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Found 16 results

  1. The real achievement for reefers is supposedly sps varieties of corals, yeh right??!! The real achievement I think is doing a saltwater tank with what you like, not what you want as an achievement or to compete with others, I mean you have to look at it and look after it, right? With enough money sps are very easy so why bother, after looking at enough tanks, the right decision is easily made and a google search or two shows plenty of options. Personally I would never go with just a fish only aquarium, which was the first aquarium I had, you see it gets old real fast with out some mobile and none mobile inverts and by none mobile I do not mean hard corals. For low light or semi high nutrient tanks, there are morphs of all types and lps if you want a couple of hard corals, heaps of low calcium based algae life like corallines sold and flexible, the choices are almost endless! I do have many hard corals and two large ones that have been around for a few years, but to me they are just left overs from when I found far more simpler and beautiful tank life to appreciate. The old hard corals in the last pics, though quite pretty, to me are very ordinary compared to the morphs and simple high and low calcium content algae. If I was to do it all again, to start a tank from scratch, I would have ulva due to it being a form protist community and very tough and great food for many, I mean there are the two best at a low tide at many common sites around bris, then capensis, its at any shallow sites where there are high nutrients and low light and hypnea and more. All these import nutrients and provide homes for many small invertebrates that lots of fish enjoy hunting for and combined, provide far better colour than hard corals with near no work for the hobbyist. With a good external bio filter, they allow you to have your tank jammed with fish with rarely a parasite showing up and do away with the need for skimmer and the worries that go with the hobby at times. You feed your fish and watch them grow as their waste makes al the tanks colour grow and flourish, oh and you have to dose what corals need with these types of algae. Simple inverts, these are so much cheaper and simpler to enjoy. Hard corals, big deal!!
  2. This little home made, 3 chamber reactor has smashed the additional phos that was always very high in the tubs down to zero, now all this is on one system. There is no such thing as zero but I am happy with nothing showing on a Salifert test and Danny’s Hanna tester, they are to expensive for me,lol.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. HI, I have posted this in the disease section as well but thought I would repeat the story here because I know there are a few very experienced goldfish keepers who post in this thread. I think my goldfish have ick and in 10 days of treatment I have not been able to get rid of it. I obviously need to do something different and would be grateful to hear people's thoughts. Here is my other thread So I'm having a problem with my goldfish tank and feel like I've reached the end of the road. I don't know what else to try. 300 litre tank - four fish, one new ranchu added 3 weeks ago after a 10 day quarantine without any issues. Tank is mature, water parameters good, 2 cannister filters A week after I added the new ranchu, I woke up one morning to find my black moore bottom sitting badly - when it swam it was flashing and swimming erratically.It had been fine the day before. Looking very carefully at its tail fins I could see faint grey.white smudges and thought I was probably dealing with ick. Have not seen any spots on any of the other fish at any point. I sought advice from a former Brisbane fish vet who kindly emailed me with a treatment regime - 6 days of formalin/malachite green with a water change and redosing of the medication after three days, and increase the salt to 5g/litre over 2 days and maintain while treating and for an extra 7 days. I inadvertently put in a half dose of formalin/malachite to begin with so have treated for 3 days at half-strength and then 6 days at full strength, with water changes and a medication redose every 3 days. Also salted to 5g/litre and am now on day 10. Tank temp has been at 28-30 degrees. After 12 hours the moore was up and swimming again. The faint grey/white spots appeared and disappeared and appeared again and currently there is quite a large white smudge on it's tail. If this is ick the treatment has not worked. The other fish seem fairly ok but are going to the surface more often. No spots that I can see. So my questions are: From the history and the picture is this ick or another parasite? If it is ick how can I eradicate it? Is the formalin getting bound up by organics in my tank? I use Prime and have read that prime can reduce formalin and inactivate it? Any suggestions for a different/better treatment regime ? And lastly if anyone has a microscope and knows how to do scrapes for parasites and would let me bring my fish over I would be eternally grateful (and bring your favourite brew by way of thanks) I don't want to kill my fish with endless cycles of formalin but I don't want to lose them to ick either. If I don't do something different I think I'll end up losing all my fish. Thanks in advance, Nicola
  5. That's what she said.... lol. ANYWAY! I travelled up to the Gold Coast today, planning on doing a bit of clothes shopping, buying a few plecos, the usual. But boy, there is pretty much an aquarium store on every corner! I went to about... 6 aquariums, most were pretty average but a few were awesome, not that I hadn't been there before, but just that I had money to spend this time So, I'm home now, and I've ended up with 5 Platies, 4 new Goldfish, a poor man's RTC (Salmon Cat lol) and an aggro male Dovii. I don't need these fish! Up until this afternoon I didn't even want these fish! Why can't I resist? I've had to re-arrange all my tanks just to fit them in haha! In the end I'm glad I did it, but there'll be no fun with money for at least a few weeks.
  6. Hi everyone can you please explain how and what I need to start a marine tank is it more work than its worth? i want anemones mainly and a few corals and fish please explain in simple terms lol, I'm not the best with marine
  7. This is the algae on one of the tanks spray bars Uncleaned. The combo of biscuits,lawnmowers,a phyllidiid nudi and ourabundant local peps,there is some serious cleaning going on,lol. Getting into the work set out for the nudi cleaning thespray bar.
  8. I am looking at setting up one display tank in my living room, will probly be 4ftx2x2 and thought that duscuss my look good, and are something i havnt played with yet. The few people i have talked to have told me they are stupidly hard to look after and are very very sensitive to any water parameter changes. What i am asking is, is this all true or are they reasonably easy to look after for someone who has had a few fish before and can they co habbitate iwth other fish(bristle nose etc) thanks in advance for the advice i know it will be good.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a piece of hard plastic mesh. Wanting to use for a moss wall. Currently use gutter mesh but it bends if fishing line too tight. So Looking for a piece about 30cm x 50cm or at least a large size that is hard and won't bend. Hopefully in brissy or available over net???
  10. I have a tank that ls not in use can I fill up with tap water and put vinegar in it let it sit for a few hours then scrub off the stains will that work?
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  12. hey guys i sent my old man around to the auction to get a few things and well he got alot some of the plants and fish he got have the name of the fish but hand writing is very hard to make out just want to get a bit of info on the plants and rainbow 1 ERIOCALOUN PARKINSONI (VERY RARE) plant 2 CHILATHERINA (RUNNING CREEK) FISH 3 INCISIS FISH found them they where in the back of all my val couldnt find them but all good now 4 MELANOTAENIA PAGWIAFFINS FISH IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO OR WHERE I CAN FIND THESE OR U KNOW THE SELLER PLZ CONTACT ME THANKS MICHAEL
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  14. It seems easy, everyone I consulted said it was no problem, fish ponds always use it and you paint a waterproof bond over the top. So, given the front pond was short on one side, I put a concrete edge around some rocks and left it to dry. I had tried liner first last weekend and it didn't bond to the existing concrete. During the exercise a little bit of concrete mix here and there fell in the edge of the pond. I didn't think it was an issue given the water volume and small clumps. That afternoon when I came back to check the drying....all the fish are struggling and it seems the concrete bits have poisoned the water I've lost my 2 female bn, half my guppies, my mollies and even a couple of cherry shrimp and a riffle. I of course drained and filled with tank water on discovering this, plus added heaps oxygen. I'll do another water change, but it's waiting game to see if the rest survive. So sad....was the last freshwater besides the goldfish pond that I had left to admire and I had just reaquascaped it. Anyone know what nutralises concrete ?
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  16. OK Peoples,How hard is it to set up & maintain a tank for a mangrove jack, they were all the go a couple of years ago but I heard conflicting reports on how hard they were to keep. Am in the position at the moment with a spare tank to maybe give one a go.Have seen plenty in tanks & they are an awsome fish but really what's the chances of keeping one succesfully??? cheers - Denis
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