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Found 19 results

  1. Have no idea what it or was, but its size got too much and nothing was touching it at all, it didn’t attach but it was shading to many others, so out it went. Hey if its different or I have not tried it, I will, lol.
  2. This is happening in every part of my system, in pipes, glass walls, plastic tubs, where there is any low to near no light with good flow and that’s near everywhere! The first pic is late last year I think it was, just a few months after I seeded the tank with some collected corallines of this species and the next is now. i just chuck in what i dose with at always too much being all home made up and sps are just as bad.
  3. Hi. I just got home with a second hand tank. It's 5 foot by 2 by 2. I noticed as I was taking it out that one of the corners is not flush. This has me worried. I have water in it now and no leaks. Has anyone had experience with this? It would be the worst kind of nightmare for it to explode. Dose it need new silicone on the back with plastic bracing
  4. Hi All, Would anyone have an opinion on what the following second hand tanks are worth? I am buying from a friend and just want to make sure we both get a fair deal. Tank 1 – 6ft tank - 183 x 46 x 60cm This tank brand new: $305. Second hand?? Condition: Quite a bit of grit, scratches, some chips and no glass covers. Tank 2 – 3ft tank – 91 x 38 x 25cm This tank band new: $89 Second hand?? Condition: Some grit & scratches, some chips and no glass covers.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. we are wondering if anybody was free on the 23rd/24th of this month, weather pending, we are hoping to set up a couple new racks of tanks, but we need some extra hands, its just a matter of moving heaps of tanks and stuff out from under my house, and moving some bigger tanks around, the biggest tanks to move will be a 5ft x 18' x 18' and a 4ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft tank and stand, (its the heavy one), also might need a hand to finish one of my racks, but thats not important as i can do it when its set up, there will be lots of small tanks to move, and other junk i've gathered, , the idea is to take almost everything out and start fresh, also will have a couple benches to pull apart when we get to them, we really just need extra hands as to do it ourselves we would take a week, lol, and thats just to move half of it, we will put on some food and drinks, to anybody that comes, and your also welcome to take something home with you, i have plenty of bits and pieces here that i'm not using, might even be a tank or 2 thats not needed, might even have a bn or 2 spare if anybody wants a extra tank cleaner, anybody who can drill tanks, use power tools, plumb tanks, lift tanks, move stuff, drink beer and eat snags are welcome, if anybody can help just pm me or post here for more details, thanks in advance, steve and jules............... 10am or there after to arrive
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. soo now i have all i need for my setup all be it after i repair my new tank after i cracked it getting it home, what do i have to do with 1. the old live rock ? 2. sump old creatures died after cyclone soo what do i need to do have cleaned out all the old sand from the fuge their are bag of filter materail also ? thanxs guys and girls
  11. So this is what i really want out of my tank, but clueless as to what i will stock and plant it with so im just looking for basic info that i can look into further, What are some of the best fish and are there native alternatives? Substrates, whats the go ADA or just river gravel? any help will be appreciated any info will be helpful, thanks
  12. This is my new (second hand) 6x2x2. Livestock consists of 6x Burundi frontosa colony, 2 blue dolphin, 2 large featherfin cats and 2 ocillfer cats. All fish are young with the exception of the 2 featherfins. I know i need to work on the layout of the tank, just need some spare time. Fiultration is an fx5 with a small otto internal to be added for bit more water current (oxygen). Still working on how to take better pics. If anyone is interested my old 4x2x2 is for sale in the dry goods section. cheers
  13. Well i am sick of it so i went down to the local fishing store and bought some floaters (you no those red and white floating things fishermen use to see where there line is in the water. I got some forks and fishing line and tied them all on so that when they hit the bottom of the tank they are the right way up only thing im worried about is the fish swimming into the fishing line but i will see tonight. If anyone wants pics i can post them just if anyone else was sick of it just an idea for you to do simply. Only cost me 2 bucks for hte floaters and my brother loves his fishing so stole some of his spare line, and got some old forks that aren't being used to yer a cheap easy way not to keep getting my arm wet cheers
  14. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has advice on how to safely clean any bugs out of a second hand cannister filter as i got one with a tank a while back but when i opened it the stench would have put a pig off its dinner " i deffinatly feel sorry for the fish living in the previous owners tank :urgh: i chucked out the media their and then gave it a wipe out but i am not game to put it near any of my tanks untill i know its bug and desease free. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I have the chance to buy a 5ft tank with a metal stand in used condition . Is $150 too much to pay. The stand is nothing special and the tank is in ok condition. It is not for sale on this website but i may post it for a friend if i pass it up.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. I have just bought 30 second hand tanks and everyone tells me to clean them up with 0000 steel wool and vinger. After they are clean what do I use to neutralise the vinger or do they just get washed with salty water or just water? Munruben1
  18. I'm about to buy a 2nd hand tank, but i want to make sure that its not going to leak ... Can i empty and dry the tank and then go over all corners with silicon ontop of the existing silicon? I have heard that silicon wont stick to old silicon, so i will make sure that i use a decent amount to get it onto the glass on both sides ... Will this help or am i just wasting time? Hamza
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