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Found 9 results

  1. So... out of the large20cm plus preds and that such as champsochromis caeruleus, spilorhynchus, compressiceps, fusco, buccos, polystigma and 35cm gentile frontti . Who is the tuffest baddest and the winner when it comes who is running the unit/show/tank And then who wins and who flees like a whipped dog when it comes to those preds vs mpangaz???? The answer isssssss!!! My 5cm mpanga! This little bad ass has gotta togo!! Hes terrorizing my mature adult haps non stop! Iv never seen a fusco flee so fast from some thing smaller than his pectoral fins haha. Even managed to scare off the malawi trouts whilst they were mating and ate 3 eggs. Too small to catch out of my tank. Man I wish i cud spear gun him out grrrrrrrrrr
  2. Hi,I have a 5x2.5x2ft tank,I have 7 Haps/peacocks,3 Clown Loaches & 23 Mbuna,I was told at LFS I could have up o 50 fish,but not sure,I had my filter looked at & it's good enough for this tank,I think 40 fish would be better, but your help would be appreciated,thanks Brett.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm just interested as to what everyone's favourite predator Haps are? Or which one they think is the best looking? My personal favourites; Nimbochromis Fusco Champsochromis Spilo Fossochromis Rostoratus Keen to see some new fish!
  4. i have a 4x2x2 with about 15 mbuna and i would really like some haps i already have one venustus thats about 11 cm and plan on getting another one for breeding just wanting to know if i can add more haps and what kind ?
  5. I've been grabbing a few snap shots recently of the big Malawi predators in my collection and so thought Id share some of the pics and get a thread going for any big Hap lovers......whats not to love.. Champsochromis Caeruleus: Champsochromis Spilorhynchus: Aristochromis Christyi:
  6. Hey Dudes & dudettes. I got hap fever big time! Sooooo show me all you lovely big Haps, common, rare, ugly, whatever! post those babies up especially monster haps! Cheers.
  7. Im moving my mbuna ( a dozen or so saulosi with 4 other random males - maingano, hongi, pulpican and a lone peacock who is actually doing pretty well ) into a 4x18x20 soon. I would love to throw in a few Blue Dolphins or some other medium size Haps that wouldnt eat the mbuna. bad idea?? I'm willing to take a small risk, but not a big one. Anyone have a similar mix?
  8. So I thought I would take a few photos of the fish in my all male Malawi hap and peacock tank. I hope you enjoy them For the record, I am not a photography buff. This is the first time I have used a DSLR. The inside and outside glass of the tank were not cleaned, and there is no background on the tank. I just wanted to have a little bit of a play around and see how it turned out.
  9. Guys, I am heading down to Bris tonight from the Sunny Coast. I just wanted your advice on the best live stock shops around Brisbane for me to check out tomorrow. I am specifically after male malawi haps and peacocks. Thanks in advance.
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