’s a pig!! These are the new guys, they hang under the same section of coralline.
  8. Some time ago I chucked in a bit of algae and stupidly introduced hair alga and turf algae! It was annoying to use tweezers as in the past to pull it out from time to time so i put in these guys along with my tub cleaning crew land mine urchins and the green is near non existent and so far no coralline has been touched as well. It’s not easy to find just little urchins, but with some help after an hour or two in the rock pools, its all good. Their work result.
  9. .Pseudomugil tenellus anyone keeping and breeding them on here ? Pseudomugil tenellus
  10. .I've had a half arsed look around and haven't have a decent solution to the problem other than some 4dkh which can also be hard to find.
  11. Ok hi this is my startup 1st aug 2014! 3 foot tank, 17kg very coroline live rock, 10kg red sea reef sand, 300w aqua one heater, jeboa 918 canister running just small and large foams for flow, T5 HO 90cm 2 x 39w marine (ebay)$59?, Jeboa WP10 Wavemaker? , 0-10% salinity refractometer (ebay) $17? , 1 x large power head, thermometer, I am a weekly amature reef fisherman with 4 x 30l drums for natural sea water and as a window cleaner by trade I have a di tank with tds 000 water. also my reef octopus 1000 hob skimer arived today!
  12. Hey guys. I'm new to this thread and wanting to know if anyone is interested in to cocoa coloured hi cap orandas? The reason why I need to let them go is I've just found out my tank is overstocked. They are healthy and very active. Looking for ten dollars for both.
  13. From a great deal of lion fish seen on dives this year, these are my two hunting the peps that were over running the first tub via over breeding, they were I assume, quite tatsy,lol. Antennatta and volitan hunting. Big bellies.
  14. hi guys me and paula are coming back in fish again 4 time now lol lol after a short break and back on our feet and this time we are gonna do a 5 x2x2 tank with a wier on the end of the tank to make it easy for us to maintain not getting any younger we are and this time we are gonna have Americans 1 species tank heckeli i think that is how u spell it and with white sand and a very nice peice of driftwood that should be a good start and also hopping to catch up with some old friends on here cheers nev
  15. Hi there, New to the hobby, have started doing a bit of online reading. Just wondering if people can give me some information/do's and don't's about setting up a Saltwater Aquarium. I'd be looking at a 5ft setup and this will be a hobby of mine. I'd basically be looking at a (I'm sure you've heard it a lot) Nemo type setup (clownfish, yellow/blue tangs, bannerfish). Is this achieveable in a 5ft setup, if so what sort of population would I be looking at? Next off would be the equipment as to what I would need as from the research I've done there are quite a few bits and people's opinions differ quite a lot. If there's anything I've missed or anything I should be doing before looking at equipment, please advise me as I'm all ears. Thank you and I look forward to meeting/hearing from some of you, Michael.
  16. Here is one of the Bristlenose i picked up at my LFS. They are feeding really well on tank algae, driftwood & Algae wafers. I threw a couple of shelled peas in turned of the lights & in the morning they were gone. Not sure if the Bristlenoses got them or the Flying foxes & Cory's.
  17. Now or soon we will not need our chillers, so its time for serious maintenance ready for next years cooking prevention time! Time to get those bearings on the fan motor, cleaned out and repack with Vaseline or some GP grease. Hey I bought a boat and trailer, both built in 87 and I put a grease nipple on the bearing caps, I drilled and put in and those bearing lasted the 19 years I had that boat, it pays to keep the lube up with bearings! I did my chillers fan shaft bearings today, after the cloths washing of course, but I put in some actual bearings rather then the cheap rubbish bush bearings my cheap chiller came with, but still bush or roller bearings, they need repacking each year or one day that fan will stop and by, by healthy chiller. So if you don’t, you will have to buy another chiller at the worst time possible usually, or get some expensive labour done on it. I would prefer not to be lazy and get it a part and get into it. These are mine freshly packed with woollies vas,lol. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201450566817316&set=a.10201316219978729.1073741840.1569796931&type=3&theater
  18. sorry for the quailty of photos been growing these guys and hearing storys of bad ellioti just wondering what people think
  19. I seem to have fallen into breeding gourami's for a hobbie and these are my tanks. Green as grass as I've been at this for a month. My largest tads are 1 inch. Yes they ate the mosquito larvae hatchlings.
  20. Guys over period of time I have accidently picked up some guppies, possibly come in with some plants or something. They are breeding like mad at the moment. I always thought that guppies were collourful little fish, however the ones i have only have black on them . The big female is a greenish colour with a black spotted tail,a couple of smaller males have only black tails but they are too small for me to see the tail shape. Can someone tell me what type of guppies they could be. Regards
  21. Hi all, Im a relatively new member to QLDAF been signed up for a while but haven't been able to do a lot due to work and other boring activity's like that. I have 3 tank set ups 3ft tank with Africans (elec yellows & blues, Blood dragon peacocks & my favorite cuckoo catfish) i have a 6ft tank with some big Americans (Wild caught Oscar, Red bay snook, Saratoga, a breeding pair of Jags, eel tail catfish & a few nice plecos). I also have made up my own Tiered tank system that is still yet to be fully completed 2 3ft tanks in the center and still waiting for funds but getting a 6ft tank for up top and in 3ft tanks i have a baby Pbass in 1 tank by itself and in the other is a baby wild caught Oscar. female Festae, Waterhead Flowerhorn And a few Salmon tail catfish. I'm still only young and willing to learn as much as i can about having Aquariums from anyone and everyone.
  22. Missed out on going to the auction ...so was it a good one?...what did you grab...???
  23. i ended up with them when i got some plants, there only two atm, an currently have them in my sick tank. i dont need to have an infestaion again. :S ( it was a differnt type last time.)
  24. Hi i'm Simon, just keeping a few apistos and gold laser cories. looking at getting a pair of peppermint bristlenose but still thinking about it. i've heard alot of good things about this forum and i'll just keep looking around. Simon
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