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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking to chill my 3ft shallow tank of 100L. I am filtering it with an Eheim 2215 w/2217 impeller. Great flow. Using a lily pipe set up. Looking into a Hailea 150a chiller. Great reviews and good price. The chiller will no doubt be outside the cabinet, I've heard it's not good to be inside the cabinet. I've drawn up this extremely artistic diagram to give you an idea of where it will be in the room and know if the flow will be reduced to the point of not being enough. Two questions. 1. Will this be enough flow? 2. Is it ok to use a canister filter as the pump? (with media, Blue standard sponges, a big bag of eheim substrate pro and 1 litre of marine pure balls) T - Tank C - Chiller Next to the chiller is a computer which is rarely used and sits under the desk right beside the chiller.
  2. Hey everyone Anyone using a Hailea 150a? Looking to get one and tossing up between second hand for $200-$250 or new for $460. Will also be using an Eheim 2215 w/2217 impeller in a 3ft shallow 100L tank to run it. Just want to know if they are reliable, quiet for a bedroom and work on the 12/16mm hose? What's your experience with yours. I'd love a better brand but money is scarce Thanks for reading and any help!
  3. Just looking for a descent sized pump for multiple tanks found this one online cheap, anyone got any reviews? How many 2ft tanks could you run off it roughly? Thanks mike
  4. Just now needing to buy a chiller for a 4x2x2 for some axolotls. They're only in a 150L tank at present but as soon as further funds permit they will be going into the 4fter. I'm planning on buying a new chiller, either the teco T20 vs the Hailea HC-500A. There is a reasonable price difference between them but if there really is a big difference in quality and running costs, I'm happy to get the Teco (Would be buying it from AoA).
  5. Hi Guys, Looking at getting a Hailea ACO 9602 Air Pump. Can anyone give me any advice/reviews on these pumps? Cheers
  6. I need to upgrade to one large air pump. Looking at these Hailea V20's and V30's What are they like? reliable? My first choice would be an LP40 but I dont need near that much air, yes I know I can just bleed excess air off but I'd rather not run the extra watts for no reason. I have a few of the smaller black Hailea pumps and they are great, quiet and powerful after 2 years. So... any feedback on the Hailea V series?
  7. Got a good deal off another member (Thanks!) and also picked up a hailea hap-100 off him. Wanted to replace the 2 diaphrams from a local shop rather then shipping but I seem to be unlucky in finding the right store from the usual suspects. Anyone able to point me in the right direction saving me from calling every store in brissy? Cheers Dan
  8. hey guys i was wondering if anyone has had or heard anything about HAILEA pumops as i have the opertunity to grab 2 stainless steel submersable ones that have a high volume of flow at a good price i have herd of them but thats all anny quick feedback would be good thanks chris Technical Data: 220-240V, 18000L/Hr,325W is this good or bad ???? for the power bill or this resun ?? what would be better Specifications: MODEL:PG-18000 VOLT. :100~120V 220~240V FREQ. :50/60Hz POWER:250W QMAX.:18000 L / Hr 4750GPH HMAX.:6.0m 20.0ft INLET DIAMETER: ¢45mm ¢1 3/4" OUTLET DIAMETER: ¢35mm ¢1 3/8"
  9. Anyone had any experience with Hailea Pond Pumps? If so was it good or bad and what sort of warranty do they carry???
  10. I've googled my fingers off but can't find anyone stocking Hailea diaphragms? Anyone know of such a place? cheers kev
  11. Hi im trying to buy a new Diaphragm for my Hailea ACO-208 air pump does anyone now of anywere that sell these Diaphragms? Websites or stores around the Gold Coast QLD. Thanks Wally
  12. I noiticed a few weeks back when the filter was new when cheaning the crap out of my Hailea hf-150 when I put it back together if I tilt it to obe sidde or the other it leaks, standing on the floor works fine no leakage, is it a factor with these filters or sould I dig out the receipt for warranty? The sales person is no cooperatring at all! Regards] Marc
  13. This filter has cause me greive since day one, if you tilt it ever so lightly ragardless if it has power on or off, water ours out the sides. its the only filter I have that only has two clips, my eheim and aqua sun can be laid on their side with out a leak. have gone trough the usual bull with the seller, but tonight got advice from chatting room to check the seal, it was some what loose, so applied some silactic to its cgrrove and around the seal its self, then applied grease, I was told to use silcone grease, but the only grease I have hear is high quaklity grease from when I had a boat, so covered the seal with that, put back together, and the leak is no where near as bad, may have to look at getting a bulkyer seal for it! Any other suggestions or experience with hailea filter would be appreicated, as the seller said unless the filter was perfectly flat it was normal to leak if tilted Regards Marc
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