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Found 22 results

  1. Shop owners and Importers, please let us know the outcome?
  2. I know some people have/had these guys( [MENTION=889]tutters187[/MENTION] and [MENTION=156]hareysfish[/MENTION])..then [MENTION=3737]kasman[/MENTION] and myself grabbed some of these guys and these fish(hareysfish)went out into the mix...but still I never hear much about these great little fish and well im kind of curious as to whats going on with the population of these guys? plus yes I confess I would probably grab another colony at the opportunity...great little fish with a nice colour variation between boys and girls these were part of the colony I had been lucky enough to grow up courtesy of hareysfish and the kasman cheers guys
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  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. There is a good reason why we love Tunze as a product. They are super reliable and if service is required they action them well, very well. Here is what happened. A good customer of ours bought a Tunze pump on 20/08/2013 and installed it yesterday and after 4 hours it stopped and the customer noticed scoring on the impeller. The customer called us yesterday at 1.59pm - we talked to the Tunze supplier at 2.04pm and called the customer back at 2.17pm and mentioned that the supplier would like a photo of the impeller. The customer sent off the photo and at 12.41pm today the customer emailed us as well as the Tunze supplier thanking them as he had his replacement pump. Less than 24 hour turn around from time of fault to replacement - absolutely awesome. It was thought the the impeller cap that held the impeller in place was dislodged somewhere in transit. So if you are thinking of pump and tossing up if you should get Tunze and if we recommend them - well we certainly do. One major important factor, the Tunze pump was purchased through us, an authorised Tunze Retailer not through a grey importer, as grey imports are not warranted nor supported by the Authorised Tunze Distributor in Australia so you might want to consider this when purchasing Tunze and ask the question... Pet City and Age of Aquariums are also listed as authorised retailers too.
  6. any on here also on aquarium life - if it just me or is it a general thing?-just get a blank page saying this account has been suspended ?
  7. For a while there, there was an Aquarium at James Street,New Farm, I think it was called Aquazoo. Its been gone for a while, does anyone remember it and did it reopen at a new location under a new name.They had some nice stuff. It's getting a bit depressing the number of good shops has really dropped off. Anyone know how many have gone since about 2003 ?
  8. ok so as of yesterday i had 60+ peacock eggs in two of my egg tumblers they had already grown heads and tails and where doing well, this morning i look in there and theres not one single egg left, underneith the tumbler was one of my bristlenose........... did he suck them out?? the holes on the bottom are only pin size. what do you think could have happened im so disappointed, i removed all the catfish and put them in with the guppies:) also does anyone know how to keep down the algea growth inside the tumblers(its not fungus)... would a couple of cherry shrimp do the job.
  9. I posted a thread not too long ago and has been removed or wasn't added. ><> milky sewer water <>< Don't think I broke any rules but I put alot of input / typing of info and is a big problem ATM for me. Can you at least let me know what I did wrong or edit and bring back from the grave yard if there was something wrong with it. Cheers
  10. Ok i tryed stripping one of my kingsizei- she has been holding for 16-17 days and what came out was either eggs or fungus??- it floated if thats any help. Did i strip to early or what? What is the best method to get some babies?
  11. Absolutely every problem begins and ends with our immense numbers and pushing everything else out of existence! We don’t have to take it, we make it to hard for life to exist with us! Before I rave on to much with this, I don’t understand how it is all done and would never profess such a thing. Now, to understand some of the incredible conversion processes in the sea, which is eventually what this is all about, we should look at how things happen out side of the worlds oceans, the removal of some of our toxins-waste from the land and air before it gets to the sea and how they are made. With society we add so much in relation to toxins to our world its scary and most have no real idea of how much, myself included, I try though! There will be a reprieve from all our toxins one day that we add to nature and we will never see and that is, they are all derived from nature and near none can not be pulled back into nature by natural means and rendered harmless, that means that once we are gone, nature will regroup and defuse what we have done, there will be very few of the species that are here now, but that has been going on since this world was first formed, from mutations out of necessity or accidental- evolution! Lets face it, if all this life can come from something like bacteria, everything has a similar basic genetic code and then the variations along it, decides if it is a tree or fish, the next round may have some wild looking life forms in it,lol. While the earth remains in this type of rotation around the sun and spins as it does, it will begin again once our time is done! But wouldn’t it be great to always have it this way, for the next thousand or so generations, those being umbers limited generations that is! There has never been a dominant species that has sat back and said (on our world and there have been many different types) how can we exist and keep this world as it is and act on the whole worlds best interests, not this animal, we are far to busy trying to use so many varied brain functions combined with animal instincts that it is impossible!! When you look at the obvious negative additions to nature from us like vehicles- Exhaust emissions in the tons per week, the paint on the cars as it breaks down from the weather, what we washed the car with last time, the tyres as they break down, the metals as they break down, the brake pads as they break down, the lubrications as they leach out, the over all vehicles as trucks, busses, cars and motorbikes as they break down and the vehicle factories emissions where they were made, the spare and after market parts factories, the workers emissions as they built them and drove or commuted to and from that work, the oil refinery as it is extracted it from the ground to be refined, the gases as this is refined, the metal and other materials as they are refined and manufactured for vehicles, the delivery by ships and tankers to their countries and this is just vehicles. Clothing manufacturing- Food container manufacturing, like bottles,drums,coolite- Road building substances like tar and concrete and the workers and machinery to carry out this- The lights all around us that need to be manufactured and then fail and are discarded as everything is- Food manufacturing- Equipment for food growing and harvesting, all have to be manufactured and maintained- Substances emitted by plastics, polymers, insecticides- Washing of cloths, eating utensles, everything more or less gets washed or cleaned in something that ends up else where- The list is unlimited as to the amount of anything that heads into nature from what we have developed. Okay where does it all go???? Not the visual parts of our industrial age that we make, the ones we can’t easily see! Well nature consumes and converts most of it, whether it is accomplished in the soil or by plant life, nature handles most of what we throw at it, that’s most of it,not all of it, we do it all to quickly!!! From us as hobbyists we are not innocent of this, just the simple protein skimmers cup emptied, puts the toxins from our tanks back into nature, and the drains go to nature not into space! If we look at how nature can handle all this to a great degree, we can use some of how it does it in reef aquarium keeping, the ways in which nature imports and converts most of this rubbish we emit-produce, fish and inverts are not that much different to what we personally excrete, more or less, more on that later. Until our numbers really began to get out of hand with the introduction of things like penicillin to name one thing, staying alive beyond the average of 35years of age not that long ago was not easy as it was our life expectancy and not that many made it either. Natural attrition kept us a little in check, meaning that along with many factors, lots mutations with in our society, didn’t work. Not that long ago there was on going culling of us with over 14 million people dieing from mosquitoes in sometimes just one year, now the mozzies account for around 1 million per year. Now lets look at the ocean and how it works with toxin conversion and the most valuable of what it does to look after us and the first forms of cyano as they began to achieve this, they gave the earth its first oxygen, photosynthesis!! As time went on relatives of this cyano branched off to become the oceans phytoplankton, so along with cyano and similar, these little workers accounted for close to 60 percent conversion of everything’s CO2 and most other gas emissions, not that long ago either. The ocean has always made more oxygen and accounted for air impurities then land plants have! When the ocean is not overly polluted, it absorbs air and most of its make up to 5 mill deep even if it just sits there, so with the oceans movements all of what’s in our air gets in let alone our run off and is converted and the end result is we may have to change to exist in time or evolution will get us in this form for sure. Over the last hundred years the earths oxygen that allowed us this size has dropped considerably and the amount of CO 2 we are emitting began a while ago surpassing what the land plants that are left and oceans could import and convert! The access CO2 is raising over all ocean temps, more so noticeable near the equator, (though just in south east Queensland the ocean temps are 3 degrees higher these days) and this has brought about the demise of one third of the oceans phytoplankton, which is quite bad really, as these critters were absorbing and converting the CO2 and doing more with it then cyano can achieve. Now this CO2 as usual enters the waters and nothing of any quantity is there to absorb and convert it, so now we have acidic oceans developing more so nearer the equator, the rest of the world except for weather events and their affects, will be sought of better off, for now. What do we get when you combine higher acidity and warmer ocean temps,there are so many biological functions in marine life that depend on the temps and acidity remaining as it was, that this is very serious!! The corals that actualy look good and provide excellent habitats, will go down, clown fish search functions for the host anemone will go down, cyano as it was in the beginning will become the dominant ocean life form again and its spores are not conducive to many life forms at all. The way in which the oceans achieves life to reefs is via planktonic dispersal and this happens close to the surface of the ocean where the acidic affects are strongest and the life that begins food sources are phytoplankton as the main food source as well as the zooplankton which feeds on the phyto, this is where it all begins. Most people went along with ravings of the idiots in society that are money driven or need followers and their were shown ways to not do anything about this so they can sit on their hands and those ways were to blame fisherman, aquarium life collectors, any one that takes something from the ocean. What is showing now was known by us and many others and spoken about to be coming in the eighties, yet some internet sites and know nothings still rave on about my passion in particular that they really have no idea about, the ocean! Of late the oceans algae functions have fascinated me as to their diversity and value to us all.espceialy how these life forms can run a complete home marine eco system, copying more or less how the ocean does it, when it was able to that is. I sough of get a kick out of how the way I use to acheive the 99 percent of freeing the waters of its impurities is denounced, yet it happens around us every moment of daylight, on the land and in the sea, everything we throw at them, the masses of microbes and photosynthetic life forms go into bat for us and most people still have no idea how hard they work to keep us alive and everything else that lives with us. We as hobbyists need to remember that all mechanical and chem filtration had to be manufactured and manufacturing is part of what caused something many have just noticed, in the last 30 years around 50 percent of the barrier reef is dead, not collected, it died!!!! I suppose it’s not all doom and gloom, at least we now have more live rock,geez what the hell have we done!!!!
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas about this. Ive have four, two male n two female (i think) with five shells in a 2x2 tank for a couple weeks now. Everything seemed to be fine. This morning at the entrance to one of the females shells lay two dead males. The water is fine and they been eatin a quality vegie flake and a tiny amount od brine shrimp around her shell was a much larger that usual pit in the sand. Could she have killed them both? Or have they faught to the death over her?
  13. The entire forum just changed!!! Hahhaha wow this is actually kinda cool.
  14. what ever happened tp smiley(peter), whiteknight(terry) and all of the old chat regualars? i cant think of the other names atm Anyone know?
  15. A while back I've seen a few midas around, about half as many as red devils. For the last month or so I've been looking around and couldn't find a single midas... did they all disappear? Come to think of it, it seems like the americans in Qld is drying up... I swear I could even find stuff like longimanus before. Now, absolutely nothing... what's the deal. >_>
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  17. I just found one of my Common Plecos DEAD! It has what looks like a sore on it stomach. Can anyone tell me what is?
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  19. Hey Everyone Had a major F*&k up in the aquarium side of things today that almost cost me my favourite fish. I fed my Barra and jack shrimp feeders like always, but i was not greeted with the usual feeding frenzy. Alarm bells immediately rang, I stuck my hand in the tank and then got an electric shock, which scared the shit out of me....I then switched the power off and turned each powerhead and filter on one by one. I isolated the problem to a faulty powerhead that was giving off an electric shock. I then realised the water was quite warm, checked the temp and the water was sitting on a cool 38 degrees. This was also caused by the faulty powerhead, picked it up out of the water and was so hot I could barely hold onto it. I am now replacing the water slowly and bringing down the temp, hope they all pull through ok. Has anyone else had this happen?
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